Pepsi Introduces Cola-Infused Ketchup Called “Colachup”

Pepsi Offers an Exclusive Taste of Colachup at Limited Locations

Pepsi has unveiled a tantalizing new condiment called Colachup, a Pepsi-infused ketchup, aiming to elevate the classic pairing of hot dogs and soda. Developed in collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America Consulting, this unique creation promises a seamless fusion of flavors to enhance the enjoyment of hot dogs. With its vibrant citrus blend and distinctive taste, Pepsi Colachup offers a fresh twist on a beloved American tradition.

The Flavorful Collaboration

Jenny Danzi, senior director at Pepsi, explains that Colachup is invented to celebrate the harmonious combination of hot dogs and Pepsi. David Kamen, director of client experience at The Culinary Institute of America Consulting, highlights how the bright and tangy characteristics of ketchup are elevated by the distinct flavors and vibrant citrus blend of Pepsi.

Exclusive Availability and Offer

Exclusive Availability and Offer

While eager consumers may be eager to try Colachup as soon as possible, it is currently available only in limited locations and for a limited time. Baseball fans, who attended games at select Major League Baseball stadiums on July 4th, got the chance to experience the Pepsi-infused ketchup at exclusive pop-up events. The lucky ML stadiums were Chase Field, Yankee Stadium, Target Field, and Comerica Park.

Alternative Offer for Others

For those unable to attend these games, Pepsi had another treat in store. Throughout the holiday weekend and until July 4th, customers purchasing a hot dog along with a Pepsi got a chance to receive a complimentary 20oz Pepsi product. By texting “FREEPEPSI” to 81234 and submitting a receipt that shows the purchase of a hot dog and Pepsi, lucky customers had the cost of the Pepsi product reimbursed via PayPal, Venmo, or Digital Retailer Gift Card.

Innovation in Culinary Collaborations

Innovation in Culinary Collaborations

Last year, the brand partnered with CIA Consulting to introduce “Pepsi-Roni,” a cola-infused pepperoni, at a Manhattan pizza shop. These innovative collaborations demonstrate Pepsi’s commitment to delivering new taste experiences and adding excitement to their consumers’ culinary adventures.

Rockefeller Center Gains a Renewed Appeal Through the Assortment of Chef Talent

Rockefeller Center Undergoes a Food-Centric Renovation

Rockefeller Center has been one of the highlights of New York City for years. However, in recent years, it had somewhat lost its charm. While the major establishments around it, like the glass-and-steel luxury mall Hudson Yards and the Chelsea Market, gathered popular momentum, Rock Center seemed to lag behind.

The Reboot

So, the head of Rockefeller Center, EB Kelly, decided to give it a reboot using food as the main catalyst. With the main thought behind the reboot being, ‘If New Yorkers aren’t eating here, neither will tourists,’ she joined hands with Tishman Speyer, who gave it a destination-dining-worthy renovation.

The Key to Success

To begin with, Speyer started by tapping into one of New York’s strongest creative assets: the chefs. He started building a collection of New York based chefs who wanted to contribute to building the particular neighborhood and wanted to explore the unknown that went along with the re-imagination of this iconic building. Counted among the Art Deco jewels of the city, the Rockefeller Center started its journey of transformation at the hands of the developer, who embraced the varying visions of each professional chef. As per Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson, Speyer focused on these visions to build the new style for the neighborhood.

A Promising Future

A Promising Future

Once the revamped Rockefeller Center was reopened for the public, its future seemed strong, with the chefs attracting the elite from across New York for food and drinks after work. At this point in time, the Rock Center is now home to cuisines like tuna bibimbap, dressed Dungeness crab, chicken liver tajarin, and more. This has been possible through the accumulation of chef talent, including Lee Hanson, Riad Nasr, Clare de Boer, Annie Shi (Jupiter), Ignacio Mattos (Lodi), Junghyun Park (Naro), Jess Shadbolt, Greg Baxtrom (Five Acres), Walker Stern (Le Rock), JJ Johnson (Fieldtrip), and Eli and Max Sussman (Samesa).