American Must-Try Guilty Pleasures While Stuck at Home

The lockdown has most of us staying indoors for a yet unknown amount of time, which means we need to find ways to entertain our minds – and our stomachs. In a recent survey of 2,000 American adults in the states of Florida, Hawaii, New York, California, and Texas, people were asked to share the most unusual food combinations they enjoy.

So, what were their most bizarre guilty pleasures? Let’s see!

American Must-Try Guilty Pleasures While Stuck at Home

Discovering America’s Guilty (Food) Pleasures

Not surprisingly, the majority of odd food pairing ideas come from friends and family (41%). The second spot is taken from restaurants since their menus can often give strange suggestions that turn out to be surprisingly delicious. Of course, around 33% of experiments come from browsing through social media and online news. Word of mouth (32%) and celebrity ads (25%) are also a great source of ideas.

Top 10 Most Popular and Odd Food Combinations

American Must-Try Guilty Pleasures While Stuck at Home

These may sound odd at first, but so many people have vouched for them, that you simply must give them a try. Interestingly enough, however, the surveyed people said even though they love these guilty pleasures, they would freak out if the food pairs touch each other on a plate. They must be eaten together but from separate plates. Go figure!

  1. Fries and chocolate milkshake
  2. Fruit preserves with crackers and cheese
  3. Cottage cheese with fruit
  4. Peanut butter and apples
  5. Chocolate and popcorn
  6. Cheese and sauerkraut
  7. Apple pie and cheddar cheese
  8. Pickles and fries
  9. Ranch dressing and cold pizza
  10. Chocolate with sour cream and onion chips

Where Do These Cravings Come From?

Sometimes you start craving certain foods before you even know they exist. Many Americans form a craving after watching food videos or food entertainment programs. Ads that focus on specific foods also cause the same effect, as well as talking to friends about specific meals, looking at recipes, and being under stress. Yes, being under a lot of pressure can easily unlock cravings you didn’t know you had.