Brunch With Babs Star Shares 4 Must-Try Kitchen Hacks for Effortless Cooking

Barbara Costello’s Time-Saving Kitchen Tips

Barbara Costello, affectionately known as Babs, has become a beloved surrogate grandma to millions on TikTok through her heartwarming Brunch With Babs account. Her easy recipes, practical lifestyle tips, and jaunty energy have garnered nearly 50 million likes, making her a social media sensation. With a best-selling cookbook and a partnership with Pop-Tarts under her belt, Babs’s warmth and creativity continue to captivate audiences. Today, she shares her top kitchen hacks that will simplify your cooking experience and elevate your dishes.

Gut a Pumpkin With a Hand Mixer

Having raised four children while working as a preschool teacher, Babs knows the importance of efficiency. Cleaning out pumpkins can be messy and time-consuming, but she has a brilliant solution. “The pumpkin cleaning one was huge,” she shares. Using a hand mixer, you can easily loosen all the pumpkin hairs and seeds, making the process a breeze.

Pre-Scoop Ice Cream Into Cupcake Liners

Pre-Scoop Ice Cream Into Cupcake Liners

Planning a party or get-together? Babs has the perfect time-saving trick for you. “Another one people loved was the ice cream tip,” she recalls. Pre-scoop ice cream into cupcake liners placed in a cupcake pan before the event. This way, serving ice cream to your guests becomes a hassle-free experience. For a more enjoyable cooking experience, Babs emphasizes the importance of being organized in the kitchen. She swears by the “mise en place” method—preparing and organizing all your ingredients before you start cooking. By having everything ready and measured, you’ll avoid the chaos and stress that can come with multitasking in the kitchen.

Surprise Yourself With a Good Scale

Surprise Yourself With a Good Scale

As a baking enthusiast, Babs understands the significance of precise measurements. “I love baking, but I think weighing your ingredients brings it up to a whole new level,” she says. Using a good scale will ensure accurate measurements, leading to consistent and delectable results. Babs has successfully converted skeptics with this game-changing kitchen tool.

Toast Nuts for Extra Savory Goodness

Sometimes, it’s the little things that elevate a recipe. Babs recommends toasting nuts to enhance their flavor and add richness to your dishes. With just a few minutes in the oven or on the stove, you can bring out the nutty aroma and depth of taste that will take your salads and baked goods to the next level. With Barbara Costello’s invaluable kitchen hacks, you can streamline your cooking process, impress your guests, and enjoy delightful dishes with ease. Follow Babs’s lead and make your time in the kitchen a joyous and rewarding experience!

Gordon Ramsay to Star in New Competition Series for Fox

Just when you think there are enough food-related competition shows out there, it turns out there was one you had been missing all along. Fox and Gordon Ramsay are once again heading to the kitchen for a brand new TV show called Next Level Chef. The famed chef with a well-known abrasive personality and near-unattainable drive for perfection promises a truly next-level competition and excitement both for viewers and participants.

Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay Will Serve as Jury and Mentor

Gordon won’t be alone in the upcoming show. He will be joined by Gino D’Acampo and Nyesha Arrington, who will all serve as judges and mentors. Each chef will recruit a group of chefs, which they will have to mentor and help to reach the finals. The winner will walk away with the tempting prize of $250,000.

Next Level Chef: The Format

Fox officials say that the new television show will have a unique format that only a brilliant culinary mind like Gordon Ramsay can come up with. The set of Next Level Chef will have a multi-level culinary area where each floor will be stocked with equipment and ingredients different from the other levels. Ramsay himself shared his excitement about the new project saying that “it’s big and bold,” and it will allow viewers to witness the next evolution of cooking competitions.

Competitors will be divided into three groups which Ramsay, D’Acampo, and Arrington will head and mentor. The participants will include home cooks, social media influencers, as well as restaurant and food truck owners. That way professionals, semi-professionals, and amateurs will get to show off their skills and experience in the kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay during an episode of Hell's Kitchen, talking to one of the contestants

If Gordon Ramsay’s previous shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares have taught us anything, it is that he will be brutally blunt and demanding toward competitors and incredibly entertaining to watch as a viewer.