Here’s Why Boxed Wine Does Actually Stand Up Against Bottled

For wine drinkers, there is something special about hearing that cork being popped and pouring out a nice refreshing glass from the bottle. So when you hear about wine-in-a-box, you may not be too impressed.


But what would you think if you heard that boxed wine has a longer shelf life once open, making it in fact a better option should you be the type to open a bottle and not finish it that same day? Boxed wine, both red and white, can stay good for four to six weeks, with the traditional bottle of wine going sour after a week.

The Vice President of Marketing at Delicato Family Vineyards, Kate McManus, highlights that the bag-in-a-box technology keeps out anything that will spoil the wine – light and air.

What’s more, the spout is resealable, making it an efficient way to keep those enemies out, and while being stored in vacuum-sealed bags, air is prevented from getting in and oxidizing the wine, and spoiling it at the same time.

This all sounds pretty important for the wine lovers out there.


Furthermore, if you are still yet to consider changing tradition and giving up your beloved bottle, it is good to note that, “the quality of wine available in boxes has greatly improved” according to Jess Brady, wine importer for Pacific Highway Wine and Spirits.

But it is also important to note, that while wine-in-a-box may have better prevention of letting the enemy elements in, it does in fact have an expiration date, and after a year will start to lose quality.

So consider it a short term, good value product when next choosing to purchase wine. After all, it is lighter to take on your picnic visits, while also being more a environmentally friendly alternative to the bottle.

You never know, you may take a real liking to it and end up forgetting the bottle altogether, making it a distant memory you tell your kids about. Most likely not, but it’s worth trying out a glass.. or two, and testing it out.