Hilarious Photos Proving What Happens In Vegas Should Stay There

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. For the unlucky individuals on our list, their hilarious and sometimes unfortunate moments of debauchery have been captured for the whole world to laugh at for years to come.

Tiring Game

This is what happens when you forget to nap before a big night of gambling. The trip to Sin City can sometimes leave visitors feeling jet-lagged and exhausted. This Vegas-goer should have cut her losses and gotten some shut-eye before gambling away all her money.

Careful, It’s HOT

With a name like the Heart Attack Grill, it’s no surprise why this Vegas specialty restaurant has its visitors requesting someone to call the doctor. This over-the-top burger joint has gone all out with their hospital theme, with waitresses dressed as nurses who take “prescriptions,” AKA orders, from “patients,” AKA customers who are required to wear mandatory hospital gowns and wrist bracelets. The Heart Attack Grill has a fitting slogan, as well, which claims they have been “fighting anorexia since 2010.”

Permanent Reminder

This may just be the first tattoo in the history of Las Vegas that actually stayed in Vegas. This woman wanted something that would remind her of her BFF’s bachelorette party in Sin City, but wasn’t ready to commit to an actual tattoo. So, she did the next best thing and had a friend write “I love Vegas” on her back with a marker as a trial run before getting a permanent tat. We’re pretty sure she didn’t follow through with the real version.

Lucky Charm

These girls where definitely ready to let the dogs out with Zach Galifianakis, AKA Alan, from The Hangover. Arguably the funniest of the four main characters from the 2009 blockbuster, Galifianakis really buys into all of his roles and is rarely out of character. That’s probably why these girls stumbled across Galifinakis wandering the streets of Vegas by himself without his wolfpack. The bearded bachelor crashed their Vegas party, making for one hilarious photo and one memorable (or not) evening.

Love Hurts

Whoever says that only single people know how to have fun in Vegas clearly hasn’t met this adorable couple. These lovebirds decided to hit the town decked out with matching hilariously descriptive pillowcases on their heads, proving that Vegas can also be a romantic destination for lovers. Maybe they lost some kind of bet, or maybe they are simply immune to embarrassment. In either case, their server certainly got a kick out of their interesting hats, as did we.

Brolove Captured

One thing lead to another and these bros ended up getting a little too close for comfort on their trip to Sin City. While plenty of guys set out on trips to Vegas looking for a rebound after a recent breakup, rarely do these gentlemen find comfort and solace in the arms of their fellow bros. But after all, it’s really none of out business who these guys want to spoon. We just hope the pain of the breakup has subsided.

Jackpot Joke

This gentleman let his anger get the best of his as he faced off against this slot machine. It’s easy to understand his frustration. Day in and day out countless unsuspecting victims fall to the ruthless slot machines, clinging to the hope of one day winning big with just one magic lever pull. These unlucky individuals end up cutting their losses, leaving the casino with their tails between their legs, and accepting that they just wasted their entire life’s savings.

It’s A Sign

We’re almost positive that this taxi driver immediately regretted his decision to leave this sign in his taxi. There is no doubt that the average Vegas-goer has absolutely no problem doing any of the listed elicit activities in the back seat of a cab. While it’s certainly a nice gesture to let his passengers know that they have permission to smoke, drink, laugh, yell, sing, scream, run, jump, and commit other lewd acts, we have a feeling they would have gone ahead and done these activities regardless.

Gambling Away His Freedom

It’s not every day you face off against an urban legend on the blackjack table. It turns out that Sasquatch is actually a rather frequent visitor to Las Vegas and an avid gambler. Just be sure not to count cards on his table as this angers the beast. His poker skills are unprecedented and even though he doesn’t get out as much as he used to, whenever he visits Vegas, he always returns to the forest with heavy pockets and high spirits.

A Drinking Problem

This liquor store is winning the billboard game, hands down. Their brutal honestly appeals to just about everyone who find themselves in the casinos and clubs of Las Vegas. After all, most people who visit Sin City doing so for some form of therapy, whether it’s healthy or not. Considering how much money is lost on a regular basis in Vegas as well, this sign appeals to the Las Vegas therapy-seekers who are also looking to save a few bucks.

Trash The Dress

Excitement got the best of this recently-wedded bride. She was so excited, in fact, that she couldn’t even wait to change out of her wedding dress and showed up to the casino, vail and all, to try and win some money for the honeymoon. Rumor has it that she was so jacked up at the prospect of winning big at the slot machines that didn’t even stick around the chapel to get some photos with family and friends following the ceremony.

Home Is Where The Slot Is

This guy means business. He takes his Las Vegas trips so seriously that he pays the casino extra to ensure that he’s the first person to show up to the casino in the morning and the last one to leave at night. Some may call his efforts ridiculous and over-the-top. But those are the same exact people who will be asking him for his secret after he gambles his way to six figures and a brand new mansion in Beverly Hills.

Interesting Choice

Las Vegas is known for being an extremely accepting city where visitors can feel free to be who they are and wear what they want. This guy decided to utilize his new-found freedom to wear a nice scarf, along with a balloon hat in the shape of an exotic dancer. While we are unsure if this head-dress would be acceptable to wear on his flight back home, he seems to be enjoying wearing it while in Vegas and his girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind.

Red Light

You never really know what you’re going to encounter when taking a walk down the street in Las Vegas, and this red-head got the shock of her life when she got more than she bargained for. Upon approaching this adorable little monkey, this lady never expected the money to take an interest in her best assets. Science has proven that humans evolved from monkeys and the resemblance between man and monkey is actually much closer than you would think.

Dedication Is Key

Watching the antics of wild bachelor and bachelorette parties is all too common in the adult playground of Las Vegas. While many people are bored of seeing the same drunken behavior and roll their eyes at the groups, others take it in their stride, and that is exactly what this man chose to do. He went and found the skimpiest, most revealing dress and teamed it with a bachelorette sash, and a fan with “tips” written across it. To each their own.

It Felt Like A Dream

More often than not, people leave Las Vegas having been defeated by everything that the party city has to offer. These guys took the term “go hard or go home” a little too literally and they simply couldn’t hack a weekend in Vegas. Whether they had 10 too many tequila shots, or stayed up all night raging at the Vegas clubs, a lot of shut-eye was needed. It’s safe to say these guys didn’t go home with their heads held high.

Don’t Drink And Tat

Whatever possesses drunk people to get tattoos we will never understand. Realistically, it will never go well, and you’re not going to go home and show off your tattoo to your friends and family. This guy clearly couldn’t get Bon Jovi’s song “It’s My Life” out of his head, and wanted to get it etched on himself for life. However, after a couple of drinks, words become mixed and spelling goes out the window, so he ended up with essentially gibberish on his arm.

Cannot Resist

Anyone that goes to Vegas and doesn’t gamble has some serious self control. The vast majority of people that go get drawn to the slot machines and even a small win can spur them on play the game all night long. This man succumbed to the addictive nature of the slot machines and after staying up all night long playing, ended up crashing in his chair. With all the girls parties, it was a given they were going to pose with the snoozing man.

No Judgement

This might be the most degrading yet hilarious advertisement we’ve ever seen. We’d like to know how this idea came to fruition and whose plan it was as it was certainly a risky one. While a lot of men would find the idea funny, others may not have got into the light-hearted, Vegas spirit so much and written a strongly-worded complaint about all of this. It is no surprise that this Vegas bathroom is now famous having gone viral on the Internet.

Bubble Burst/post_page_title]

When walking around the Las Vegas strip, it is all too common to come across different characters and Disney stars trying to make a living of visitor tips. Although they come across as funny and friendly, the hustling life can be hard for some and many resort to hitting the bars after a long day walking up and down the strip in a boiling costume. However, Minnie Mouse took it too far and we just hope little kids didn’t have their innocence taken away after seeing this.

[post_page_title]Forgive And Forget

The old saying what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas might be true, but it doesn’t mean that your actions aren’t being judged by the big guy upstairs. What better way for a Church to attract more people than to claim “what happens in Vegas is forgiven here!” Clearly, Pastor Allen F. Harrod is a very forgiving person and understands that people might lose themselves when they hit the adult playground for a weekend. Sinning is bad, but there is always forgiveness.

For Better Or Worse

Aside from the partying, drinking, shows and gambling, Vegas is well-known for it’s Little White Chapel. There are so many stories of people getting drunk in Vegas and getting married to someone they met in a club five minutes prior, and the activity is so common that even Britney Spears couldn’t say no. However, this man bride wasn’t another newlywed, he was just trying to get tips while strolling around the strip and making people laugh.

Sleep Tight

When you have had a little too much to drink, your clear thinking is all over the place and for this woman, she couldn’t decide whether she needed to go to the bathroom, or needed to go to sleep. Eventually, her fatigue took over and she ended up passing out on the bathroom floor. While it was definitely not the most hygienic of places to take a snooze, it was better than passing out in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.

Better Safe Than Sorry

With alcohol and partying comes beer goggles and poor choices. For many people, they don’t even know the name of the person that they are taking back to their hotel suite in Vegas, let alone their medical history. This healthcare organization took the liberty of reminding revelers that not everything stays in Las Vegas and that they should probably get checked before and after going. It’s better to be safe than sorry, don’t let Vegas get the better of you!

Court Knee

Whether you’re a resident or a traveler, the temptation of Las Vegas can get the better of anyone, including this Starbucks employee. After going way too hard at the club the night before, this employee rocked up to work very late with a raging hangover, albeit still slightly drunk. When it came to making coffee first thing in the morning, it proved too much of a challenge, and writing names correctly was even harder. This might be the best spelling of Courtney that we’ve seen.

I’m Going To Level With You

From late 2010 to 2011, planking was the biggest craze around. People took the fad very seriously and began coming up with crazy and dangerous places to plank, all for a post that would generate thousands of likes on social media. This lady was not going to let her age be a factor in holding her back from planking and what better place to let yourself go than Vegas? Grandma planking on a slot machine would go down as one of the greatest family photos.

‘Till Annulment Do Us Part

Marriage is an ideal that many strive towards at some stage in their lives. However, there are also those who want to avoid all the tedious preparations that go into a big wedding and get the nuptials out of the way nice and quickly. There is something romantic about driving off into the sunset with the one you love and eloping together. Las Vegas is the perfect place to do this, as it has numerous chapels for couples who want to get married on the fly.

Super Vegas

Due to not being light years away from Hollywood, it should come as no surprise that every once in a while, you will find some of your favorite movie characters parading the Vegas strip. You may even find some superheroes sitting in a fast food joint, having a burger. Take this group of friends, for example. In the comic books, you wouldn’t normally expect Batman to be on good terms with arch-nemeses such as Bane and The Joker.

Mushroom Kingdom, Nevada

There is no denying the impact that the Super Mario Brothers have had on pop culture. The two Italian plumbers are arguably the most iconic characters in the history of video games. They are known for getting into all sorts of adventures as they try to save Peach from the claws of the evil Bowser. It seems like the pair went on their own bachelor party in Vegas, but just couldn’t handle it. They had fewer stars and mushrooms and more bottles of Malibu…

One Night Stand

Sometimes, people just get a little too creative with their Halloween costumes. If there is ever a place on the planet where Halloween could be a particularly special occasion, it has to be Las Vegas. On any given day of the year, you’ll see people parading the Strip wearing all sorts of outrageous costumes. So when this guy went with his friends for a Hallow’s Eve bachelor party, he decided to take things to the next level with this One Night Stand costume.

It’s A Zoo Out There

Not only are the humans in Vegas dressing up at every possible occasion, but they are also giving their pets wacky transformations! Ever seen the show Pimp my Ride? Well, it looks like MTV has just got another goldmine on their hands with a show called Pimp my Pet! This cute little tabby doesn’t seem to look too phased by the little makeover it received. All it wants to do is make money for its owner so it can have some more milk!

Vegas Flare

People aren’t just wearing crazy costumes when they go to Vegas, but they are also sporting some of the most bizarre hairstyles on the planet. Whatever you might think about this guys mohawk, you can’t deny that its an impressive piece of work. One side of the do has the classic sign that says “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” while the other has the classic star-spangled banner. We can only imagine this guy getting cheers whenever he walks into the room.

Bridging The Gap

You always hear in the news stories about people who have had prophetic revelations or interactions with holy figures. Some have claimed that they have seen the Virgin Mary on their toast, while others have claimed to have died for 10 seconds, meeting God on the way. However, who is going to argue with this old lady? With years of experience under her belt, why would we question her when she put on a baker’s hat and wrote on it “I went to the Prom with Jesus?”

Dream Come True

Every woman dreams of that glorious day when her man takes her to a romantic location, gets down on one knee and pops the question. You get to a stage when you know that he will propose to you at some point. It is simply a case of, “how will he do it?” So when this young lady was introduced to Britney Spears and asked for her hand in marriage by her boyfriend at the same time, she wasn’t sure what to be more excited about!

Food Flunk

What does true friendship mean? Is it someone who will listen to you no matter how trivial or important it might be? Is it someone who will always answer the phone even if it is at three in the morning? Or is it someone who will rest your head on a pizza box as a pillow and buy a box of hot dogs and put it by your side in your drunkest hour? We think we have a clear answer.

Play The Part

Like we previously said, Las Vegas is the center of audacious costumes. That’s not all though. The city that Elvis used to sing about is, without a shadow of a doubt, the gambling capital of the world. The words casino and Las Vegas go hand in hand so well that you can’t really have one without the other. This lady knew that all too well. So she knew exactly what the tourists would love when she dressed up in this awesome costume.

Slippery Hands

When Timofey Mozgov helped the Cleveland Cavaliers win a huge game, he couldn’t help but take to the clubs of Las Vegas, specifically, the famous nightclub XL. The basketball player was happy to party with random party people and take selfies with them. Here’s a perfect example, where he took one of the young ladies’ phones and had the group selfie with a towel on his head. Apparently, though, he dropped the phone just moments after he took the photo.

Not Impressed

There are many companies who like to take their employees to Vegas every once in a while. It’s a little treat that is meant to show the workers that their company appreciates the hard work they put in over the year. It’s always a fun occasion though because it means that everyone in the company goes on this hedonistic trip. You could be in an entry-level position and be having a dance with your CEO! What a hoot!

Ugly Ducklings

Maybe one of the most iconic locations on the planet to take a selfie at is the classic welcome sign that reads “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.” The sign has been seen in numerous movies and shows and is such an ideal spot to take a photo for your Instagram account. If you truly want to capture the essence of the Vegas experience, make sure to be extremely drunk with your friends before you take that selfie.

Grab The Bull By The Horns

Part of the fun in riding mechanical bulls is that you will almost certainly fall off. Of course, it’s certainly ironic that the more beverages you consume, the more likely you are to want to try the bull, but it then becomes even more difficult to keep your grip strong. This girl may look like she’s taken a nasty spill, but with her hand still grasping the saddle, it’s clear she was trying to keep it up.

Burst His Bubble

Vegas is a great place to celebrate your birthday, especially your 21st. This guy had been planning a wild birthday weekend with his birthday for months, but once they were in the midst of their festivities, their ideas began to go downhill. Luckily for the guys, they pooled their money to book this crazy suite with a killer bathroom, but by the next morning, the only thing he could remember was that he had this bubbly picture on his phone.

Pole Party

You may have thought that an office trip to Vegas would be the best way to blow off some steam, but once you see this picture, you realize just how wrong that can go. Most of these party bus patrons seem to be having a good time, though they’re clearly not sure how to handle the guy from the third floor who started pole dancing. Monday meetings with the marketing team will certainly never be the same again.

Characters Capital Vegas

When you’ve only grown up with stories about the wildness of Vegas, it can be quite a shock to discover that it’s even more outrageous than the legends. This man finally bit the bullet and decided to live out his childhood dream, only to discover that it was far crazier than he ever thought it would be. Though he was wary of the man covered in pink feathers from head to toe, he decided he’d be bold for the second time in his life.

Cupid’s Cabin

With decor from the Vegas of old, unscrupulous couples who meet on the darkened dance floor of a Vegas club can easily book this room if they’d like to spend a romantic night away from their respective roommates. With a design taken from a Valentine’s Day horror movie, you too can elope downstairs before consummating your brand new marriage while multiple cupids watch over you. If you’ve ever wanted to do something you’ll regret for years to come while you’re in Vegas, hurry, and book now.

A Dare Is A Dare

When the planking craze hit America, Vegas was one of the most popular places to give it a go. People were seen so constantly throughout the streets, lying flat in an unexpected place that eventually, onlookers didn’t even bat an eye. This guy missed the craze by just a bit, but he was so hungry, that it seemed like a great idea to plank in a fast food restaurant while he waited for his order.

Hair Of The Dog

The opulence of the hotels on the Vegas strip are nearly unparalleled. Emulating many famous sites from around the world, you can dine at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or take a gondola ride through the grounds of the Venetian hotel. Though most boats are staffed by gondola men, attired in the same uniform as they are in Venice, Pawlo is available for gondola rides upon request. You may have thought coffee was the antidote to a hangover, but really, it’s Pawlo.

Liar Liar, Pants On Fire

If there’s one place where no one will believe that you had a dryer mishap, it’s definitely in Vegas. For all of her protestations that she didn’t sort her laundry very well, it’s hard to believe when there are so many places to go where you might get smacked in the back with a pair of panties. The barista taking her order may not even notice, but the tourists on line behind her most certainly did.

Drop It Like It’s Cold

Unlike the rest of America, Vegas is such a free-wheeling kind of town that it’s one of the few places you can walk around with a drink in hand. That doesn’t mean there aren’t rules to be followed, and hotel security always has their work cut out for them. Oftentimes, however, they find that those who need to be corralled are too far gone to heed their instructions, much like this guy, who no longer knew the difference between ‘drop’ and ‘drink.’

Fear Works Wonders

While the adage “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” may have been true once upon a time, with the rise of social media, you better believe your wife will figure out just what kind of unholy shenanigans you were getting up to on your “business trip.” This man hadn’t even been home two hours when he stepped out of the shower, attempting to wash away his sins, only to discover it was too late, his wife knew everything.

Feeling Blue

With Vegas as glitzy of a city as it is, it’s not surprising that you’ll find people trying to blend in with their surroundings, whether they’re on the street, at a concert, or are genuinely forced to wear a ridiculous costume for their performance job. This music fan was super excited to see her favorite artist come to town and wanted to dress to impress. She pulled out her favorite sequin dress and all of its matching accessories, before going and dancing the night away.

Going Green Is Not Always A Good Decision

Vegas might be closer to Utah than to Colorado, but clearly, too many patrons take the ethos of partying hard a little too far. This hotel, in particular, began getting complaints from vacationing about a weird smell permeating their halls on too frequent of a basis. While it may be harder to crack down on all illegal substances, they can easily tell patrons not to engage in any activities that involve a lingering, unpleasant smell.