Hilarious Photos That Define “Meanwhile In Russia”

Snapping Away

Posing is something that is hard not to come across these days – just from strolling down the park you can probably come across at least 5 people taking photos of themselves or others. Smartphones are owned by all and with the incredible invention comes a portable camera, ready to snap anything remotely interesting. These Russian women definitely wanted to take advantage of this.


The Socks & Sandals

Yes – it is safe to say that the sock and sandal trend is a phenomenon a little too familiar in the Russian culture. Truth is, there really is no explanation for it, with the exception of the harsh winters. Nevertheless, Maxim really outdid himself, even while not rocking the terrible trend. The woman by his side makes it all the more evident that maybe this isn’t a terrible trend after all?

Too Good To Be True

In Russia, women don’t just eat meat and veggies in between their workouts, they devour large beasts and pull tractors in the Siberian wildernesses. They are just so hard as nails, it’s not even fair. Even after building up all that muscle and becoming incredibly strong, Russian women maintain their pristine, good looks. They look so much like a mannequin that we are starting to speculate whether or not this is actually real. It seems too good to be true.

russia 2

Bumpy Ride

When most people think of Russia, they think of the Kremlin, bears, probably vodka… But they also think about things like this. Alexandra was on her way to her favorite mall when she stopped at the traffic light and turned some heads. Well, the first thing that really stands out in this photo is the motorbike. The second thing(s) that really catches the eye are the heels – I mean, come on! Sasha, you daredevil, you.

Flexible Schedule

It is a well-known fact that Russians are often pressured by their parents to ace everything they try out. For example, from a relatively young age, they learn how to play a musical instrument, bring home nothing but A+ in their report cards and take part in many after school activities. This particular girl was into gymnastics, which is why she can be seen posing flexibly in the photo below.


Cleaning Ritual

We can’t believe that this photo was taken in Russia. In this part of the country, apparently, girls have a unique cleaning ritual that just doesn’t make any sense. They take cans of Jaguar, travel to the nearest lake and pour the energy drink over themselves. Only then do they jump into the lake and clean themselves, washing away the sins they have committed over the previous year. Either that or this one particular Russian girl is in the mood for being kinda silly!

russia 4

Traveling On A Budget

The Trans-Siberian Railway is renowned around the world for being the longest railway of all time. It is an extremely useful form of transport for those who need to get to other parts of this large, vast country. However, some people just can’t afford a train ticket. So here is a clear example of what some people do: they hitch-hike. It doesn’t stop there though. If you can’t get a ride in the front seat, people will settle for the trunk.

russia 6

Shocking Pool Party

There seems to be a global consent that that pool parties quickly spiral out of control, and Russia is no different. The country may be characterized by freezing cold temperatures during the winter, but this does not mean the good people of the nation cannot enjoy a fun pool lounge with their friends when the opportunity comes along. They even made sure to place beers and have a bbq in the middle of the pool. Looks like things are about to get elecrtic!


Holly Haloween

For kids, Haloween is an opportunity to get dressed up as their favorite film or TV character and go door to door yelling out “trick or treat,” but once adolescence kicks in, it seems the once-innocent holiday has taken a quite a permissive turn. While men continue to dress foolishly, women seek out ways to emphasize their curves through creative costumes. The Russian girls in the photo below seem to be doing just that, dressed up as cleaners in heels and reflective safety vests.


Wheaty Decision

Sour bread from leaven dough is especially loved by Russians, and for this reason, it can be found almost everywhere around the country. Russians use beer or kvas base, yeast or a part of old dough as leaven that gives a certain sourness. This poor pigeon clearly is very fond of the nationally favored bread of her country, which is why she pecked her way through the slice and wore it as an accessory around her neck. We just hope it wasn’t to heavy when she spread her wings to fly.


Life Is A Rollercoaster

When asked to describe the Russian people, most people probably would not use the word “fun” among the first few adjectives, but that would be a mistake. The truth is, while Russians do have a serious side and take some matters quite heavily (like educating their children, work ethic, and patriotism), they also know how to kick back and have a good time. Here is a picture of a kindergarten in Russia that proves just that by having a several story slide attached to the outside of the building.


Purrrfect Spot

A survey sought to discover exactly how many people from different countries have cats in their home, and as it turns out, Russians were the most enthusiastic cat owners. More than half of the Russian respondents had cats. When questioned why it is so, scientists claimed the love for the feline is due to the peculiarities of culture. One explained: “We do not use the word train here because it implies forcing an animal to do something, and you cannot force cats to do anything they don’t want to.”


Master Of Multitasking

We have all been there – we try to do the impossible and always end up disappointing ourselves. This poor guy had only just become a new father and was still struggling to find the time to both get ready for work and help out with the baby in the morning, so he came up with this seemingly perfect solution. Only in Russia would you come across a man taking a bath while driving off to work – but that’s not to say it’s legal, which is why he’s being pulled over.


Slippery Slope

Taking your child to the local playground should be a carefree task, but this particular spot is anything but reassuring. The deep dark abyss situated right at the end of the slide suggests there was something gravely disturbing at the bottom of the pit. It’s terrifying to that before this picture was taken, kids were running around this playground without a fear in the world. Maybe this is some sort of a Russian military kindergarten, and the slide is their way of training the infants.


Don’t Think You Can Soft-Soap Me!

There is nothing worse than using a public restroom, turning to wash your hands and realizing the soap dispenser is empty. Then again, studies show that using a soap bar could potentially carry more germs than simply washing your hands using nothing but water. The incident in the picture below, however, is even more confusing, as it provides a solid soap bar in a liquid dispenser. We are not sure what the cleaning procedures are like in Russia, but they definitely defy chemical substance rules.


Don’t Be So Uptight

In a free country such as America, it is not a particularly rare sight to come across someone who is dressed in an unusual way. However, the loose social rules of conduct in the Land of the Free are not the same as they are in Russia. This man, sporting too-tight-for-comfort leggings, a velvet blue jacket embroidered with majestic gold print and a leopard bodysuit is quite frankly a peculiar sight, but as long as he feels comfortable we are all for it.


Hard Rock Shovel

This is probably what the first ever guitar looked like, since it took the original guitar designers a while to understand which materials should be used in order to get the best sound out of what is probably one of the most common musical instruments in the world. The person responsible for this invention, however, was a young Russian high school student who just recently picked up shop class and could not afford to buy a real guitar. Needless to say, this is very impressive!


Window Of Opportunity

Working all day and all night is very straining, especially for drivers of any sort as they could potentially risk the lives of those onboard. For this reason, in some countries, laws have been constituted to make sure professional drivers get a minimum of eight hours of sleep every 24 hours before embarking on their next journey. Hunger can also play a key role when it comes to distracting the driver, which is why this Russian subway has its very own McDonald’s drive-thru window.


Off The Tracks

When you are young and in love, you do a lot of things you never thought you would. It is hard to pinpoint on what it is exactly that makes you lose all your senses and dive deep into the unknown of an ever so promising relationship, but more often than not, first loves end in heartbreak and disappointment. For this reason, it’s best not to go too crazy like put your life on the line (quite literally in this photo) for that first love.


Take Care

It is true that the great country of Russia could be considered a little behind on certain things, but when it comes to woman empowerment, there isn’t a country quite like it. The femininity of the women in the country does not come at the expense of having girls know how to take care of themselves. Here, for example, we see a young girl prepping the mechanics of her set of wheels before going on a ride.


White Chicks: Russian Edition

Visiting the countryside, also known as a “dacha”, is a massive part of the Russian culture. Dasha and Masha are two sisters who love the country side, but the one thing they’ll never get rid of is their city style. Dasha and Masha like to dress as though they’re twins, and it doesn’t bother them that they’re spending time in the countryside and the outfits look a little out of place. After all, always be prepared?

Bearly Made It

While countries like England may favor the traditional horseback riding racing which involves a human jockey, it appears that Russia has different rules altogether. It is hard to believe this picture has not been photoshopped. Additionally, animal rights activists might object and claim this is a clear case of animal cruelty. However, we would not be surprised to find out those bears climbed the horses themselves. The adorable horses probably got spooked by the bears on their backs and galloped into the distance.


Washing Off Responsibility

Igor promised his wife Alexandra that he would build a doghouse for their new pooch, but he never seemed to get around to it. There was always something else to do around the house, such as get rid of their old laundry machine and find a solution for the gap they had in the net surrounding their backyard. Finally, he put two and two together and came up with this incredibly creative solution that ticked every single task on his to-do list.


The Old Man And The Studio Apartment

As poet and historian Henry David Thoreau once said, “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” It seems this saying could not be more accurate for the man in the picture, who clearly got motion sickness from the mere thought of putting his sailing days behind him. Once a captain of the boat, always a captain of the boat, and this old Russian man proves just that.


Porch Problems

Kicking back at the end of a long day with a drink in one hand and a good book in the other is the ultimate dream for a lot of people. It seems like getting a little bit of peace and quiet is so difficult in modern times, that building a porch outside your house guarantees a sort of sweet escape. This particular porch, however, is quite an odd one, seeing as how it is situated on the side of the building with no door as an entryway.


Safety First

When taking any form of public transportation, you are essentially placing your life in the hands of people you do not know. The relationship is based on trust, and you take comfort in the fact an official would never put your and the life of others in jeopardy just to save a few bucks. Horrifyingly, this is far from being the case in this picture. The saying “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” does not apply here, since this train clearly needs fixing – and fast.


Shoe-ld Have Thought This Through

At first glance, this picture looks like David Bowie went a little too wild in one of his concert and brought an overly eager fan on stage for a quick sip of liquid courage. However, a closer look reassures that the singer lookalike is actually just a Russian woman pouring a drink into her good friend’s mouth and using a slipper as a funnel. Both seem to be having a good time, but we would personally prefer to drink directly from the bottle.


Those Who Ski Together

Weddings are such a joyful occasion – a couple that has found true love decided to declare they intend of spending the rest of their lives together while surrounded by everyone they love. This particular couple, however. did not want to just mention their love for each other – but also celebrate their favorite athletic activity – skiing. For this reason, their attire included both the traditional bridal gown and groom suit, and ski equipment along with a matching scarf, gloves, and beanie.


50 Carrot Queen

Some women might want a shiny new ring on their finger to feel as though they are being pampered and appreciated, but the only carat this Russian girl wanted was an edible one. Her new husband was planning to surprise his wife with a bathtub filled with carrots, her favorite vegetable, for months – it just took him a while to gather so many of them. When she woke up Saturday morning, walked out to the garden and spotted this surprise she was absolutely over the moon.


Tanked That Parking

Parking can be a little bit tricky when the road is too narrow, but it seems this particular tank cannot use this excuse as justification for the way it parked. Not only is it taking up a lot of space on the sidewalk, but tanks are not meant to be parked in the middle of the street. However, what seemed to have slipped the minds of whoever placed the boot on the tank is the fact that the tank could very easly run over the boot.


Wheel You Stop?

The Star Cast band put it best when they sang “It ain’t about what you got, it’s all about what you do with it.” The owners of this GAZ Volga, an automobile brand that originated in the Soviet Union, have had enough of their old, beat up car, so they decided to spice things up by adding another pair of wheels to the car and changing them all to be 4X4 jeep wheels. In Russia, if you can’t upgrade to a new vehicle, you can alter it entirely.


Willy Worries

Russians have a rather interesting way of expressing their love for food, as can be seen in the photo below. While it is a well known fact that they take a lot of pride in their ethnic cuisine, there isn’t a doubt in our minds that wrapping one’s head and neck in sausages is most likely not the way to go – or most sanitizing way to prepare a meal.


The Graduate

In Russia, the traditional high school graduation ceremony is commonly known as the Last Bell. During the exciting occasion, a symbolic last school bell is rung by a chosen first-grader, and graduating students wear the classic school uniform white aprons and white hair bows, which is an overlook that is very similar to a French maid outfit. These girls look particularly happy to be done with homework and exams, that’s for sure.


Fishy Present

If you are going to present your girlfriend with a necklace, or any piece of jewelry for that matter, it is probably best not to say you fished the accessory right out of the nearby lake. Although the guy did go through the extra effort of tying a string to the fish, this is far from being a diamond ring. We have to say, the girl in the picture does not seem displeased in any way, so perhaps giving out sea creatures as a present is customary in Russia.


Hot As Hell

Russia can get really cold, and they have incredibly long winters, too. In Moscow, it gets colder every day starting from September, and during the peak of winter, temperatures can drop to about -13F! The Russians have grown a certain resistance to the cold and often resolve to wearing fur to keep warm. However, this guy had a different idea in mind when the cold got too much to handle – and sat down on the bonfire to really feel the heat from within.


Blocking Others

If you would’ve had your car stolen several times, you probably would seek out alternative ways to make sure no one could steal it ever again. It is incredibly infuriating to leave your cat at one spot and then come back later to find out that it is missing. If it wasn’t for insurance, people probably would’ve never gotten cars in the first place! The Russian owner of this car probably doesn’t have insurance, however, which is why it placed bricks inside the car – to stop others from stealing it.


The Generation Gap

Back in Russia, the generation gap has never been bigger. It looks like Maria came downstairs to have a casual sit-down on the bench; perhaps read a book, or just clear her mind. However, there is one Russian tradition everyone should be aware of – the daily “babushka” get togethers downstairs on the benches. It actually doesn’t look like Maria is bothered by the interference, but the babushkas might have a thing or two to say about her outfit. Or three.

Ice Ice Baby

Russian women are as tough as they come, and incredibly so since she this one is evidently carrying an enormous truck in icy conditions.


Police With Style

If you are a woman in Russia, expectations are very different. You might want to join the police force and defend your city against criminals and bring them to justice. However, if you’re going to do it, you’re going to do it in style. All these policewomen need is a dress fit for any catwalk and a baton for self-defense. This means that other women can feel safe while they stroll their babies up and down the promenade.

russia 1

Education Is For The Brave Hearted

Some schools might require for their students to stand up whenever a teacher enters the room and speak to their educator with the utmost respect. Other schools could also have completely different approaches, such as having the pupils call the teachers by their first name. According to the picture below, Russians have a very different way of punishing their students when they misbehave – they tell them to stand against the wall with their hands behind their backs. Guess detention doesn’t seem that bad now, does it?


Balet Baby

The film Bolshoi Babylon put it best when saying Russia is acknowledged worldwide for two things – the Kalashnikov rifle and the Ballet. The country is remarked as having a physique that suits the esthetic requirements of the classical principles, and their training is unique and exquisite. While their choreography is not so extremely innovative, Russians own classical dances and perform them with athleticism, and passion. The girl in the picture below is seen doing her daily stretches while at school. That’s how committed she is to the job.


Russian Helicopter

Most of us aren’t likely to own our own helicopter within our lifetime, and while the future of personalized flying cars is on the way, Russians don’t want to wait that long! Being as resourceful as ever, this Russian suburbanite decided to reverse engineer his own version of a flying helicopter out of an old car and what looks like some spare helicopter parts. Hopefully, it actually works! Either way, this may be the future of personal transport!

Wakeboarding – Russian Style

Russia is a country known for its cold weather and freezing waters. But that doesn’t stop these adventurous young people from enjoying their own version of a Malibu holiday on the beach. Bikinis, horse-riding, and even wakeboarding all in sub-zero temperatures! I suppose when you aren’t able to travel long distances for your holiday or vacation, you have to improvise. So long as you aren’t scared of a little freezing weather, you’ll be fine! Watch and learn Canada!

Caged Grannies

We all know how frustrating old people can get from time to time, but most of us have learned to be patient with the elderly. We’re quite sure that’s true in Russia as well, but this farmer seems to have had his fill of these two old ladies. Whether he’s annoyed with them or simply trying to keep them safe, we can’t be sure. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, then I am definitely lost for words here!

Whole Other Deal

Just like in any other country, Russia too has people who stand out and don’t make it their live’s aspiration to fit in with the crowd. The nation is made out of people representing every color and shade in the rainbow in their uniqueness, and this woman is the perfect example for it. She is not a traditional woman, so she didn’t want a traditional wedding dress. To us, this makes perfect sense. To her more conservative and traditional parents, however…


Mayo-r Lunch Be Tasty

This dish would probably not pass the first screening process of the successful show Master Chef, but believe it or not, this is considered a delicacy in Russia. As a matter of fact, Russian cuisine mostly constitutes of meat or vegetables saturated in mayonnaise and/or sour cream. The specific sandals design made of cheese was made since sandals are very common in the country. In fact, a lot of Russians favor wearing sandals with socks instead of closed shoes.


There Are No Rules

A lot of girls are not allowed to wear makeup when they are young since is it a grooming act usually reserved for more mature women. However, this girl was so influenced by the film Black Swan, that she decided she would walk around town and even ride the subway with makeup mirroring her favorite character. It’s safe to say this is not a common sight, not even in Russia where the only rule is that there aren’t any rules.


Last Resort

Puttin(g) politics aside, it is interesting to see just how invested this young girl is in her faith. When all hope is lost, even those who do not consider themselves to be spiritual often turn to prayer. It is likely a last resort, but if this young Russian thought bowing down to this printed and framed canvas of the leader of her country would help her out in whatever she had trouble with, we are certainly not going to judge that.

The Squat And Stare

Even if you’re not Russian, you’re probably familiar with this sort of fella; it’s hard to forget the squat and stare after you’ve seen it. In Russia, people like Oleg are sometimes referred to as “gopniks”, and they often spend their spare time sitting in parks, on the sides of roads, or by the local spirits stores in this exact position. Sometimes, Oleg is not alone. Oleg has gopnik friends.

Hell’s Kitchen

In Russia, cooking isn’t just cooking, it is a sport. It is a battle. If you are cooking with someone else, be prepared to defend yourself. Russians will throw ideas for recipes at each other left, right, and center and are prepared to hit each other with pots and pans if they disagree with each other. Do you want some Beef Stroganoff? Well, you’ve got another thing coming! Give me that bottle of Smirnoff. I like to drink while I cook!

russia 3

Nothing Goes To Waste

When you go to Russia, you will learn something very interesting. The people of this beautiful country take their waste, and do something a little different with it: they sunbathe on it. Well, a large part of the year in Russia is pretty dark and chilly, so we can’t imagine this happening so often. However, we happened to catch this young lady on the hottest day of the year and she is in the mood for some traditional Russian sunbathing.

russia 5

Fashion Forward

Milan might be the fashion capital of the world, but these pictures of street fashion in Russia demonstrate people like to speak their minds through their apparel in Eastern Europe, too. For example, the girl wearing the denim jacket is quite clearly trying out a new hairstyle by pulling her hair through the hole of her shirt. The other picture might be a little too crude for some, but we all remember when the Juicy brand featuring the logo embroidered on sweatpants was the hottest trend out there.