Chef Is Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize After feeding 3 Million People In Puerto Rico

Natural disasters like the recent class five hurricane in Puerto Rico are always a tragedy. When countries are ill-equipped to deal with the massive fallout, displacement, and damage that come after events like this, the recovery process can often take years just to get people close to the life they used to have.

After the immediate incident, treating wounds, finding missing persons, and focussing on the restoring the basic needs of life to victims becomes paramount, and in many cases, they rely on the help of guardian angels, NGOs, and other benefactors to help them through the tough rehabilitation process.

Thanks to the help of people like Chef José Andrés, victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico were treated to fresh, hot and healthy meals prepared for them daily. As you can imagine, when everything – literally everything – is flooded, there’s no way for people to feed themselves. This meant that the rescue teams had to act swiftly to ensure that people were able to eat, as starvation was a very real threat to them every day! Chef José Andrés and his team acted swiftly and quickly set up food stations to help those most in need.

Over the course of the following few weeks, he and his team managed to feed over 3 million people! That’s an incredible amount to handle in such dire circumstances and with such limited resources! The team worked tirelessly to bring survivors decent and healthy meals every day, restoring their health and dignity after the tragedy.

For his immense humanitarian aid and for acting so quickly, Andrés was listed on the Time most influential people of the year award which garnered him a lot of attention – something he has casually shrugged off! In more recent news though, the Super Chef has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work after the hurricane and for the recent victims of the California Forest Fires, where he and his team set up again and helped to feed survivors and rescue teams throughout the ordeal.

45 Tweets From People Who Are Permanently Embarrassed

Great Ride, Awkward Arrival

You might think taking a taxi is not hard. But it’s not so easy for everyone. At one point in his life, this person managed to rewrite the whole notion of a taxi. Nonetheless, he still got his ride. But I am still wondering why the “taxi driver” didn’t say anything? Maybe he was trying to be nice or just wanted to have a conversation on the way home. Hopefully, he just took the money and tried to shrug it off.

Great ride, awkward arrival


In case you are interested, here we have a Japanese food culture lesson. Sushi is not for everybody. No, let me rephrase: sushi is for everybody. But the food on one’s plate is for only that person. Sharing is accepted, trading is allowed. The one thing you should certainly not do is masticate what somebody else has already chewed. Hmm, I think that actually applies to every type of food. This lady should’ve known that before the edamame was in front of her.


Crystal Clear

Cafes usually have different kinds of sweets and pastries. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you might not know all the types of delicacies. Precisely like this woman, who made a funny mistake, trying to return the product. Glass shards in a muffin are a sure “no”. Even so, before getting mad about what you think is a “bonus” in your sweets, check again if you are right about it. For sure, she learned what sugar crystals are and won’t make the same mistake again.

Crystal clear

Peanut Butter

Making a peanut butter sandwich doesn’t go well with other activities. Mostly, if you have to change a diaper, be sure to wash your hands before you do it. You don’t want to end up thinking you have peanut butter on you when you are taking care of a child’s needs. Learn from other’s experiences and try not to make the same mistake. It is funny when it happens to someone else, but for sure, you wouldn’t be excited to be in this aunt’s position.

Peanut butter

How You Doin’?

All of you must’ve heard of or seen the sitcom “Friends”. Joey was a lady’s man. I can already imagine this guy feeling and talking like him, with full control of the situation. Well, at least in his mind. Flirting is totally okay at most types of parties. The one thing someone should’ve mentioned from the start is who he shouldn’t flirt with. His confidence ran out instantly when learning that he was talking to his boss’s wife.

How you doin’?

Almost a Hug

It is weird to confuse somebody with another person. It’s awkward to wave to a stranger by mistake. And it is definitely embarrassing when you literally hug somebody you do not know. In the back of her mind, the girl thought that she would save herself from embarrassment, but it was a trap. Not recognizing that lady was for a good reason – they didn’t know each other!

Almost a hug


There is a saying, you know who your mom is for sure, but you can never really know who your dad is. Maybe the milkman was thinking the same thing, too. The excitement to see his dad drove this boy to the door, not knowing he wouldn’t be there. In all that enthusiasm, he didn’t give his brain enough time to react to the man standing in the door. Surely afterward, all three of them felt laughed it off.


Skipping Class

If you ever wondered if teachers are boring outside the classroom too, take a look at this one. I bet you didn’t think you’d ever hang out in the same places as your teachers. For sure, chilling on the beach feels much better than getting dressed up for school, getting your fingers dirty with chalk, or arguing with your students. Who doesn’t need a day off? After all, teachers can be a student’s best example in life. Good job to this student for following his chill lead!

Skipping class


Of course, we are all human beings, and we make mistakes. Even stars are capable of putting themselves in embarrassing situations. Jimmy Fallon got caught owning a weird picture on his phone. Not the picture was strange, but the fact that he had it. Circumstances put him in an awkward position, and while trying to prepare to meet someone, his plan backfired. For the other guy, Fallon pretty much seemed like a stalker. If he could explain, they definitely laughed it off. But we won’t ever know for sure.


Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice-cream? If it’s for free, I am sure a lot of people would accept it. Maybe there is an experiment or somebody is just having a good day and wants to offer you some. But the important part is that a person should actually offer you free ice-cream. Well, at least that is what this guy thought happened. After enjoying his gelato, he realized he was never actually invited to the party. Even so, he got away with a free ice-cream and a funny story.

Ice cream

Laundry Cake

Cravings are normal, and when you become a parent, you kind of have to let go of them. It’s common sense to not let your kids eat a lot of sweets, so if you can resist, it’s better not to eat in front of them. However, we can’t hold back ourselves from a great cake. This mom had a weak moment, and instantly got caught. Let’s hope the child is young enough to forget that she was “betrayed” by her own mother.

Laundry cake

Great Sample, Thank You!

Free muffins? Yes! Certainly, this is all that this person thought about while waiting on his coffee. Samples are usually labeled or given to you by someone who works at the store. Yet, this sweet looked too enticing for this man to check if it was a sample or not. He saw a muffin on a plate, and he dived in. But honestly, who would leave a whole muffin on their plate? Hey, he will be understood by most people, for sure. Hopefully, it was a great one!

Great sample, thank you!


We all have moments when we sing in the car, do a little dance, drive fast, or feel more powerful than we actually are. That is all great until a cop stops you. You’ve must’ve done something wrong. This man certainly didn’t expect to be embarrassed by anything. So, when he got pulled over and got a fine for not wearing a seatbelt, he tried arguing it. Not until later, he learned that his buckle was caught in the door, and it was visible to the cop too. It was time to say no more.


Your Order, Please

When two people don’t speak the same language, it might be a tough conversation. Compared to English, Greek is such a different language. No wonder this lady didn’t manage to make herself understood and vice-versa. Thinking you are in an open-air restaurant when you are actually crashing a wedding party is no ordinary thing, but some end up doing it anyway. And it’s even funnier when you don’t speak their language to try to explain yourself. It was a long day for her, without a doubt.

Your order, please

Hi, Grandma!

Grandparents are elderly people who might lose their attention to details, don’t see or hear well. Sometimes they don’t even recognize you until you get closer to them. Also, they might not recognize your voice until you tell them your name. Talking on the phone is even trickier for them, so it’s no wonder this grandmother didn’t realize she was talking to a stranger. But what about the other person on the line? Must’ve laughed it off after.

Hi, Grandma!

The Friend

All of us have smaller or bigger tricks up our sleeves. It’s important to know how, when, and with whom to share them. This man had a good run, enjoying discounts in several restaurants, playing as a friend of the manager’s. It all came to a stop, even worse, to an embarrassing halt, when he told the same story to the actual manager of the place. I’ll bet he won’t return to that restaurant, and he will change his trick.

The friend

Cheating Wrong

Cheating on tests in school? Most of us did it in various ways. Some lack inspiration; others are professionals. Somehow getting caught is part of the game. It’s embarrassing enough to be put in that position. But what about cheating for a class you shouldn’t even be attending? This situation tells us it is possible and, for sure, even more embarrassing. Discovering the class was wrong definitely made her feel more ashamed.

Cheating wrong

Coffee, Anyone?

Have you ever asked yourself why we pay attention when a stranger yells out a question? We don’t know that person, but still, our brain is ready and makes us react. Maybe this person didn’t drink her morning coffee, so she wasn’t truly aware of the situation. When a stranger asked who wants a coffee so that she can pay with her card, our protagonist made her choice to answer and take that coffee. Only after she understood that the question wasn’t meant for her.

Coffee, anyone?

Dinner’s Ready!

Making things up when you don’t want to hang out is such a common thing to do. Playing your way out of an unwanted situation, maybe because you’re lazy or just not in the mood, takes good thinking. Saying you are at work when you are actually home might be fine if you are alone in the house. But when your mom is calling you for dinner, while you are on the phone, the lies have to end. He probably ended up going out, after dinner of course.

Dinner’s ready!

Hide and Seek

A lot of people don’t get along with their in-laws, for various reasons. That is why not seeing them eye to eye is perfect. In case of a visit, the idea is to circumvent them. This woman had a great idea to hide in her room with the kids. Little did she know, when the in-laws arrived, her husband was trying to find her. So, he called her and of course, her phone rang, and they caught her hiding. Next time, be sure to set your phone on silent mode.

Hide and seek

Home Service

Going on a vacation, you can let yourself go and relax properly. These friends felt so good that they couldn’t see the difference between a restaurant and a home. After choosing to sit down at a nice table, and drinking a few beers, they were ready to pay. But why would you pay if you are gathered at someone’s house? Obviously, they realized that they were on somebody’s property only after the lady told them. Apparently, in Corfu, some might have uninvited guests.

Home service

Hands Down, Man Down

Under normal circumstances, listening to your boss is mandatory. In some moments, though, you might get away with doing something different than what he wants. In this case, all employees took the chance and did whatever they wanted. That is, exactly nothing. Not quite what the boss had in mind: too much trust can be an eye-opener. Trust falls are not for everybody, especially at work. At the same time, dancing on the desk maybe wasn’t such a good idea either.

Hands down, man down

Ugliest Sweater

There is no denying that this situation is awkward on so many levels. Firstly, you are happy: oh, she won the contest, great! Then you realize: oops, she forgot the theme of the party. And boom, then you go: wow, that is absolutely nuts! Well, better make sure that next time you understand all of the information. Still, she might’ve not told anyone from work, so she is still a winner in their eyes. All that until this Tweet!

Ugliest sweater

Chair Dance Game

It seems like this relationship is built on empathy. “If she is happy, I am happy. If she is sad, I am sad. And if she sits on the cake, I sit on the cake.” Wait, what? If he was laughing at his girlfriend sitting on the cake that was placed on the chair, when bringing her napkins, he did the same. Or perhaps they were just playing the chair dance game. I guess they both lost and they both won?

Chair dance game

Church Group

Getting prepped for a picnic is a common activity. Also, going to a meetup picnic for camp with your child is absolutely normal. As you pack the food, prepare the stuff, and get your child ready for the outdoor meal, you should also check where it is taking place. Try not to make the same mistake as this lady, who ended up spending her picnic talking to people in a church group she didn’t actually attend.

Church group

I’ve Got You!

One of the funniest moments is when you are trying to be funny by playing a trick on somebody by sneaking up and touching them in public from behind. But more hilarious than that is the situation in which you mistake the person you intended to prank with someone who you have never seen in your life. This woman’s husband might be wondering if at least she realized that it wasn’t him when she touched his butt or only when she saw his face.

I’ve got you!

Lucky Person

When you struggle to make it right, not to fall off the wagon, and you still screw it up, embarrassment occurs, especially at a work party. Trying to act, as some might say, “normal” is just not this person’s way of being. The punch bowl was the only place she was trying to avoid the whole party. And, ironically, the drink still caught her attention. Maybe if she drank from the punch, there wouldn’t be something to fall face forward into.

Lucky person

Playing It Cool

In some conditions, we are the only ones that know what is really happening in our minds, and sometimes that is okay. Perhaps this lady watches a lot of detective movies or reads a bunch of Agatha Christie books. Anyways, she did a great detective job. Firstly, looking up the guy she went on a date with. Secondly, saving her skin by asking a question she already knew the answer to. It was mortifying just in her head, nobody knew. So, hats off!

Playing it cool

More, More, Ouch!

Work parties are always welcomed if there are food, sweets, and/or drinks included. You get some food, a piece of cake, a cup of something to drink. On some occasions, like this one, just a piece of that cake wasn’t enough. Why settle for less if you can manage to sneak out some more? Wait, that was her problem; she couldn’t. So instead of silently enjoying her sweet in another room, she was diving in the frosting in front of her co-workers.

More, more, ouch!

Who Am I?

If that was his question: “Who am I?”, then the answer probably was: “The one that got fired”. Impressions are always humorous if you are good at them. Even so, keep your eyes open to ensure that the individual you are impersonating is not close. First and foremost, pay attention if you are playing your boss. Errands are never an exact thing. On that note, him running out for some task doesn’t mean you have the place to yourself.

Who am I?

Nobody Saw That

Work presentations always come with some pressure from your boss. You have to make sure you have all the information needed, and you can also describe it. However, offering too much information can be to your detriment. Particularly, the details this woman presented unwittingly. The message that popped up on her computer screen is way too much information for a daughter to read. Imagine the uncomfortable feeling when your co-workers and even your boss reads it too!

Nobody saw that

I Do?

Most weddings have funny parts, and they usually are caught on camera. The photographer captured one of these moments, but still surprised herself. It wasn’t the bride or the groom or the guests that made a fool out of themselves. If we are telling the truth, yes, it was the groom. A lost one. He “landed” on a totally different day to a completely non-identical place to an entirely wrong wedding. Curious if he was too excited or too afraid.

I do?

Wave To The Wave

Anytime you just trip, you feel ashamed and try to play it cool. But what if you fall and your whole body is on the ground while all eyes are on you? And how would you react if somebody just waved at you while you were still just lying there? Unquestionably, this grandma wasn’t really comfortable. It wasn’t enough that the waves kicked her down; her relative left her there. For sure, a wave won’t rescue her from the waves.

Wave to the wave

Wait For Me

Confusing one person for another happens way too often. I am sure, at one point in life, it has occurred to every single person. Getting embarrassed, even as a kid, shows how truly awkward the situation can be. The kid tried to catch up to their friend but realized just in time that it wasn’t him, so they went with the flow and ran past him, and kept calling the friends’ name. That is one way to handle the situation.

Wait for me

Key Diving

Laughing at other people has never worked out entirely. One way or another, it is going to come back around and bite you. The same thing happened here. One moment he was laughing at someone he thought had lost their keys in the water. The next, his jaw dropped, because he realized that they were his keys. Finding those keys would be great snorkeling practice. That is why he was here in the first place, right? He gave himself another motive to dive.

Key diving

Well-Deserved First Price

The moment you achieve something, big or small, you feel great about yourself. You regain your confidence; you are happy, and your face becomes bright. When it’s actually an unwanted scam, feelings are mixed. The girl who won the contest for much younger children dropped from being proud to being ashamed really quick. Winning first place, everybody was looking at her. I wonder where she kept her prize afterward?

Well-deserved first price

Great Memories

If you remember a moment so clearly after 30 years, it means it was a great one, doesn’t it? Giving such personal details to a stranger is no small thing to do. When asked if he has gas to pay, this guy misunderstood the whole question and made it about his body reactions. Pretty sure no outsider wants to know what is happening with your body. After this, he learned his lesson and probably asks to clarify any question.

Great memories

911, Please Help!

Moms put kids in a bunch of embarrassing situations. Then, sometimes they put themselves in one. Forgetting her daughter was at her house, a mom freaked out and called the cops on her. She even jumped the window and made the phone call from the neighbors. She couldn’t gather herself enough to realize what was actually happening. It wasn’t the most pleasant description and explanation to the cops. Calmly, her daughter forgave her.

911, please help!

Yours or New?

Shopping may seem an easy activity, but some can argue that statement. This kid right here struggled to tell the difference between the appearance of new shoes and already used ones. Instead of trying on a shoe from the store, she took someone else’s. The other person took off the item to try an article from the store. But this kid didn’t realize that, and ended up with a blush on her cheeks.

Yours or new?

Personalized Ringtone

There are times when we wind up testing our relationship with our boss. Some pass the test, others plainly get a straight answer… by having to find a new job. This guy’s phone felt it was the moment to know. Sometimes forgetting your phone can bring you more trouble than you think. Not being able to call someone is one thing. But calling out your boss, indirectly, is another. Make sure you know where you place your phone. Or just keep it on silent.

Personalized Ringtone

Finally, I’ve Met Him!

Children are like sponges. They suck up all the information around them and repeat all of the things they hear. Pay more attention to your words when you are around them. You might save yourself from a humiliating situation later. This dad had a pretty good surprise waiting for him. When his kid did finally met his boss, he named him just as his father usually does, and it wasn’t a pleasant revelation. You can’t even blame the kid.

Finally, I’ve met him!

Short Kidnapping

Driving strangers in your car has become normal with apps like Lyft and Uber. You can easily arrange a lift using your smartphone, but communication is essential. It was lacking in this situation because the lady did not check her messages and didn’t know that the person canceled. This is how she ended up confidently asking a stranger to drive her to a place that the person didn’t know, and certainly didn’t want to go to.

Short kidnapping


When you go to sleep, make it a habit to turn the TV off. You save on your electricity bill, and you don’t scare yourself. A few people had a real scare after waking up in the middle of the night when they thought a robber is trying to get into the house. Afraid of what was happening, they didn’t check and instantly called 911. Later learning that the burglar they heard was actually from a crime show on the television.


Cake Time

One of the most awkward circumstances you can get yourself in is a morbid one. It is not enough that you act or speak in the wrong way, but then you have to face a suffering human being. This person won’t make the same joke again after getting the worst scenario of it. What can you do next in situations like this? Just stay put, totally mortified, and try to find your words. They won’t come. You’ve done enough for now.

Cake time

Oh, Hey, Dad!

Swimming pool jokes are great. Pushing your family members or friends underwater, safely, is usually funny. Normally, we don’t push unknown persons, that is, until now. Pushing dad underwater seemed like a great idea, and it was, for a few seconds, until her actual dad swam past her. She had mistaken him for another bald guy. The image is quite unsettling when you think about it. I guess no more swimming pool jokes for her from now on.

Oh, hey, dad!