You Can Now Buy Color-Changing Reusable Cups From Starbucks

If you’re the kind of person that just can’t get enough of the ‘Bucks, then we really don’t blame you. Whether you’re more of a S’mores Frappuccino kinda human, or whether you just can’t get enough of a regular ol’ Flat White, there’s nothing better than heading to the green mermaid for your caffeine fix. Of course, everyone knows that their disposable cups don’t save the actual mermaids that live in the ocean (because they do exist, right?), so reusable cups are the vessels of the future.

A New Addition

Last year, Starbucks blew us all away when they added a new set of reusable cups to their repertoire. These were unlike any cups we had ever seen before, as they had the power to change color depending on the contents inside of it. No, we’re not kidding. These cups came in beautiful pastel colors, and there’s no doubt about the fact that people became pretty obsessed pretty quickly. You couldn’t scroll through Instagram without seeing someone rock this cup, and you may have even bought one yourself. On the back of this success, Starbucks has now released another line of color-changing cups – and the colors are absolutely stun-ning.

Bright And Bold

These cups are completely temperature sensitive, which means that they are one color when they’re empty, but then turn into a beautiful ombre design when there’s liquid inside of them. The new bright and bold colors come in packs of five, and they’ll only cost you $16.95. The tomato colors become aubergine, the marigold becomes tangerine, the peach becomes hot pink, the sea blue becomes ocean blue, and the cobalt becomes a deep purple color. The colors are absolutely stunning, and really do need to be seen to be believed.

Hands up if you want one of these new color-changing cups from Starbucks? Well, you’ll have to get in line behind us…

5 Cookbook Options That Are Written by Black Chefs and Authors

During Black History Month, it’s only right to stock up on a bunch of powerful books to read. Having a cookbook or two can help complete anyone’s kitchen, and paying homage to Black history can be as simple as checking out some of the cookbooks written by Black chefs and authors. Award-winning chefs like Ayesha Curry and Lazarus Lynch, to name but a few, have shared their perspectives through food. Many of their recipes cover Southern comfort food, the African continent, BBQ, and more. Here are five cookbooks written by Black chefs and authors.

1. The Full Plate

Ayesha Curry, the author of The Full Plate Ayesha Curry, the NBA wife and entrepreneur, took readers into her kitchen as she made cooking fun. Some of the classic recipes that she includes in her cookbook helped her lose 35 pounds and also fed her husband as well as her 3 kids. She has more than 100 recipes, and most of them are safe for those picky eaters, while all of them take less than an hour to make.

2. Vegan Soulfood Cookbook

A recipe from Nadira Jenkins-El's Vegan Soulfood Cookbook Who knew plant-based comfort food could be a thing? Nadira Jenkins-El, the vegan chef and nutritionist, proved that it definitely is a thing. She has 101 recipes that are plant-based versions of traditional soul food. It has an impressive 4.6-star average rating and more than 1,000 reviews. From fried “chicken” to mac and “cheese,” the recipes are definitely worth exploring and trying.

3. Let’s Brunch: 100 Recipes for the Best Meal of the Week

The author of the cookbook There’s no reason to have a boring brunch, and Belinda Smith-Sullivan proved that in her cookbook. She is a chef and food writer that told the world about her Southern kitchen and many of her secrets in her cookbook. It features more than 85 recipes – from casseroles to bread and even toppings. Of course, brunch wouldn’t be brunch without some drinks, so there is a dedicated cocktail section, too.

4. Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ

Rodney Scott March 16 is when chef Rodney Scott’s cookbook is being released, and it’ll definitely be worth the wait. At the young age of 11, Rodney cooked his first whole hog and has been perfecting his BBQ skills ever since. The cookbook is co-written by Lolis Eric Elie. The book shares many cooking secrets and recipes for practically everything. This includes smoked turkey, classic ribs, and more.

5. Son of a Southern Chef: Cook with Soul

The author of the cookbook Two-time Chopped champion, Lazarus Lynch, wrote his own cookbook back in 2019, and no kitchen is complete without it. It’s not only full of delicious recipes, but it’s also entertaining enough that you’ll want to read it for fun. The cookbook includes 100+ recipes that he inherited from his father who is a soul food restaurant owner in Queens, NY, along with some from his Guyanese mother.