Your Childhood Favorite Ring Pop’s Are Here With A Boozy Twist

While you might feel a little out of place eating a traditional ring pop as a fully grown adult, the candy company has a solution and has brought out a collaboration catering to adults only, promising to satisfy more than just your sweet tooth.

Sweet Saba has partnered with the apéritif Campari to bring you a delicious boozy candy.

ring pop-1

The Campari on the Rocks cocktail ring is an adult take on the child favorite Ring Pop, giving you some sugar and booze all at once.

Sweet Saba is known for their specialty “grown-up” candy, infusing alcohol into traditional kid safe sugary snacks.

The company opened their first retail shop in 2015 in Manhattan and it prides itself on creating candy which looks like real life objects and featuring flavors which give you that extra buzz.

ring pop-2

The Campari on the Rocks cocktail ring tastes exactly like the Italian liquor and is perfect for garnishing any cocktail, for both an enhanced taste and appearance.

Of course, customers are also given the option to don the creation as a Ring Pop as it so much more stylish than the original Ring Pop.

The prominent crystals of the candy are a deep red and the Sweet Saba website says that each candy is hand-sculpted and are placed atop of an adjustable silver ring.

ring pop-3

However, unlike many of the candies at Sweet Saba where you have to present ID with purchase, the cocktail ring doesn’t actually contain alcohol.

When the candy is cooked, the alcohol content initially used in it is burnt off, leaving the taste of Campari without a buzz.

At $62 a pop, it certainly is not your average candy but 10% of the proceeds are donated to non-profit City Harvest.

Have it as a one off or impress your guests and use it at a cocktail garnish during the holiday season.