Pickle Vodka Is Upon Us And You Must Know About It

If you haven’t heard about it yet, now is the time. The time of the pickle is around us, and it is finally in a product one just cannot resist. Yes, that’s right, pickle vodka has arrived, and is a product so different but unmistakably delicious, we must discuss.

Following the overwhelming popularity of pickleback shots, experts at Blue Spirits Distilling, a Washington distillery, were inspired to create their own pickle/liquor combo. These experts hand-select pickles at their production facility on Lake Chelan, and those selected pickles are then used to go in their 120-proof, pickle-flavored vodka.


Now if you’re feeling skeptical about this concoction, of which may seem to be of acquired taste, let it be known that many skeptics are shocked by how much they love it following their brave tasting.

This tasting happens at Blue Spirits’ tasting room in Leavenworth, a Bavarian-themed town where visitors get to choose three base liquors – the distillery have several vodka flavor options, including cucumber and espresso, as well as other liquors – which they sip straight, followed by their own creative task of making their own mini cocktails using the spirits. Curious as to what the pickle vodka tastes like? Well one tester revealed, the drink tastes just like eating a fresh pickle – shock. A smooth, salty flavor immersed in the vodka, and not too overpowering.


Described by the co-owner of Blue Spirits Distilling, Heidi Soehren, “The higher proof has a more enhanced flavor and aroma. When applied as a topper to a cocktail, you get a delightful burst of flavor and scent at first taste.” With such a description, the distillery suggests adding a 1/4 oz. of the pickle vodka to the top of an unflavored vodka cocktail.

Only adding a small amount does more than enough in providing a fresh, salty kick to your cocktail. In the tasting room, the pickle flavor shots are a visitor favorite, with Leavenworth distillery selling up to 600 of the 50ml bottle per month, priced at a whopping $12.50 each.


Such popularity has even led to the inspiration of more concentrated flavors such as lemon, almond-orange, ginger and lavender. But for now, these flavors are only to be found on a visit to the distillery or from a purchase made after your tasting. Pickle vodka, however, is branching out, and several distributors in the U.S. and Canada are getting their hands on the goods.

Soon, cocktail connoisseurs will be giving everyone in the country a taste of this new trend, so keep a good eye out.