Giada De Laurentiis Pairs With Williams Sonoma For Pasta Products

Do you feel unprepared when putting together Italian meals? Pasta fans, prepare yourselves for a wave of new products from Giada De Laurentiis, one of the Food Network’s biggest stars, which will bring your Italian game to the top.


Giada De Laurentiis, star of Giada at Home, has teamed with Williams Sonoma to create a line of pasta, sauces, cooking utensils, and other related foods. Now, you can have the tools necessary to create an Italian culinary experience of your own with limited hassle.

She told Pop Sugar, “I think that the collaboration, although a small one, for now, has got some my favorite sauces and some of my favorite tools. I think that’ll make people be able to eat Italian food faster and better and help people be a little more creative in the kitchen.”

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While she cannot recommend the pasta and food products enough, Giada is most excited about the cooking tools. She continued, “I think most of the sauces and the rubs will be the hallmark of what we do, (but) I really am excited about the tools because they’re super stylish. They’re so easy to use, and I feel like it might help people get a little more confident in the kitchen when it comes to making pasta.”

In addition to their utility, Giada loves the utensils as kitchen decor. Even if you cannot find a use for the tools frequently, they will look nice on your countertop.


When asked about her favorite cooking tool, Giada immediately mentioned the cheese grater. She claims to use it for everything from chocolate to butter, vegetables, and, of course, cheeses. As for the food, Giada cannot get enough of the parmesan pomodoro sauce. Giada said that it includes “lots of parmesan rinds and lots of basil.” It sounds like the perfect addition to your next dinner.