Doing a Taste Test of Loose Leaf Teas and Tea Bags!

Why Herbal Teas

Having a sip of tea first thing in the morning keeps you energized and happy all day long. However, if you have never tried herbal tea before, it’s time to shop and stock up your pantry. Herbal tea is not like other teas. It’s actually an infusion of herbs or spices taken in hot or cold water. The best part about herbal tea is they are caffeine-free, so you’ll never get addicted.

Why Herbal Teas

Drinking herbal tea comes with a lot of perks. It provides medicinal remedies for soothing your nerves and making you feel better. Chamomile tea has calming and digestive properties; Mint tea has menthol that boosts immunity and helps reduce weight; Rosehip tea contains Vitamin C and anti-ageing properties; and Lemon Verbena tea has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. So, trying any herbal tea can have healthy effects on your body. From improving your digestive system to getting a good night’s sleep, these teas offer it all. Therefore, it’s time to enter the glamorous world of herbal tea and enjoy a cup of mindfulness.

Loose Leaves or Tea Bags?

Loose Leaves or Tea Bags?

Now, let’s understand whether loose-leaf teas are better than tea bags. Tea bags come in small pouches with pre-measured proportions that you can directly dip in a hot cup of water. When it comes to loose leaves, you need to pick a certain amount, according to how strong you want it, and steep them with a tea infuser. Brewing whole flowers or just tea leaves makes up for a stronger-flavored beverage. And you can even reuse the herbs for more infusions. On the other hand, when you take out a tea bag from an unsustainable plastic bag, you are drinking harmful germs along with it. Not only do you get to utilize the tea bag once, but they also offer a dull taste in comparison with freshly fermented tea leaves. Moreover, you are probably consuming bacteria and contributing to plastic pollution. So, switching to loose leaves could be a thoughtful idea.

Choosing Herbal Tea

Choosing Herbal Tea

You don’t have to overthink when selecting the right herbal tea for you. Simply look for your preferred flavors, read about how they got harvested and processed, and you are done. Buying a high-quality tea would indeed assure robust flavors, but it could cost you more than you’d like. Instead, opt for the broken leaves of that particular tea, and it will cost you way less with guaranteed flavors.

Five Restaurants in Houston That Offer Mouth-Watering Pho

Houston is the fourth-most populous city in the United States and has one of the most diverse populations in the country. A testament to that is the popularity of pho. This traditional Vietnamese soup consisting of broth, herbs, rice noodles, meat, and sometimes chicken has become the city’s signature dish.

Pho soup

Here are five restaurants in Houston that can satisfy your appetite for pho, regardless of whether you prefer beef pho (pho bo) or chicken pho (pho ga).

Pho Thanh Long

Located in the rapidly growing northwestern parts of Houston, this family-owned Vietnamese restaurant is known for its flavorful pho. The friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere will enable you to enjoy a delicious bowl of soup, as well as other dishes like spring rolls with peanut sauce.

Where Vietnam and France Meet

Les Ba’Get

Les Ba’Get is a casual Vietnamese café known for its pho, bánh mì (Vietnamese iced coffee), and French-influenced pastries. The soup is made with 24-hour simmered rich, dark beef broth and can be flavored with three types of topping, including quail eggs. Other dishes that are worth a try are lemongrass-grille bone marrow and beef tendon with chicharron.

restaurant Les Ba’Get

Pho Saigon

This restaurant is situated in a strip mall in the heart of Houston. It features a large menu and is one of the city’s most popular Vietnamese eateries due to its generous portions of pho with delicate yet flavor-rich broths. The side dishes are as tasty as the soup and add to the amazing experience that Pho Saigon offers its guests.

Two Amazing Pho Restaurants on Bellaire Boulevard

Pho Ve Dem Restaurant

Pho aficionados can find Pho Ve Dem Restaurant in a strip mall on Bellaire Boulevard in the western parts of Houston. The cash-only eatery is open from evening to early morning and is the perfect place to eat a flavor-packed soup after a long day at work or a crazy night out with your friends. It’s also known for its real durian ice cream, which will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pho Dien

Pho Dien lies in close proximity to the above-mentioned Pho Va Dem restaurant. The establishment is notorious for its long lines at peak mealtimes, which also speaks for the excellent quality of their soup. The marinate steak, as well as the freshly squeezed lemonade are also worth a mention.

restaurant Pho Dien

Finding quality pho in Houston is easy as the city is home to some of the finest Vietnamese restaurants in the United States. For whether you’re a tourist or a local resident, make sure to give them a visit.