10 BBQ Food Items You Need This Summer

The summer is truly upon us. So it’s time to get outside and open up the grill! Here is a list of the top 10 essentials that you’ll need to have the ultimate BBQ this summer.

Maldon Sea Salt

bbq 1

Unlike your usual table salt, Maldon Sea Salt is served in larger flakes. This means that it is perfect for sprinkling on your steaks. Chef Oscar Holgado highly recommends it. “You should always have sea salt,” he said.

Butcher’s Meat

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Most grocery stores sell good meat for decent prices. But nothing quite compares to a top class butcher when preparing for a BBQ. Butchers tend to have larger selections of meats and many have BBQ sections. All your favorite BBQ staples such as chicken wings and steak can usually be found.

BBQ 2.4 Box

bbq 3

A BBQ Box like this one is an ideal package for a family weekend. The best BBQ boxes come with the following: chicken wings, pork ribs, burgers and the piece-de-resistance, the bone-in rib steak. Also, expect a couple of chilli sauces to make things just a little bit tastier.

BBQ Fish Box

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BBQing fish isn’t universally loved. But for many, there’s nothing better than having a fish cook on the grill. This particular box has a fine assortment of fish and seafood. Four pieces of salmon, mackerel, plaice, some scallops as well as a box of shrimp will easily serve between six and eight people.

Wild Fennel Pollen from Calabria

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Also known as the Spice of Angels, fennel pollen is a condiment that many BBQ aficionados highly recommend. A worthy alternative to saffron, this particular spice packs a punch, with its honey-aniseed tinge. Although it works well on most meats, pork chops are its best suitor. 15g of this delight will be enough for the summer.

Salad Box

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A perfect foil for all this meat is a bunch of quality greens and salad boxes like this one are a perfect acquisition. Plenty of healthy ingredients can be found and carefully tailored to the season. Also, recipes and instructions are included in the box.

Steak Box

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A box of mouth-watering steaks is an absolute must for a typical BBQ. Typical features include 30-day aged sirloins, fillets, rib eyes and marrow bones. Also, expect to find some quality burgers included in the pack. These are certainly good value for a weekend with the folks.

BBQ Marinade Kit

bbq 8

Every BBQ expert needs a range of marinades for their fine selection of meat. And there are a variety of kits that are perfect for a summer where you’d like to experiment with different flavors. These kits typically include marinades, rubs and even a syringe to pump into the meat.

Bad Byron’s Butt Rub

bbq 9

If you want to enter a whole other dimension of tasty goodness at your BBQ, then look no further. Bad Byron’s Butt Rub is universally loved by the BBQ community. This is in no small part due to its blend of salts, spices, and sugars. A good combination of rubbing and heat will take your meat to the next level.

Le Gruyere Slices

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Behind every great burger, there’s a great slice of cheese. And if you’re going to coat your ground beef with some dairy goodness, go with Le Gruyere. Famous for its nutty flavor, this Swiss cheese is an absolute delight. With a slice of onion, a couple of pickles and some mustard and ketchup, you can’t go wrong.