Pumpkin Spiced Frosted Flakes Are Officially Coming Back!

Fall is almost upon us – and we can hear pumpkin lovers everywhere coming out of their shell. Yes, the season of pumpkin spice is back, and now it looks as though even out breakfast can have a dose of the good stuff. That’s right; pumpkin spiced frosted flakes are officially back!

Pumpkin Spiced Frosted Flakes Are Officially Coming Back!

Sharing The News

Lovers of pumpkin spice were in for a treat May 2018 as this was the first time that many learned that Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes were on the way. It turns out that even Tony the Tiger can’t resist the fall treat. Many flooded to the stores in summer last year as they wanted to try them for themselves.

The Perfect Blend

It wasn’t long before food lovers from across the nation started to share their take on the new cereal. Many confessed it is the perfect blend of pumpkin and cinnamon in every spoonful without being too overwhelming. The best bit? Even people wary of the flavor appeared to be on board with the new take on breakfast cereal.

Pumpkin Spiced Frosted Flakes Are Officially Coming Back!

Grabbing The Good Stuff

Like all good things, it appeared as though Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes came to an end. That was until 2019 when the good stuff was back on the shelves once again. If you want to get your hands on a box of the stuff, then be sure to head to Walmart. Many stores have sold out online, but most have plenty left on the shelves for hungry pumpkin fans.

It looks as though breakfast, lunch, and dinner are sorted for the next few months as we fall headfirst into fall – and all the delicious flavors that come with the season. Move over summer, you’ve had your turn. It’s time for the return of the pumpkin spiced food, with Frosted Flakes being the first delicious thing on the menu.

45 Funny Things Moms Said That Kids Couldn’t Resist Sharing

How Moms Text

From the moment a child is born, a mother will never stop caring for her offspring. There’s nothing she can’t do – except maybe learning how to send text messages…It seems like everyone has a hilarious “text from mom” story. Whether it was her first time getting a smartphone, an autocorrect fail, or mom just being mom, the text messages are comical. Hey, at least this mom knows what the voice to text feature is! She’ll need some further assistance to get the hang of using it, though.

A Martial Artist’s Ideal Drink

Older adults really have trouble calling people and things the wrong names, huh? Many of us have been called the wrong names by a parent, have confused the names of our closest friends, or, more cringingly, called our new beau by the name of an ex.Moms are known to be the most common perpetrators for misnaming, using the wrong sibling’s names, or misnaming appliances and other things in their house in the most hilarious way! This one sounds forgivable though. The words ‘tai chi’ and ‘chai’ are so alike this mom certainly thought they were the same thing.

Just A Few Steps Away From Guac

When it comes to grocery shopping and cooking, moms tend to do the majority of this work. Mothers are the household members who usually prepare the meals, clean up the kitchen, and are the primary grocery shoppers. However, most moms tend to make simple grocery mistakes. This mom would’ve been helped by a grocery list, for sure! Everybody loves guacamole and, by connection, avocadoes, too. We just hope this poster clarified things with her mom and didn’t have to eat one whole avocado with her tacos.

Frank & Straightforward

We all have that one friend with a frank and straightforward approach to life. Being straightforward means not having a filter. You say what’s on your mind and you expect others to do the same. One of the token qualities of moms is that they are candid and outspoken. While moms are known for their unconditional love, a few of them also believe in the concept of tough love. Clearly, the author of this Tweet’s mother is one of the latter. Hey, she just wants to prepare her kid for the grim realities of the adult world.

Absolutely Not the Golden Child

Any mother who thinks their child is great and awesome is just thinking highly of her own child. And yes, most moms do think their child is exceptional and unique. As a mother, the desire to have a golden child is not unsound. There’s always that one child that parents pray extra hard for, not because they love them more but because they need it more. And if you don’t know which sibling it is, the chances are high that it’s you.

What’s For Dinner?

Mom’s homecooked food is the best in the universe. Nothing can compare to it. It is cooked with great love, passion and blessings. Moms have collected tons of kitchen secrets and cooking tips. However, this mom revealed her cooking tips in the most hilarious way! We have to say, roast Bork doesn’t sound as tempting as regular old roast pork or roast beef. But if it’s mom’s cooking, we’re willing to give it a try.

Expert Narrators

A mother is usually our first friend in this world and our first storyteller! They are some of the most entertaining storytellers out there. This is not surprising since they probably gained a lot of experience reading their kids’ bedtime stories for years. But things get more challenging when they only have their memory guiding them. Truly, this mom seems to have trouble remembering names well! She tried her best to complete her story at this point!

Enormous Drive-Thrus

One thing that always gets laugh out of us is when somebody uses incorrect but similar sounding words to express themselves. We all have blind spots where we mix up two words that sound similar, but in reality, have anything but similar meanings. In this respect, moms are known to be the masters of messing up the simple words! Although this mom clearly messed the two words up, we bet she won’t be pleased about her kids consistently going through drive-thrus either. You know how moms always insist that there’s food at home.

A Typical Line

It comes with the territory that mothers have to deal with a lot of feelings on a daily basis. Right? And sometimes, it can get to be a little too much! When they’ve had what seems like hours of multiple people crying at them, the temptation to make it stop is high! Every mother has a unique way of mothering that sets particular parameters for complete control and supervision. We bet every single kid has heard this line at least once in their life. It’s practically a universal mom threat at this point. That’s probably because it’s quite effective.

A Family Recipe

We all know moms would rather pick up a phone and give their kids a ring to chat about their day or make sure they are eating their veggies! But most moms are aware that texting is the true key to 21st-century parenting, so they give it a try. Trying is often paired with failing, so even though moms text, it can be awkward, confusing and occasionally traumatizing. See? Helping out your parents with easy things such as texting and sending emails would benefit you in the long run, too. If only the poster taught their mom to turn off autocorrect, then she wouldn’t have to deal with this not-so-classic family recipe.

A Gentle Reminder

What’s the most effective way to discipline? Every parent grapples with this issue. Being a mom takes a great deal of hard work and patience. Kids often take their mothers for granted, expecting them to fix everything that goes wrong. Simultaneously, moms often use tiny reminders and penalties to keep the discipline maintained. Kids can be troublesome sometimes. Growing up to be more independent, they tend to get smug and forget their roots. This is just a gentle reminder.

Mom’s Obsession

In general, moms have an obsession with movies, yoga, window shopping, and trying new recipes in their spare time. But things get a little awkward when their priorities shift. Who says being middle-aged can’t be fun? As it turns out, you just have to search for something interesting to keep you occupied. And for this mom, there’s nothing better than knowing what the neighborhood swans are up to these days.

Thinking Ahead

Mothers often like to plan for the future, and maintain a practical nature in everything they do, even if it can sound a little morbid. The thought of losing one’s parents is terrifying. Good thing moms are here for us to make light of the situation, and think ahead.

The Fact behind Family Dynamics

Dads are usually seen as the family protectors. They look after families, carry out household maintenance, and are traditionally considered to be the head of the family. But in modern times, there are no set rules, since moms play far more roles as friends, advisors, helpers, and caretakers. They are the real ones behind smooth family dynamics. And this mom declared it! This mom wasn’t lying when she dropped that truth bomb. Dads may be in charge of the discipline and the leadership, but you bet it’s all according to mom’s plan.

An Honest Opinion

Sometimes, hearing the truth can really hurt. But the great thing about hearing the truth from your mom is that you can be 100 percent sure that she isn’t trolling you. But at times an honest opinion could become embarrassing. Now, this statement can be an insult or a compliment depending on the person on the receiving end. Judging from the daughter’s age, we’re going for the latter. SpongeBob is cool as heck, y’all.

Cursing – Prohibited In the House

It’s normal for kids to swear at one time or another, young kids will often repeat something they’ve heard, and older kids often want to test their parent’s reaction. Moms always have several discipline options that can curb their kid’s colorful language. ‘Fart’ may not really be a curse word, but it sure isn’t a word people would consider to be beautiful either. Still, we think waging war against it is too much. Hopefully, the poster has learned to incorporate the word back into his adult vocabulary.

Taking a ‘Roofie’

We’re sure at some point in your life you have heard some moms saying one thing when they really meant another, to a humorous effect. Mixed- up words can lead to some very funny conversations. This had us concerned at first. Who willingly roofies themselves at a family function? As it turns out, mom’s just a bit confused about the many words ending in -fie.

Sick of Box Wine

In the late 90s through early 00s, boxed wine became synonymous with “mom’s wine”, because it was found in all mother’s fridges. Spending more money on wine doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best bottles. As it turns out, the more economical drink is a result of their sacrifice to give their kids the best. That said, you now know what mom actually wants next Mother’s Day.

Mom’s Trilogy

There’s something about watching a movie and popcorn with your mom that just never loses its charm. Finding a movie that you both enjoy can be the perfect way to spend time for moms. However, when a mom forgets the name of her favorite movie, the situation gets quite awkward. Who doesn’t love a feel-good Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie? Hopefully this mom remembers the correct title next time she wants to find the classic rom-com on Netflix.

Mom’s Endeavors

Mothers are great. They know a lot about life that we certainly don’t know. However, they have a lot on their plates and can’t be expected to remember small details, or even full names at times. Growing up, people learn a lot of essential things from their moms. And now, it’s time to return the favor and guide them through the daunting task of keeping up with the important names that they should probably memorize.

Posting LOL

Moms are awesome, they’re like superheroes. There’s literally nothing they can’t do. Except for when it comes to text messaging perhaps. Moms usually know best, but even they aren’t immune to getting things wrong occasionally. Nevertheless the case in point is this, moms will LOL at inappropriate times. This mom probably means well and just wants to send her daughter encouraging words. However, a simple misunderstanding of internet slang may have derailed her attempts.

Real Life Lesson

Most moms use smartphones only for making calls as they aren’t known to be the best at texting. We’ve seen all those hilarious texting fails that are usually the product of that blessing and curse autocorrect. But some messages between parents and kids are laugh- out- loud funny on their own. Oof, now this doesn’t sound like a fun situation to be in. Safe to say, after reading the photographer’s mom’s chipper reply to a serious text, that client might not be a client anymore.

Cure – All

There’s a healing power in being cared for, a power that mothers seem to innately possess. As children, we believe that a mother’s touch could cure us of any ailment or illness. Whether pain was internal or external, mothers always seemed to know precisely how to relieve us of it. Although this mom seems to have only one cure-all solution. With a mom like this, who really needs healthcare, right? In all seriousness, though, kids can be overdramatic sometimes, and this poster’s mom probably knows this by experience.

Burned By Mom

All moms want to make sure that their kids feel safe, secure and most importantly – loved. Mother is the first person who can assure her kids in all ways, although this mom was very confident in her unique way to assure her child of their safety. Some moms have an odd way of assuring their kids. This mom’s joke probably has some grain of truth to it, though. Some moms have an odd way of assuring their kids. This mom’s joke probably has some grain of truth to it, though.

Tiny Misconception

Acronyms are widely used across the internet, especially on social media and texting apps. Mothers should be aware of acronyms, as they keep getting acronyms wrong, horribly wrong. Whenever moms come across acronyms, they believe it could be problematic for them, and they should really talk with their kids about them. But how, on earth, is a mother to keep up with all these acronyms, especially since new ones are always being introduced? Aww, poor mom probably thought her daughter didn’t have the time to even answer her simple question. Here’s to hoping her Mija got to explain the intricacies of internet acronyms to her sooner rather than later.

An Outrageous Appeal

When it comes to technology and social media, it’s a love-hate relationship for most moms. The case is no different when they learn about the video call feature and it instantly becomes their preferred means of communication. It’s probably time to make sure mom knows how video calls work so she won’t have to resort to this hilarious attempt at getting her point across.

Yo Momma

Yo mama jokes are cheesy insults that make fun of someone’s mother. They generally put down a mother in the abstract for being dumb, old, ugly, or the like – things you should never say about a mother! The practice of making yo mama jokes is not really about genuinely insulting someone’s actual mother. It’s not like we have anything against yo mama…but it’s hard not to laugh at literally everything she does. But a few moms are unfamiliar with these jokes. It’s probably time to make sure mom knows how video calls work so she won’t have to resort to this hilarious attempt at getting her point across.

A Considerate Viewer

Kindness is all about showing consideration to others. It’s human nature to care so much about what other people think. No one can argue about a mother’s innate ability to care for their children and others. A caring disposition and high regard for others is something every mom is familiar with. This older mom was probably used to the good old days when Netflix was just another video rental service. It’s time to tell her the good news that she, and anyone else, can watch her favorite movies whenever she wants.

Grateful Mom

Before we talk about proud mom moments, let’s first define pride. Pride is defined as a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction in your own achievements. While this can sometimes extend outside of oneself and be projected onto others (i.e. I’m proud of you!). This mom really showed off her pride in the most humorous way. Every situation has a silver lining, right? So, don’t go hard on this proud mom who is just happy her baby boy is finally getting his life together…even if he’s incarcerated.

Just Being Vigilant

A mother is always a mother. She never stops worrying about her children, even when they’re all grown up and have children of their own. But moms are often worried unnecessarily, and sometimes no one can determine what they’re really concerned about. Can you really blame her, though? She’s most likely extra cautious after her kids infected the family computer with viruses from downloading torrents off the Internet.

Messed Up With Social Networks

Moms are the best, and we really can’t blame them for trying their hardest to relate to us and our interests. Sometimes things can get a bit tricky though when they try to remember which social media platform is currently the most popular. Good thing we have Twitter to document their humorous attempts! Myspace, Friendster, Facebook, and next up: Spacebook! Look out, this social media platform is gonna be out of this world.

No Age Limits

A mother is surely her child’s first and truest friend for life. The mother/daughter relationship is a beautiful union that’s defined by unconditional love, support and guidance. And when it comes to beauty tips, moms are the most expert and experienced advisors for their daughters. However, sometimes when you expect something significant from your mom, she turns out to be a tipster in an inappropriate moment. This pair of sisters were most likely expecting something more serious than this skincare conversation! But ten or twenty years after and we bet they’re thanking their mom for giving them this tip early on. Moisturize and hydrate, people!

Acronyms Dilemma

Acronyms are becoming increasingly popular across all the facets of the internet, especially on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, because, in some cases, they offer a shorthand for communication that is meant to be instant. But the issue, especially for mothers, is understanding the slang. A recent survey conducted by CNN guessed with assurance that around 89% of parents don’t understand acronyms used on social media. It’s probably time that the poster and their siblings give their mom the 411 on acronyms and what they really mean. A misunderstanding like this may be easily forgivable when it involves people who know what she means, but things may get uncomfortable if she sends the same message to a professional colleague!

Hollywood – Claimed By Mom

Moms are some expert guessers, they love trying to investigate a situation or person, and love to jog their memories with celebs they think they recognize. They have the ability to relate and build links based on their past experiences, often in amusing ways. There are just too many new young actors and actresses these days for mom to remember all their names. But quiz her on the biggest celebrities of her time, and she’ll probably surprise you with her knowledge.

Certainly Not Your Bro

Mothers must establish functioning and positive boundaries with their kids. These boundaries are essentially about understanding and reporting their own needs. As a mother, you can think of a boundary as the line you draw around yourself to define where your needs end and where your child’s needs begin. And sometimes, boundaries must be clearly stated. People today are lucky to have better relationships with their parents compared to previous generations. But that doesn’t mean that boundaries no longer exist.

Taking Her Revenge

Mothers might be in charge of shaping young minds, but they’re just like normal people, and that means they sometimes do bizarre, questionable things! Most of the time, when moms seem to do odd and embarrassing things, it ends in a pretty humorous way. There’s nothing wrong with a little harmless revenge, eh? At least, the poster’s mom isn’t one to make a scene and complain to the manager at the store.

Steak Preferences

A mom’s life is never easy, and one might think that with all the stress, frustration and weird mess, there isn’t time for humor, but this isn’t always the case! In the midst of the chaos and confusion of raising kids, sometimes all they need is a good laugh. Luckily some moms are comedians who can find humor in any situation. And the poster’s mom seems to be one of them. While dads typically like joking around with servers while ordering, moms tend to be straight to the point. This mom took things to a whole new level, though!

Celebrating a Milestone

A baby’s first word and seeing your child feed himself are just a few key moments that should be celebrated as parenting milestones. All moms anxiously await important milestones when they bring children into the world. They buy baby albums and keep medical charts just waiting for important moments to be filled in- the first smile, first tooth, first step. Babies grow fast, and they can surely get heavy. So, we understand this mom’s happiness and anxiety when she had to wait so long for her baby to finally learn to walk.

The Ultimate Warning

Most moms know, giving an effective warning can teach a child that she means business. The good news is, these warnings work well for preschoolers straight through the teen years. Since mothers are the first teachers in life, it’s extremely important to educate a child on how to properly act and behave outside the household. These light warnings can help direct their child onto the right path. Moms certainly know exactly how to weaponize their teenage kids’ embarrassment. Hopefully, Emily didn’t have to experience being dropped off at her school as her mom spits lines from Hamilton.

A Bit of Gallows Humor

Knowing that no matter what happens your mom has got your back is truly an awesome feeling. Death is an inevitable reality, and the loss of a mother is among the most difficult of human experiences. Bearing this awful truth, this mom gave certain instructions for her funeral, turning the horrible reality into a laugh. We have a feeling the poster will be following their mom’s funeral instructions to a tee. It’s not every day that parents agree to do something as epically funny as this request.

Muted GIF

We greatly appreciate all moms for their hard work, as well as the love and support they give to their families. Mothers excel at many things, but when it comes to technology, they really know how to make us cringe with embarrassment. We know that they were born in a different generation, but it’s 2020! Have you ever tried explaining what memes, trolls, or GIFs are to your mother or grandmother? Trying would be absolutely futile. As millennials and Gen Z kids argue about how to really pronounce the word GIF, their mothers are still struggling to figure out the silent video format’s concept. Here’s to hoping this mom eventually realizes how GIFs work.

It’s Ducklings

It’s never easy being a mom and trying to balance a full-time job with a family life. A mother is the busiest person in this world. Whether a working mother, who manages house and work, or a full-time mom who stays in the house and takes care of us, they’re the ultimate entrepreneurs. It’s not easy for them to keep everything in their heads all the time. Moms often manage entire households. Thus, they always have a lot of things on their minds. Really, you can’t expect them to always remember the word duckling.

Candid Mom

Being a human is hard. Being a mother can be even harder, especially when it comes to the things that they do for their children. Moms have to deal with plenty of things that can ultimately lead to a drop in their focus and concentration. This is a perfect example of a mom who couldn’t follow an entire situation. Now, don’t let this interaction fool you into thinking moms are bad at math. They’re good at numbers all right, what with all the budgeting they do. Sometimes, though, they can’t be bothered to give you their full attention. They’ve got a lot going on.

Mom’s New Slang

Mothers always try to relate to their kids, and to seem hip they might try to make up their own text slang. Sometimes things get so weird that you might not be able to decode the made-up slang. In this instance, this mom created a laugh out situation. If no one’s going to give them the lowdown on internet acronyms, then it looks like moms just have to create ones for themselves. It seems like they’re doing a great job so far.

Don’t Let the Wi-fi out

Motherhood is no walk in the park, and mothers face a lot of challenges throughout their lives. Financial challenges are on the top of the list. A mother wants to ensure a peaceful life for her kids, and therefore, they try to avoid extravagant spending. A number of mothers have figured out how to be economical by unplugging the internet; however, this mom figured out a new way to save on WiFi. If no one’s going to give them the lowdown on internet acronyms, then it looks like moms just have to create ones for themselves. It seems like they’re doing a great job so far.