Calcium Does More Than Just Strengthen Your Bones

From a young age, you were probably told to drink plenty of milk to strengthen your bones. While doing that would definitely benefit your body, it’s hardly the only advantage of consuming milk and other products high in calcium. There’s actually a lot of good that can come from this mineral.

Calcium Does More Than Just Strengthen Your Bones

It regulates muscle contraction

If it weren’t for your muscles, you’d probably struggle to move anything. That’s why taking care of them is important. While lifting weights is ideal for increasing their strength, boosting your calcium intake can aid with contraction. This is what allows you to make various movements, and it’s also vital for keeping your heart pumping, so it’s not something you want to ignore.

It controls high blood pressure

Lowering high blood pressure is essential, and there are a number of ways you can do that. An easy tactic is to eat and drink more calcium-rich products, because the mineral is believed to help prevent or treat high blood pressure. That’s why it’s good for pregnant women to boost their calcium intake. It’s not just to help the baby, but also to lower the mother’s blood pressure.

It regulates blood clotting

If you’ve ever looked at a cut and wondered why it’s stopped bleeding, it’s because the blood clotted. This process is obviously essential because, without it, an injury could prove fatal. Calcium is one of the chemicals involved in clotting, so it makes sense that increasing your intake can help improve the efficiency of this process.

Calcium Does More Than Just Strengthen Your Bones

It could protect against cancer

A lot more research still needs to be done into calcium’s impact on cancer. However, research has suggested that those with a diet rich in this mineral are less likely to develop certain cancers like prostate and colon.

We already knew calcium was good for your body, but now we have even more assurance that drinking so much milk is worth it.

5 Homemade Sports & Energy Drink Recipes With Extra Benefits

When products are made for a niche market, the cost is almost certainly higher than it should be. This can easily be said about sports and energy drinks too, which not only cost a lot but are also not usually doing much good for people who use them.

People Can Make Their Own Sports and Energy Drinks

Preparing drinks that are beneficial for the body and give energy is not that difficult, and here are five recipes enthusiasts should definitely try making at home.

1. Energy Drink With Apple Cider Vinegar

Energy Drink With Apple Cider and Vinegar
5 Homemade Sports & Energy Drink Recipes With Extra Benefits

Both apple vinegar and cider vinegar have health benefits and are ideal for use in energy drinks.

Ingredients • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – one tablespoon • Maple Syrup – one tablespoon • Cold Water – 16 ounces

All the ingredients should just be mixed into a bottle.

2. Energy Booster With Yerba Mate

Energy Booster With Yerba Mate
5 Homemade Sports & Energy Drink Recipes With Extra Benefits

The leaves of this tea contain caffeine and other vital nutrients such as polyphenols, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Ingredients • Yerba Mate Tea – one bag • Green Tea – two bags • Sugar, Honey, Stevia, or Agave – 1½ tablespoon • Lemon Juice – two tablespoons • Boiling Water – one cup • Fresh Mint Leaves • Ice Cubes

The green tea and yerba mate bags are added in a heatproof container filled with hot water. When it steeps for five minutes, the bags should be squeezed. Then, the sweetener and lemon juice are added. The mixture is served with fresh mint.

3. Chocolate Muscle Milk

Chocolate Muscle Milk
5 Homemade Sports & Energy Drink Recipes With Extra Benefits

Low-fat chocolate milk can be used as a post-training energy drink.

Ingredients • Sugarless Chocolate Protein Powder – one scoop • Sugarless Cocoa Powder – two tablespoons • Sugarless Soy Milk – two cups • Stevia Drops – twelve to fifteen

The protein powder, cocoa, and soy milk are all blended for thirty seconds. Then, the drops of stevia are added and blended for a few seconds.

Coconut Water Is Excellent for Hydration

4. Revved-up Coconut Water

Revved-up Coconut Water
5 Homemade Sports & Energy Drink Recipes With Extra Benefits

Coconut water is potassium-rich and it helps with muscle cramps.

Ingredients • Cold Coconut Water – ten fluid ounces • Maple Syrup or Honey – one tablespoon • Unrefined Sea Salt – a pinch

The honey or maple syrup is mixed with the coconut water and some salt. The drink is ready.

5. Chia Booster

Chia Energy Booster Drink
5 Homemade Sports & Energy Drink Recipes With Extra Benefits

Chia seeds can be a great booster for workout endurance, especially half an hour before exercise.

Ingredients • Water – one cup • Chia Seeds – one tablespoon • Agave Nectar or Honey – two tablespoons • Fresh Lemon Juice – two tablespoons

The chia seeds are added to the water and left to soak for around fifteen minutes. Then, the honey or nectar is added with the lime juice and everything is whisked well.