This 8-Year-Old Chef Is Charming the World With Her Online Cooking Classes

It’s no secret that people are becoming more comfortable in the kitchen during the lockdown. It seems as though budding chefs and bakers are now spending their days making banana bread, replicating fast-food favorites, and trying out new recipes – and it’s pretty awesome. What’s even more awesome, though, is the fact that these budding chefs come in all shapes and sizes, and they even come in different ages. This particular 8-year-old chef is charming the world with her own online cooking classes.

Trying Something New

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many parents are finding it hard to keep their children entertained. After all, schools are closed, playgrounds have been taped off, and attractions are no longer an option. While many kids now spend their days sitting in front of the television, 8-year-old Moe Myint May is doing something a little different. In fact, she’s become one of the most famous little chefs in Myanmar.

The Little Chef

From an early age, Moe has loved cooking, and she has even dubbed herself the “Little Chef.” Since Myanmar entered lockdown and she has had more time on her hands, she has since decided to create her own YouTube channel to share some of her favorite recipes. Within these videos, she allows people at home to cook along with her, and she has become an internet favorite. Yes, some of Moe Myint May’s videos have seen hundreds of thousands of views, with recipes such as spicy fried frog on her roster.

Selling The Meals

However, this isn’t all she’s doing. During her online cooking classes, Moe is making enough to go around, and she is selling these dishes within her local community. She’s selling them for 10,000 kyat each ($7.20), and will be using the money she earns to buy a puppy!

So, if you want cooking inspiration from a young girl in her pajamas, then you know where to go.