Missing Airplane Food? Now You Can Get It Delivered to Your Home

We’re just gonna go ahead and assume that most people are missing the thrill of going on vacation. We’re even missing the airport experience and the uncomfortable flight. Yes, that’s just how our topsy-turvy lives are making us feel at the moment. Right now, we would do anything to be hit by that wall of heat as we exit the airport doors, and we wish that we could be snacking on delicious airplane food as we sip a little drink on the way to our final destination. Did you know that you can actually get airplane food delivered to your home, though?

Dealing With Overstock

No flight would be complete without stocking up on some airplane snacks. Whether you’re the kind of person who loves the candy bars and the pretzels, or whether you’re the kind of person who prefers the cheese and the crackers, there’s always something for everyone. However, with fewer people flying because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, airlines are dealing with some serious snack overstock. Thankfully, a company by the name of Imperfect Foods has now taken these snacks under their own wings.

Sending Them Out

Imperfect Foods is a company that specializes in unwanted and overstock food items, and it’s fair to say that business is booming at the moment. As well as selling popcorn meant for movie theaters and pineapples meant for hotels, they are also dealing with the many airplane snacks that are in their hands. At the moment, they’re selling JetBlue cheese and snack trays, and these include cheese spread, dried cherries, and delicious crackers – and so far, they’ve sold over 40,000 of them. The best part? They can be delivered straight to your home without any fuss.

So, is it time to embrace the airplane snack world again? We’re gonna go ahead and answer that for you. Definitely.