Starbucks Has Just Introduced Cold Foam

It seems that Starbucks never has a shortage of new, innovative menu options on offer. With the coffee culture in the United States and around the world continuously evolving, new ideas are seemingly endless. The newest item to be added to the menu of everyone’s favorite coffee shop certainly has caught fans’ attention.

Many of us love to sip our coffee with frothing foamed milk on top. Cappuccinos and lattes are two of the most popular drinks on the Starbucks menu. However, since the foam on these drinks is made with steamed milk, which is hot, logic would say that this is not possible to use with iced versions of the drinks.

However, Starbucks seems to have defied all logic and has introduced “cold foam” for its iced drinks. Apparently, Starbucks has a special blender that can blend nonfat milk until it becomes thick and smooth. By frothing the milk in this way, they can keep the milk cold and pour it on top of cold drinks, where it will actually float!

The blended milk has a slightly sweet flavor and a creamy texture, without actually using cream. These new drinks will be served with Starbucks’ new special lid that doesn’t require a straw. While these strawless lids are part of the company’s environmental initiative, they also allow you to get the delicious foam in every sip, whereas a straw would have you sip from the coffee at the bottom.

Customers can find the cold foam on the menu at many locations throughout the United States. Two new drinks featuring the cold foam have been added to the menu Рa Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew (which comes with Nitro cold brew in select locations) and a Cold Foam Starbucks Blonde Iced Cappuccino. However, besides these drinks, you can also add the cold foam to any iced beverage.