Science Has Finally Proven That Wine Is Good For You

Most reports seem to prove the benefits of certain foods, nutrients, and fitness, but this latest study has given us the ultimate good news. According to the research from the Scientific Reports journal, those who consume two drinks a day are less likely to develop dementia.


Wine fans can rejoice because the study proves that drinking wine has several health benefits. The research found that low to moderate alcohol consumption can reduce inflammation, as well as, help the brain remove toxins, including those associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

While many reports may suggest that consuming alcohol is not the best for peoples health, this study is showing why it can actually be good for you.


So, next time someone tells you to opt for water or a non-alcoholic beverage over dinner, you can throw these facts right back at them. Never has enjoying a glass of wine after work felt so good since the discovery of this study, and it will only get better from now on. As for the “moderate” part of the research, this equals to about two and a half drinks per day for a 154-pound person.

This means that having a whole bottle of wine in one sitting is not considered to be a healthy option. While we, of course, will not judge, researchers did find that drinking more regularly does actually increase inflammation, so it is important to watch your wine refills.


So, although the study reveals that wine certainly has its benefits – and not just that it makes consumers happy when having a glass or two after a long day – moderation is still a significant lesson here. Like most things, keeping things in moderation is always key, and wine proves to be no different, so sticking to the results from the research will be in everyone’s best interest.