No Oven, No Stress Desserts Bound To Sweeten Your Summer

When it is too hot to function, and the only electrical appliance you turn on in the house is the air conditioner, you may find yourself in a sticky situation trying to whip up something tasty that does not require too much fuss.

These no-brainer desserts are so easy and quick to make, you will quickly find yourself inviting friends over just to flaunt your culinary skills – we promise not to spill how simple to make these mouth-watering treats are if you do!

Banana Pudding Parfaits

It may sound like a stuffy dessert that would require hours of preparing and at least two sous-chefs ready to hand you kitchen equipment you have not even heard of, but this old-fashioned Southern sweet is one for the books. The best thing about it is that you can go wild and top the pudding with just about anything you want – meringue, cookie crumbles, whipped cream – just take your pick.


Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Fro-yo is the ultimate dessert desirable by those who are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth while not splurging too much on the calorie intake. A more healthy choice for those who find themselves craving ice cream, the fun fruity flavor is bound to have people of all ages beaming with joy.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Icebox Cake

Just by the name of it, you can tell this dessert has it all. It may sound and look like too much to handle, but this icebox cake does not require an oven. Simply, all one has to do is layer store-bought chocolate flavored wafers and mount peanut butter tasting whipped cream in between. Once the layering is done, powder some cocoa on top and place the cake in the fridge to cool overnight. Before serving, make sure to toss a few peanuts on top for an extra appetizing appearance.