Choosing the Perfect Airport Bottled Water

The Science of Choosing the Perfect Bottled Water

When it comes to traveling, dehydration and its associated discomforts are all too common. The seemingly simple task of selecting bottled water can make a significant difference. Martin Riese, a certified mineral water sommelier and social media influencer, has some invaluable tips to ensure you make the right choice, particularly at the airport where convenience often guides our decisions.

Quality Over Name

Quality Over Name

In a video showcasing airport bottled water options, Riese imparts a crucial lesson – the source of water takes precedence over the brand. Names like Arrowhead, Crystal Geyser, or Smartwater are secondary; what matters most is where the water originates. The label bears the essential information – if it mentions purified water, it indicates processed tap water. Such water lacks essential nutrients and minerals. Purified water might sound pristine, but it’s often filtered tap water stripped of vital minerals. Riese’s insight is simple – opt for mineral water instead. This designation signifies that the water comes from a natural source, whether a spring or mineral spring. Additionally, if the bottle is made of glass, you score extra points. Glass containers prevent water from absorbing odors and chemicals from the environment.

Glass Bottles

Riese advocates for glass bottles, touting them as the best vessel for water. The porous nature of water makes it susceptible to absorbing external flavors and chemicals. Glass containers ensure that your water remains untainted, providing a truly refreshing experience. For instance, an open water bottle placed near a bag of coffee will eventually acquire the coffee’s aroma—a testament to water’s absorbent nature.

Beyond the Brand – A Call for Sustainability

Beyond the Brand – A Call for Sustainability

While Riese acknowledges the merits of purified water, he encourages travelers to carry reusable bottles and use the free airport water stations. He emphasizes the need to shift our focus from processed drinks to water, considering its significance in sustaining life and its impact on health. Water, with its inherent minerals, is not just a catchphrase—it’s a fundamental element we should appreciate and honor.

Gerolsteiner’s Electrifying Elixir

For those seeking a personal favorite, Riese endorses Gerolsteiner, a German mineral water boasting a substantial Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) reading. With 2,527 mg per liter, it offers more electrolytes than popular sports drinks. Riese’s core message is clear – we possess the power to rekindle our appreciation for water’s pure and essential nature. Martin Riese’s expertise transcends the mere act of selecting a bottled drink; it encompasses a holistic perspective on our relationship with water – a precious resource that deserves our reverence and mindfulness.

For the First Time, Dunkin Donuts Introduces a Spicy Donut

With spicy flavors trending throughout the fast-food industry as of late, Dunkin Donuts introduces its first-ever spicy donut! This spooky and delicious treat is both innovative and daring, and sure to grab the attention of spicy food lovers throughout the country. The new donut will be available until the end of December throughout all Dunkin restaurants in the US!

A donut with pink frosting and decoration, with a bite mark on it What’s in the Dunkin Donuts’ Spicy Treat

The new donut is made using a classic yeast dough. Once properly baked, the donut is covered with a sweet strawberry topping that is infused with cayenne and ghost pepper. Known as one of the spiciest peppers in the world, the ghost pepper’s Scoville score is 1,041,427 SHU. To put that into perspective, it’s 200 times spicier than a jalapeño pepper. Deliciously daring, this donut definitely grabs attention. Dunkin, along with many other fast-food restaurants, often add such interesting and unordinary items to their menus to intrigue and win over customers, as the fast-food business is highly competitive. Luckily for the consumer, this means finding interesting new items such as the spicy donut!

Spicy Hot Bhut Jolokia Ghost Peppers Spicy Is the New Trend

Luckily for all those who love spicy food, a piquant trend has been developing this year. Many fast-food franchises have been adding spicy items to their menus lately. This includes McDonald’s that started selling spicy chicken McNuggets recently, which happens to be the first new nugget flavor they’ve introduced since 1983! Whataburger also added a spicy chicken sandwich, and Del Taco started offering several new menu items featuring Cholula spicy sauce. With Halloween just around the corner, Dunkin Donuts’ rival, Krispy Kreme came out with Halloween donuts that feature some of the classic monsters like Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula. Those who show up in costume can get a free donut, which is certainly fun and worth it for a sweet treat!