5 Gadgets That Are Bound To Make Healthy Eating Much Easier

With the emphasis on healthy eating being stronger than ever, it can feel daunting to churn out healthy meals on a daily basis. However, if you have the right tools at your disposal, then you will be on your way to a healthy diet. Here are five gadgets that are bound to make it much easier to create healthy meals.

The Inspiralizer

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Dietitian Lindsay Livingston has a decent grasp on what it takes to have a healthy kitchen. One of the key kitchen gadgets she can’t live without is The Inspiralizer. This neat little device allows one to make spiral-shaped noddles out of virtually anything. However, we’d recommend using sweet potatoes.

Prepworks Dice & Slice Chopper

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Another registered dietitian that we wholeheartedly admire is Shannon Garcia. As a result, we trust her judgment when she recommends healthy eaters to use the Prepworks Dice and Slice Chopper. Ultimately, it’s the way to go if you want chopped vegetables in your diet. “It saves so much time and stores all the contents so you don’t have to use an additional cutting board,” she said.

All-Clad Oven Probe Thermometer

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Molly Morgan is another dietitian who we can’t get enough of. She recommends great gadgets such as the All-Clad Oven Probe Thermometer. If you are cooking something that is temperature sensitive, it is imperative that you have this nifty little device at your disposal.

Instant Pot

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Lindsay Livingston is a firm believer that if you have the Instant Pot in your life, then cooking in bulk, and healthily, is going to be extremely easy. This is one of those gadgets that can virtually cook anything, in virtually any way. In fact, you could prepare any meal of the day with it.

OXO Garlic Press

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One of the other gadgets that Molly Morgan never goes without is the OXO Garlic Press, which ensures that your hands will never stink after crushing garlic. “It makes using fresh garlic so easy,” she said.

35 Celebrity Children That Look Nothing Like Their Famous Parents

Brandon Thomas Lee

We have all heard of Pamela Anderson. Men adore her and women want to be her. But, many have not heard of her son: Brandon Thomas Lee. He has a few more tattoos than his mom. Even though they both share the same eye shape, Brandon’s are a lot lighter. With darker hair on his head than his mother’s blonde locks, it would be hard to place these two together. Their noses are even different, with Pamela having a more slender nose than Brandon’s wider one. Brandon has not taken to modeling like his mother either. Brandon has acted in movies like Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and Inherent Greed.

Pamela Anderson & Brandon Thomas Lee

Elliot De Niro

The great Robert De Niro has a son, and his name is Elliot De Niro. You would not have dreamed up a child as handsome as the one De Niro has. Robert, himself, is Caucasian, but his son his half African American. That explains his awesome fro. Another difference between the two is the colors of their eyes. Elliot has a grayish tint to his, while Robert rocks the blues. Even though they do not look much alike, they sure enjoy each other’s company. Elliot even has a knack for acting like his father. Even though Elliot is autistic, there is so much that the De Niro family has done to bring about awareness.

Robert De Niro & Elliot De Niro

Lily Atkinson

If you grew up around Mr. Bean, then you probably love the actor who played the title character, Rowan Atkinson. His humor has always been unparalleled. But, when it comes to looks, his daughter, Lily, bears little to no resemblance. For starters, Lily has lighter hair than her father. Lily rocks long brown hair, while her father has a darker brown, even black type of hair. The thickness of Lily’s hair is different from Rowan’s. Rowan’s hair is starting to recede as he ages. Lily’s nose is also a lot thinner than her father’s. Is she as funny as her father though? I guess we will never know, but she is certainly a much better singer, as she is pursuing a music career. Lily has also acted in Johnny English Reborn, as well as Tooth.

Rowan Atkinson & Lily Atkinson

Dakota Johnson

Not everyone would connect Melanie Griffith, who is best known for her roles in Body Double, Something Wild, and Working Girl, with the Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson. But, they are mother and daughter, which is unbelievable to many. They both have the proverbial blue eyes, but their hair type is different. Melanie has blonde hair, while Dakota rocks long brown hair. When it comes to noses, Melanie has a wider nose compared to Dakota’s. With fairer skin than her mother, Dakota doesn’t have as much of a tan as her mother. Currently, Dakota splits her time between acting and modeling.

Melanie Griffith & Dakota Johnson

Lourdes Leon

Madonna is one of the most successful musicians on planet Earth, no matter the decade. Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, is surprisingly related to her. When it comes to her appearance, Madonna is blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and fair-skinned. But, when it comes to Lourdes, she has a darker complexion. Lourdes also has black hair and brown eyes. This is quite the contrast between the two. Lourdes might not sing like her mother, but she loves to model at this point in time.

Madonna & Lourdes Leon

Paris Jackson

Before Michael Jackson passed, he had a daughter and her name is Paris. But, when you put their picture side by side, you will be surprised that there is any connection at all. As many know, Michael is African American, with black hair and brown eyes. This is quite a contrast to Paris. She is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman, that does not seem like she has any hint of African American skin tone at all. Paris, along with her other siblings, try to keep a positive attitude surrounding her late father, instead of getting weighed down by all the negative press. Currently, Paris spends her time modeling.

Michael Jackson & Paris Jackson

Samuel Joseph Mozes

Cynthia Nixon, who became a household name from the hit series Sex and the City, and her son, Samuel Joseph Mozes, could not look more different from one another. With Cynthia being more of the dirty blond, Samuel has more of the brown luscious locks. Their ears make Cynthia and Samuel look different as well. Samuel’s ears protrude outward more than his mothers. Even their faces are different, with Samuel having a wider face than his mama, Cynthia. Samuel came out as transgender, and his mother, Cynthia, has been in full support.

Cynthia Nixon & Samuel Joseph Mozes

Dylan Brosnan

007, in the form of Pierce Brosnan, was a staple on the big screen in the 1900s and 2000s. Of course, many will remember him in Mama Mia as well. But many don’t know that Pierce has a son named Dylan who looks like he is from another family. First, off is eye color. Dylan is a brown-eyed beauty, while his father is blue-eyed. Their hair is very different as well. Dylan has long, luscious dark brown hair. Pierce had light brown hair and now rocks the gray. Like his father, Dylan loves to act as well. He has been in movies like Iconic and Out of Reach.

Pierce Brosnan and Dylan Brosnan

Blue Ivy

When the famous musicians and entrepreneurs, Jay-Z and Beyonce were expecting, everyone was pumped to hear the name of the child. Then, when they had their girl, Blue Ivy, people were astounded that she did not look like Beyonce, but more like Jay-Z. Luckily, Beyonce and Jay-Z had twins. Here is to Rumi or Sir looking like Beyonce. We want Beyonce to be a happy mama. She probably was after Blue Ivy was credited in the song “Brown Skin Girl”.

Beyonce & Blue Ivy

Benjamin Brady

Whether you like to model or have an attraction towards models, you have heard of Gisele Bundchen. She may even be more famous than her counterpart, quarterback Tom Brady. The two had a son, by the name of Benjamin. But, he looks a lot more like his daddy. Some might say that Gisele and Tom look more alike than the mother-son combo. Maybe Gisele will have a look-alike daughter someday. Even though Benjamin is not interested in football right now, he might be later on.

Tom Brady & Benjamin Brady

Sparrow Madden

When Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were gracing the television stage together, no one knew what the future would hold. For Nicole Richie, adoptive child of Lionel Richie, she ended up having two kids with the lead vocalist for the pop-punk band Good Charlotte, Joel Madden. Their daughter, Harlow, looks exactly like Nicole. But, for Sparrow, he has nothing of Nicole in him. Sparrow looks exactly like his father. At least Nicole has Harlow, right? Maybe they can do a reality show together.

Nicole Richie & Sparrow Madden

Kingston Rossdale

Gwen Stefani is known for her musical prowess, as well as for being a judge on The Voice. But, she is also known for her son, Kingston Rossdale. His father, Gavin Rossdale, and himself are spitting images of each other. However, when it comes to Gwen and Kingston, they look not alike. Either way, Gwen and Kingston are still adorable with one another. You will likely see them kicking the soccer ball around together.

Gwen Stefani & Kingston Rossdale

Ireland Baldwin

Alec Baldwin, with the help of Kim Basinger, had a beautiful daughter, Ireland Baldwin. Now, Alec is getting up there in age. But, even if his hair was not gray, Ireland would not look like him. Ireland is a blonde-haired young woman, while Alex was black-haired at his peak. Also, because of her blonde hair, Ireland has a lot of fairer skin than her dad. Either way, they are cute together, even though they do not look alike. Ireland, currently, spends her time acting and modeling.

Alec Baldwin & Ireland Baldwin

Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono is the son of the great musical talent, Cher. As we know Cher to be, she is quite tall and thin. But, when it comes to her son, Chaz, there are a few differences. Chaz is a very tall and has a sturdy build. Chaz’s hair is also a little different from his mother’s. First, Chaz’s hair is more of a brown tone. Secondly, he has a little more wave to his hair than his mother’s stick-straight locks. Either way, Chaz is a music writer, just like his lovely mother.

Cher & Chaz Bono

Meadow Walker

Really? Meadow Walker is related to the deceased The Fast and the Furious actor Paul Walker. That is right! And they look nothing alike. Firstly, their hair is completely different. Paul had lighter hair than his daughter, whose hair is much darker. Secondly, Paul Walker was more of a toned and ripped individual. When it comes to his daughter, Meadow has a much smaller frame than her father. Even though her father passed away tragically, Meadow has continued to have a positive attitude in life and has stayed optimistic even without him.

Paul Walker & Meadow Walker

Khloe Kardashian

Of course, the Kardashian family is very famous, from their reality television show to various business endeavors. But it can be hard to tell who is related to who. Khloe Kardashian may not have been on television as much as her other siblings, but you can certainly see that she does not look like her mom. Khloe is more of a blonde than her mom, who is styling with black hair. Also, Khloe is a lot taller than her mom, Kris Jenner. Hopefully, Khloe’s life will calm down with all the Tristan Thompson drama, as the two have split.

Kris Jenner & Khloe Kardashian

Bryce Dallas Howard

Okay. Both Ron Howard and his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard share red hair, but that is about it. Everything else about them is very different. Ron Howard, best known for A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13, is more of the laid back personality, while his daughter is a vibrant on-stage beauty. Ron directs behind the scenes, and Bryce Dallas Howard stuns everyone on the big screen. There is no father-daughter duo more different on this list. And the daughter got the best looks of the bunch. Not only is Bryce a quality actress, but she is making films like her father, too.

Ron Howard & Bryce Dallas Howard

Toby Stephens

You may know Maggie Smith as the amazing Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter. Of course, many only think of Maggie in character, but she has a life herself. Her son, Toby Stephens looks quite different to her. For starters, Toby is a red-head. Maggie had darker locks than her son. Also, Toby has more of a vertically long face. On the other hand, Maggie has a rounded face. Right now, Toby spends his time acting. He has been in movies like Die Another Day and Space Cowboys.

Maggie Smith & Toby Stephens

Violet Affleck-Garner

When famous actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were together, they had a child. Violet Affleck-Garner is who they received. But, Violet looks a lot more like Jennifer than she does Ben. Sorry, Ben! Violet’s facial features are a spitting image of her moms. The only thing that Violet has similar to her dad is her father’s last name. Violet has followed in her parent’s footsteps with some acting, whether it was in VH1 or Kingdom of the Sun.

Ben Affleck & Violet Affleck-Garner

Haven Warren

Jessica Alba, known for her roles in Fantastic Four and Sin City, has always been a Hispanic bombshell. She was still this way after she had Haven with Cash Warren. However, the eight-year-old looks nothing like mom and nothing like dad. How weird! With Haven’s strawberry blonde hair, she stands out with her mom and dad. Haven is nothing like her older sister, Honor Marie, who looks a lot like mom. It might be crazy to say, but Haven might be the stunner of the family. Will she be a model, actress, or business owner like her mom? Only time will tell. Haven is just enjoying elementary school for now.

Jessica Alba & Haven Warren

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has been in the news a lot lately because of his and Meghan Markle’s departure from royalty. But, maybe there were some underlying themes for him compared to his family. With Harry’s brother looking a lot like his mother, Princess Diana, it is hard to find where Harry falls. However, the “Ginger Prince,” as he has been fondly referred to, does not look like either his mother or his father, Prince Charles. Maybe at this time, the young prince is sole searching for where he belongs. He lives with Meghan in Los Angeles, CA.

Princess Diana & Prince Harry

Max Bratman

The famed singer Christina Aguilera’s oldest son, Max, is definitely a cute kid. However, he looks nothing like his mama. When Christina and her ex-Jordan Bratman were together, they bore a son. But, he looks like neither parents. But, with that amazing long hair, and genuine smile, Max may be as charming as his mother. We hope he continues to grow up with all his handsome features. Max has paired up nicely with his mom in music videos and documentaries.

Christina Aguilera & Max Bratman

North West

Kim and Kanye have been a big a couple like Jay-Z and Beyonce over the years. As the two have stayed together, it has been fun to see their little girl, North, grow up before our very eyes. But, if you look little North in the eyes, you will see a lot more Kanye than Kim. Not that Kanye is not good-looking, but maybe Kim can get in on the action with their other kiddos. Because of her mixed-race background, North West is a sight to behold. Currently, North loves to dance on TikTok.

Kim Kardashian & North West

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts first popped onto the scene with the help of her auntie, the famous Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts. However, Emma has continued to impress on the big screen as well. In terms of looking like her parents, Emma looks like neither, especially not with her father, Eric Roberts. But, many would say that Emma looks like Aunt Julia. You be the judge in this scenario. Emma is best known for acting in Aquamarine and Nancy Drew.

Eric Roberts & Emma Roberts

Sistine Stallone

Not only does Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone have daughter Sistine, but he also has two other daughters, Scarlett and Sophia. But, as Sylvester’s daughters have grown up, the writing is on the wall that they look nothing like him. We do not think Sylvester is disappointed though. He has raised some pretty cool daughters including Sistine, who is pursuing modeling as her career. Sistine was also in 47 Meters Down: Uncaged.

Sylvester Stallone & Sistine Stallone

Luca Neymar

Neymar Jr. has been classified as one of the greatest soccer players on planet Earth. He may be one of the best fathers as well, but his boy does not look like him. Along with Carolina Nogueira Dantas, the two created Luca. Neymar Jr., with his dark hair and eyes, has a big contrast with his boy, Luca. Luca has blonde hair and blue eyes. Is that not crazy? Luca’s mother, Carolina Nogueira Dantas, definitely dominated the gene pool here. Maybe Luca will dominate the pitch like his father.

Neymar Jr. & Luca Neymar

Mason Kardashian

Since we have already talked about a few Kardashians to this point, it is important to talk about Kourtney Kardashian as well. With the help of Scott Disick, Kourtney bore a child that they named Mason. Mason certainly looks like Scott more than Kourtney though, even though they have done a paternity test to make sure. With his light brown hair, Mason could not hold onto his mother’s dark black hair. Mason, just like North West, enjoys TikTok a lot. Apparently too much because his parents made him delete the app recently.

Kourtney Kardashian & Mason Kardashian

Bria Murphy

Eddie Murphy may be known for his roles in Shrek and Beverly Hills Cop, but more and more, he is known for his beautiful daughters. Bria is the oldest daughter of Eddie’s nine children. Of course, she inherited her daddy’s glowing complexion. But, everything else, Bria got from her mother. However, over the years, Eddie was with a lot of women, so you will have to ask Bria who the mamma is. However, Bria is the most artistic of the bunch, doing painting and sculpture work.

Eddie Murphy & Bria Murphy

Eva Amurri

Susan Sarandon is truly the goddess of the cinema. With her statement red hair and brown eyes, men melt when they see her on the big screen. If you have seen Shall We Dance, you’ll never forget her amazing performance. Susan’s daughter, Eva Amurri, could not look more different. Eva is blonde, with a more slender nose than her mothers. Because of her hair color, Eva is not as fair-skinned as her mother. Eva splits her time between modeling and acting.

Susan Surandon & Eva Amurri

Blake Perlman

Ron Perlman became a household name after appearing in countless television shows and movies, but you would be hard-pressed to find anything similar to him and his daughter, Blake, besides the last name Perlman. To start, they have very different complexions. Ron is Caucasian, while his daughter is half African American. With Ron being a lot more stalky, Blake has much more of a slender figure. This makes Blake look tall and elegant wherever she roams. Blake is best known in her role in Archer.

Ron Perlman & Blake Perlman

Rumer Willis

Who can forget the great Bruce Willis? Well, he has another daughter with Demi Moore that many people would just write off altogether, her name is Rumer Willis. The first difference you will notice between the two is their hair colors. Bruce’s hair has a lighter brown texture, while his daughter has regal black hair. Additionally, Rumer rocks the wavy hairstyle. Her father, Bruce, has much straighter hair. Both have light-colored eyes, but Rumer’s piercing eyes have a hint of brown and green. Maybe you will see Rumer and Bruce in motion pictures down the road. Currently, Rumer has acted in Sorority Row, as well as Hostage.

Bruce Willis & Rumer Willis

Blanket Jackson

Blanket Jackson is the son of the undisputed “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. He is the youngest of Jackson’s three children. He was conceived by insemination through a surrogate mother, whose identity is being held secret. Although he is the youngest son of Michael Jackson, we can say that he doesn’t have any of his father’s features, being completely his opposite. Many people have suspicions about the parentage of the children because they don’t look alike.

Blanket Jackson

Dominik Garcia

Andy Garcia is an actor with an incredible career, acting in movies like The Godfather III and Ocean’s Eleven. In 1982, Garcia married his wife, Marivi Lorido, and they have four children together. Dominik Garcia has become a successful actress, but if we look closely, we can say that she inherited her mother’s looks. She is the most famous of Andys Garcia’s children because of her acting career. It is nice to see that she’s following in her dad’s steps.

Dominik Garcia

Milan Pique

Having two famous parents is a thing many children dream of. It is not just a dream in the case of Milan Pique, whose parents are Shakira and Gerard Pique. Pique plays soccer for Barcelona, while Shakira is a famous singer. Although they welcomed their second child, Sasha, who looks like them, Milan didn’t take any features from his parents. It looks like Milan is from another family.

Milan Pique

Anja Mazur

Allesandra Ambrosio is one of the most beautiful women on the planet and an extremely successful model. She was one of the Brazilian models who won a place as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, alongside Adriana Lima. In her early years, Anja didn’t look like Alessandra at all, but as time went by, she started resembling her mother. Alessandra Ambrosio embraces the fact that now she’s a mother and spends more time with her daughter.

Anja Mazur

Chet Hanks

Tom Hanks is a known actor all over the world, playing in movies such as Forest Gump, Splash, and many other roles. When it comes to his son Chet, he doesn’t look exactly like Tom. Chet is the son of Tom Hanks with Rita Wilson, who shares more facial similarities with his mom. They would have to tell someone that they are related, if someone asked them, not just good friends. Funny thing, right?

Chet Hanks

Weston Coppola Cage

Nicholas Cage is a famous actor who played numerous roles in movies such as National Treasure and Conair. Weston Coppola Cage, Nicholas Cage’s son, is an aspiring actor but he doesn’t look much like his father at all. Both he and his father have dark hair and blue eyes, but the likeness ends there. Weston differentiates himself through his clothing style from his father, maybe that’s his own mark. Perhaps he wants to stand out through his style, who knows?

Weston Coppola Cage

Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber is Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber’s daughter. Her face is everywhere, in magazines, on billboards across the cities, and clothing commercials. Kaia has a resemblance to her mother, but doesn’t look much like her father. We can say that Kaia looked like her mother when she was her age. Her father is a businessman and a model who made his fortune running bars and his own spirit company with George Clooney.

Kaia Gerber

Suri Cruise

Tom Cruise has a daughter named Suri with ex Katie Holmes. Suri resembles her mother, in aspects regarding her facial features and smile. It makes sense that Suri inherited her mother’s mannerisms and not her father’s as she lives on the other side of the country with Holmes and barely sees him. That being said, we hope Suri and her father reconnect and spend time together more often.

Suri Cruise

Zola Murphy

Eddie Murphy is a comedian/actor who is famous all over the world because of his charisma and natural smile. Although Eddie has a big family, he has nine children with different women, and Zola is a supermodel that stuns people with her beauty. We can say that she has almost nothing in common with her dad, but she still is Eddie Murphy’s daughter. Zola is breathtaking with incredibly dark features. She’s one of a kind, isn’t she?

Zola Murphy

Scarlet Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is a famous actor who starred in movies like Rambo and Rocky. He took his career into his own hands, being one of the most appreciated actors when it comes to action movies. Stallone has 3 beautiful daughters that don’t have a lot in common when it comes to their looks, especially Scarlett. She’s a model and an Instagram influencer.

Scarlet Stallone

Lucian Buscemi

Steve Buscemi is known for his work on Armageddon, Boardwalk Empire, and Reservoir Dogs. But, he should also take some credit for his son, Lucian. However, they do not look much alike. Lucian is more dark-haired and dark-eyed, while his father has blue eyes and lighter hair. Steve married Jo Andres in 1987, and has continued to stay married while raising their wonderful boy Lucian. The young man has been protected from the limelight over the years, and that is the way Steve Buscemi has liked it. However, as their boy has gotten older, Lucian has been seen more and more with mom and dad. You can also check out Lucian’s sound work in movies like Sal and 4:44 Last Day on Earth.

Steve Buscemi & Lucian Buscemi

Shiloh Pitt

The famous actor Brad Pitt has been voted one of the most attractive men year after year for the last couple of decades. Will the same be said for his child, Shiloh? Over the years, Brad has kept Shiloh out of the camera’s watch. But, Shiloh has been seen more and more recently. Still, when the two are together, people really cannot believe that they are related. It is crazy really to think that the two are even blood-related. Shiloh really loves to be with her father, and they seem to have gotten a lot closer lately.

Brad Pitt & Shiloh Pitt

Tallulah Willis

Tallulah Willis is the daughter of famous actors Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. But, you wouldn’t see the resemblance if they were standing next to each other on the sidewalk. Tallulah has much lighter eyes than her mother. Even though they have both worn their hair short, Tallulah likes to dye her hair often, so it is hard to see the mother and daughter connection. Of course, Demi is in the spotlight more than Tallulah, so you might think of Tallulah as a stranger to Demi Moore when paired in a room. Still, Tallulah is a personality all her own and needs to be identified here. You may even want to get to know her yourself. Still, Tallulah did follow in her mother’s and father’s footsteps in acting. Tallulah has been in movies like Bandits and The Whole Ten Yards.

Tallulah Willis

Eliot Sumner

The last child on the list is Eliot Sumner. Just looking at the name will not ring any bells for most people. But, if you are a fan of music, then you know who this is. Sting had a daughter, and that is where Eliot Sumner comes into the picture. Eliot is an amazing musician in her own right, and she also works out, which you can see from a lot of her pictures. Sure, she got the musical gene from her father, but not much else genetically. Eliot has long, lighter, wavy hair, unlike her father’s short, darker hair. You may see the two playing music together in Eliot’s band Blame Coco, who produced their first album in 2010.

Sting & Eliot Sumner