Experiencing Carmel Market, One Of The Most Diverse Markets In The World

The Middle East is sprawling with markets, or Souks/Shuks. One of the finest examples can be found in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. If you are passing through this busy city, make sure to pay a visit to The Carmel Market.

Markets have been the bustling hubs of virtually every single civilization since the dawn of man. They are cradles of life and a place to turn to for the freshest produce. When it comes to the Carmel Market, this could be no truer.

A mile long, Carmel has been around for a long time, and continues to grow, with more stalls opening every week. At first, it was primarily a place for local produce. However, these days, it is riddled with fun, little eateries that provide fine insights into diverse, Israeli cuisine.

On a quiet day, Carmel is full of people. If there’s one time you’d like to have a quiet excursion down this bustling market, DON’T come on a Friday lunchtime, especially in the middle of the summer. For a start, Fridays are the day that locals are getting ready for Shabbat, the weekly Israeli Sabbath.

Secondly, Summer is prime time for tourism in Israel. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind the busy nature of Middle Eastern markets, then you should relish this particular opportunity.

If you’re looking for one of the staples of Israeli dining, hummus, the heart of the market has it. Hummus HaCarmel is definitely worth a visit. There are tons of stands that sell falafel, shawarma and other Israeli delicacies.

Other hip spots to eat at include HaShomer and Bar Ohel, providing a fun lunch experience and a plastic cup of beer, which you can enjoy while watching the thousands of people scurry through the tight corners.

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If you are looking for a calmer diversion away from Carmel, why not try out the Yemeni Quarter which is literally next door? This quiet, residential oasis is full of cool little eating areas providing the finest that Yemeni cuisine has to offer, such as jahnun and malawach.