The Easiest Recipe of Indian Specialty ‘Adrak Ki Chai’ (Spiced Ginger Tea)

The Easiest Recipe of Indian Specialty ‘Adrak Ki Chai’ (Spiced Ginger Tea)

A rain-soaked monsoon morning, or a windy cold one, nothing can better start your day than a steaming glass of ‘Adrak Ki Chai.’ For those who don’t know, it is an Indian specialty of spiced ginger tea. Tea is extremely popular as a morning and also evening beverage throughout Asia. Though tea has less caffeine than our morning coffee, this particular version has a special revitalizing effect due to its spice content. So, ditch your common coffee or bland green tea, and make a cuppa full of this easy delicious homemade concoction. It works better than a blanket, truly!

Ingredients (1-2 servings):

• Water, 1 cup • Whole Milk, 1 cup • Black Tea Leaves of your choice, 3 teaspoons • Fresh Ginger, 1-inch piece • Sugar, as per taste


• First mix the milk and water in a deep pan and bring it to a boil. Low-fat milk can be used also, but full-creams heighten the taste.

• Cut ginger into very small pieces. You can also use a grater for this.

• When the milk and water mixture begins to boil and rise gradually, reduce the heat. Then add the ginger pieces or grated ginger.

• Let this mixture rise to a boil once again. At this moment, add the tea leaves. Allow the mixture to rise for one last time, and turn off the flame.

• Lastly, cover the tea and allow it to brew for another 1-2 minutes. Be careful not to over-boil the tea, as it can produce a bitter taste.

• Then filter the tea through a strainer and sugar as much or less as you want. You can add the sugar beforehand too while boiling the tea. Sugar substitutes like honey or agave can also be used.

Pro Tips:

The Easiest Recipe of Indian Specialty ‘Adrak Ki Chai’ (Spiced Ginger Tea)

• For the best flavor, use any strong tea like Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon, or Nilgiri. • There’s another secret spice mixture you can add to the tea to elevate its taste. Take a few cloves, 4-5 green cardamoms, and a little piece of cinnamon. Add all these with the ginger into the milk-water mixture. The final concoction will become the ‘Masala Chai’ or ultimate spiced tea, which will not only taste better but also cure common colds and coughs.

High on the Hog Celebrates Influence of Black Culture on American Food

American food has evolved over the years, and much of it has to do with the vast range of cultures that have influenced it. One of the latest Netflix shows is called High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America, and it’s all about how Black culture has greatly influenced American food over the years. It’s set to debut on May 26th.

Stephen Satterfield from the new docu-series 'High on the Hog' on Netflix.

High on the Hog: A New Docu-series

The new docu-series has the same name as food historian Dr. Jessica B. Harris’ books. It’s considered to be a mix of a travelogue and a culinary show. Hosted by the founder of Whetstone, which is a magazine and media company, Stephen Satterfield, the docu-series will share stories of food along with the culture behind it.

Over the four episodes, Satterfield will go on a culinary journey with chefs, activists, historians, as they celebrate the artistry, resourcefulness, and courage of the African American people.

Unlike Other Docu-Series

Most food and travel shows tend to skip over the issues that pertain to class disparity, racism, labor, and more. However, these issues are what lead to what people eat and why. High on the Hog is one that is committed to telling the complete story of the deep-rooted history of slavery in America and how it has impacted the American food that is very well-loved and appreciated today.

A scene from 'High on the Hog'

High on the Hog is a docu-series that offers a history lesson right from one of America’s finest historians. That historian is also a well-respected food journalist who is devoted to untangling the topics when it comes to soul food, West African stews, barbecue, and also fine dining meals.

Directed by Roger Ross Williams, an Academy Award winner, the docu-series highlights the resilience of Black America, its enduring creativity, as well as contribution to America’s kitchen.