This Model Turned Baker Is Making The Most Beautiful Crystal Treats

It is no secret that crystals have become quite the trend among celebrities, from Adele performing with one in her pocket to Kim Kardashian designing her fragrances based on their form.

With the belief that crystals can do wonders for your surroundings, it is no surprise that many, celebrities and the public alike, are taking a keen interest in them. However, while we’re used to seeing them on house cabinets, yoga studio floors, or even in our water, they’re now appearing in our kitchens!


Model turned baker, Kristel van Valkenhoef, the same lady behind the Botanic Bakery, has started to bring crystals to our homes in the very sweetest of forms. Quite literally, these crystal-like confections are edible sweets that have a strikingly similar resemblance to the real thing.

Now based in New York City, Van Valkenhoef is originally from Holland and says that her childhood around nature inspired her crystal creations. Mixed together with her love for fashion, and her career in modeling, she combines her two loves to create complex, but complementary, flavor pairings. With Vogue as her witness, her crystal-like slices taste as good as they look.


When not traveling for modeling commitments, van Valkenhoef is cooking up a storm with her sugary creations at Brooklyn Floral Delight studio in the East Village. “The owner, Jiahn Kang, makes the most beautiful buttercream cactus and floral creations that perfectly complement my work,” says van Valkenhoef. “It’s a great place to connect, to share my passions and my creations.”

Based on her own Instagram pictures, these are sure to catch anyone’s eye, nevermind tricks them into believing they are truly crystals. As van Valkenhoef says, “Each agate slice is a little work of art,” and this is a sweet treat that will certainly provide healing qualities.