Try a Hojicha Latte – It’s Like Warmth in a Cup!

What do you crave the most when a chilly wind hits your face in the morning and layers of white, cloudy snow covers all the roads? A hot cup of latte, right? If you are in Manhattan and you can’t operate without a hot cup of something in your hand, then head to 12th and University Place in Manhattan and order a hojicha latte. What makes it different from all the other matcha drinks that we find in other cafes? Let’s find out!

A Hot Cup of Warmth

The moment you try a hojicha latte, things will never be the same. This will become that one song you listen to every time you are low and want to feel a warm hug. The first sip will hit your taste buds with a toasty flavor, combined with frothed oat milk and powdered leaves. This drink is something new and something brilliant!

The Word Has Spread Across the World

Hojicha powder was added to the Blue Bottle Coffee menu in 2019 and ever since then, they have never stopped experimenting with the powder. They source this delicacy from Uji, Risheoun in Japan. Although this is not the first time the world has encountered the wonderful flavors of hojicha. The first time was in 2019 when many people got their hands on its powdered form. Before that, it was sold as leaf tea. The best part? Well, this tea is almost caffeine free so you can grab a cup or two, even if it’s past your coffee cut-off time, without inviting a caffeine rush into your body.

It’s Not Just a Cup of Tea

Well, the taste of this exquisite combination isn’t limited to only beverages. You can find it in menus at cafes, restaurants, and bakeries – just like matcha. You can order yourself a hojicha cranberry tart at Patisserie Fouet, hojicha tiramisu at Viennoiserie Heaven, and in many other on-the-go cafes in New York City.