Horchata Is Versatile, Delicious, and Simple to Make

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Horchata is a traditional drink typically made from ground nuts, grains, or seeds, which are soaked, ground, and then mixed with water and sweeteners to create a milky, refreshing drink. It is a popular choice in warm climates and can be found in many Latin-American and Spanish restaurants. Horchata is often enhanced with spices like cinnamon. However, different regions may have unique variations, such as horchata de chufa in Spain, made with tiger nuts. Horchata is celebrated for its versatility, delicious taste, and the simple yet meticulous process involved in its preparation.

Horchata Recipe From the Masters

Edgar Rico, famous chef at Nixta Taqueria in Austin, Texas, and his wife and business partner Sara Mardanbigi, have the most simple yet delicious recipe of horchata that is ready to drink within minutes.

In just five minutes, you will have a glass of cold horchata waiting to satisfy your cravings by following this method. Edgar and Sara like to have this drink alongside delicious duck carnitas tacos and tantalizing beet tartare tostadas.

How to Make Edgar’s Horchata


  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 1 cup of jasmine rice
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup of demerara sugar
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  1. Take 1 cup of jasmine rice and soak it in 2 cups of water for about four hours. Drain the water with a strainer.
  2. Take a blender and put the rice in it along with 1 stick of cinnamon, the demerara sugar, and the water. Blend it for about 45 seconds and ensure that it is now a smooth texture.
  3. Take about 2 ounces of the mixture from the blender and pour it into a cup. You can add more water, according to how concentrated you want your drink to be. Stir it well, add ice, and enjoy your delicious horchata!

Eastern Greenland’s Cozy Burger Haven

Burgers at the Edge of the Earth

The East Coast of Greenland, a land of breathtaking natural beauty, is a place where immense fjords carve through ancient landscapes, and colossal icebergs dot the seascape. But this remote wilderness is also home to something unexpected – a burger joint that defies the odds.

The Remotest of Communities

Nestled in this icy expanse is Ittoqqortoormiit, a tiny settlement often considered the most remote inhabited community in the Western Hemisphere. Here, amid this stark isolation, you’ll find a burger joint that’s not just good; it’s surprisingly delicious. The restaurant’s name, Orormersiardarpi, meaning ‘the place to get a bite’ in the Eastern Greenlandic dialect, is as unpretentious as its exterior. Despite its humble appearance, this eatery has become a beloved addition to the town, earning five-star ratings across the board on Google, including praise for “the best ice water in the world.”

Gourmet Simplicity

Gourmet Simplicity

In a community where fast food once meant whatever could be hunted, this burger joint’s menu might seem straightforward, but here, simplicity is a virtue. The patties, served with a smile, are made from meats that burst with flavor. While polar bear burgers aren’t on the menu, dishes like muskox burgers showcase the rich tastes of the Arctic.

A Warm Welcome in the Arctic Cold

Ittoqqortoormiit, with its modest population of around 450 residents, might be small in numbers, but it’s grand in the warmth of its community. Here, in this remote corner of the world, people have formed not just a town but a close-knit family. In Ittoqqortoormiit, the local restaurant, Orormersiardarpi, isn’t just a place to grab a burger; it’s a hub of social interaction. When visitors arrive here, they are immediately enveloped in the warmth of this close-knit society. It’s a place where outsiders are treated not as strangers but as guests in an extended family. The brightly painted houses, traditional in Greenlandic colors of blue, purple, green, and orange, welcome you with their cheerful facades.

A Taste of the Ends of the Earth

A Taste of the Ends of the Earth

Visiting Ittoqqortoormiit might require a journey through the stunning Eastern Greenland fjords aboard a Hurtigruten cruise. While it’s a cruise that comes with a price tag, savoring a burger at the edge of the Earth is an experience worth the adventure. So, set sail, explore the remote beauty, and indulge in a surprisingly tasty burger that defies the expectations of this far-flung corner of the world.