Great Foods For Diabetics This Winter

Dealing with diabetes can be a serious challenge to everyday life if you’re not fully prepared for an emergency. Even if you do always carry insulin or sugary foods around, depending on the type of diabetes you suffer from, the winter times can be especially difficult. When the cold weather hits, we’re more likely to recline or get cozy, which means we don’t pump enough oxygen around our body and we tend to snack on comfort foods – which can be particularly bad for your health if you’re not careful about what you’re snacking on as a diabetic.

So to help you through the winter time blues, here are three foods you should definitely include in your diet if you’re feeling hungry but want to keep healthy this season.


Spinach is a fantastic source of dietary fiber and contains 2.8 grams of fiber (or 10% of your daily value) per 100g serving. This is really helpful if you’re diabetic as it helps to slow the digestive process, ultimately allowing your body to break down sugar more slowly. This reduces your chances of sugar spikes and allows for more effective insulin uptake during the digestive process.

Great Foods For Diabetics


Carrots are incredibly beneficial when it comes to dealing with diabetes. Carrots help you deal with diabetes in two ways. The first is the high fiber count in carrots which, like spinach, helps your body extract more nutrients and natural sugars from the food you’re eating without affecting your overall sugar levels. The same applies to small amounts of natural sugars contained in carrots that allow you to keep your energy levels up, without posing a risk to your insulin levels.

Great Foods For Diabetics


Cinnamon is well-known as an awesome winter time antioxidant and can help to flush out toxins and bad bacteria from your body. One of the benefits of adding cinnamon to your diet is that it can be included in savory or sweet dishes and even makes a great addition to warm beverages. By flushing out antioxidants from your system on a regular basis, you can alleviate most of the oxidative stress that often occurs when dealing with diabetes on a regular basis.

Great Foods For Diabetics