Chef Marie-Cecile Nottaway Works Hard to Preserve Canada’s Identity

Chef Marie-Cecile Nottaway holding a big fish

Growing up alongside bears, moose, and the more than 4,000 lakes dotting the Parc de la Verendrye wildlife reserve in Quebec, Canada, Marie-Cecile Nottaway knew that she had to catch her food before she could cook it.

At barely eight years of age, she was already an experienced hunter who could set rabbit snares by herself. She says that she would put her snowshoes on in the morning and do her two-mile trek to set them up. The next day she would go over her tracks again to bring back a couple of rabbits.

A rabbit in the snow

Catch Prey for The Entire Family to Eat

Marie-Cecile knew how to clean her catch too. As she bravely carved into the animal, she chose to whom in her family she would bequeath the head of the rabbit. It was considered a delicacy. She would give it to a relative who was nice to her, and after she cut up the meat, she would watch her grandmother cook it into a rabbit stew on the open fire behind her shack. While the meat was on the fire, she would add potatoes and then mix some batter for dumplings. She recalls that the meal had to be big enough to feed her entire family. One of Marie-Cecile’s favorite moments is the sugar-bushing season. After her grandmother had made enough toffee for a year, she would thank the trees for nourishing her family and she would tell the kids to do the same.

Chef Marie-Cecile Nottaway out in the snow

Marie-Cecile Nottaway Is Now a Renowned Chef

Shadowing her grandmother, Marie-Cecile Nottaway started cooking early; however, she never thought she would be an award-winning chef. Now that she is a grown-up woman, she holds five prizes, including the Young Entrepreneurs Award of Quebec and the Ottawa Rising Stars Award, while staying true to her roots. For Marie-Cecile, cooking and eating traditional Algonquin food is a way of remembering and preserving her culture and history.

You Can Now Buy Pickle-Flavored Doritos in America

When global companies bring their products to market, you might think that everyone around the world gets the exact same thing. In the case of Doritos, customers who love the pickle flavor have had to go to Canada to get their hands on them. You no longer need your passport to get pickle-flavored Doritos as they are finally coming to America.

You Can Now Buy Pickle-Flavored Doritos in America

Canada’s Snack

For the longest time, pickle-flavored Doritos were a Canadian snack, but that’s not the case anymore. A slightly different version of the popular chips has been spotted in a Dollar General store, with the social media account @theimpulsivebuy sharing a photo. It looks as though the flavor will be something a little different from the ‘Intense Pickle’ that customers in other parts of the world are used to. This United States version has been called ‘Tangy Pickle,’ with the ‘I’ in ‘pickle’ being replaced by a lightning bolt.

You Can Now Buy Pickle-Flavored Doritos in America

Imagining the Possibilities

Followers of the social media account quickly began to imagine what a world with tangy pickle-flavored Doritos would be like. One person was looking forward to the ‘Tangy Pickle’ Doritos taco, a message they typed while they were enjoying a Taco Bell. At the moment, it seems only Dollar Generals and a select choice of stores are stocking the new pickle Doritos.

It might take some time for the pickle-flavored Dorito to make its way to a store near you, but it will be worth the wait. Chip fans were disappointed it took Frito-Lay so long to bring the pickle Doritos to the United States, but now is the time to celebrate the delicacy’s arrival.

So there we have it, you can now enjoy covering your fingers in pickle-flavored Dorito dust in the United States. Finally, Frito-Lay has seen the light and brought this popular snack to American shores.