The First Official Trailer for the Wolfgang Puck Documentary Is Here

While many people from the world of cooking were called a legend in the past, it’s important to remember that Wolfgang Puck was the first to be elevated to that status. Puck’s name is mentioned in the same breath as Jacques Pépin, Julia Child, and the few other chefs who really changed the way people thought of food.

Wolfgang Puck Was One of the Original Iron Chefs

Wolfgang Puck holding raw steaks When the original Iron Chefs made its debut in America, Wolfgang Puck was among the main stars. Since then, he has been awarded multiple Michelin Stars and a James Beard Award. Today, his California restaurant in Beverly Hills, called Spago, is one of the most famous places in the world. It could be said that Puck is the original celebrity chef, and his way of handling things has become the goal for every other chef who aspires to be a celebrity. Contestants on Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, and Chopped all try to be like him because not only did he do it first, but he also did it the best.

The Documentary for Wolfgang Puck Will Be Airing On Disney Plus

With the new documentary for Wolfgang Puck, everyone will be able to see exactly how the great chef got where he is now. The show will be arriving on Disney Plus on June 25 and will follow the chef’s rise from an apprentice in Austria to his arrival in America and the rise of Spago. It will also follow the development of the cooking industry and Puck’s role in it, as well as the way he became the first real celebrity chef and changed the game for everyone.

Wolfgang Puck during a show.

Wolfgang will be directed by David Gelb and produced by the same people who made Chef’s Table. It will look behind the curtain to reveal the story of the most influential chef and how he set the standard for the rest. One thing is certain — the new documentary will be a must-watch for everyone who considers themselves a foodie.