Here’s Why Pizza Parties Are Back On The Menu

If you’re like us, then there’s a good chance you’ve missed the taste of freshly-cooked restaurant pizza. Thankfully pizza parties are back on the menu; all you need is a little collaboration from your buddies.

Setting Up Your Pizza Party

One of the reasons why we are missing eating pizza at a restaurant is the fact we do it with friends. If one person can make the dough, another creates the sauce, and someone else is in charge of getting the toppings. Once you have delegated your roles, it’s time to bring this collaboration together.

Starting With The Dough

We recommend that you use a good sourdough, that way the quality is going to be as close to a restaurant as possible. You’ll be getting those charred bubbles of dough, and it might even feel like you’re eating a slice right out of your favorite pizza place.

Making Your Sauce

Once a dough has been cultivated, it can be split into pizza-sized balls, rolled out, and part-cooked ready to bring to the party. The sauce is the next pizza essential that needs to be taken care of. Whoever has been assigned to make the pizza sauce should create a big batch that will cover however many pizzas you’re going to be making.

Topping It Off

Last, but not least are the toppings. In some ways, these are the most essential part of your pizza, so whoever is in charge of them needs to accommodate everyone’s dietary requirements. With an assortment of toppings, you can make a variety of pizzas and have yourselves the perfect pizza party that you have been sorely missing for the past few months.

Although you might be missing that restaurant-quality pizza, with this plan, you can get pretty close. All you’ll need is a few friends willing to take responsibility for their part at your pizza parties, and you’re all set.