Be In The Know With This Live Instagram Food Map of NYC

With bars that close after you sleep, coffee shops that open before you rise, and 24-hour restaurants between, New York is constantly alive and buzzing. But sometimes we just want to know where to eat and when to eat it. Consumer insights firm Crimson Hexagon wanted to zone in on this and created ‘Bites of the Big Apple.’

By using associated hashtags on Instagram, the makers were able to identify popular food and drink places around New York. By pressing play and pause, it allows users to watch a 24-hour day of dining in the city that never sleeps. “From sushi in Manhattan to burgers in Brooklyn, explore what people are eating and drinking around the clock, and where they’re having it,” Crimson Hexagon explains. “This is the first interactive content piece of this type, and we picked New York because it is a city with such a rich and varied food history and culture,” explained Crimson Hexagon’s CMO Lou Jordano.

Using information from five boroughs throughout the week of 6th-12th May 2018, people are able to hone in on the place of their choice. The day will then unfold. A range of 20 icons will pop up all over the map corresponding to Instagram hashtags as they were used in real time during that week. Whether you want beer, coffee, burgers or salad, you are able to filter the icons to the cuisine of your choice.

You can also click on the icons to reach the associated Instagram post – there is nothing better than checking out a food upload.

Despite the excitement, it seems the results portray more about what people have posted on Instagram only, rather than what they are actually eating. However, the foods on Instagram tend to be the more exciting, camera-friendly foods from spots which people want to check out.

It has acted as a useful way for people to find a new place to eat or drink. So if you find yourself walking the streets of New York and hungry, you know where to go!