Raphides – The Pineapple Needles That Are Eating You Up!

This Is a Well Kept Pineapple Secret

If you are a tropical fruit lover, then there is no doubt that pineapple might be one of the top juicy delish on your list. This fruit is sweet, juicy, crispy, and sometimes, even a bit sour. Munching on a few slices of this tropical delight on a hot summer day gives you just the right amount of freshness. But what if we told you something that might make you never ever eat pineapple again? Read on to learn the secret of the pineapple.

You Are Not Eating Pineapple; It’s Eating You

When a science geek decided to find out why eating pineapple makes certain people uneasy in their mouths, he discovered something that blew the minds of many people. As the video available on his TikTok account, SF Microscopy, began, the question popped up, “Why do our mouths tingle after eating pineapple?” Soon enough, he took a piece of the fruit and kept it on the dish, and started zooming in. All that millions of people could see were crystal-like needles. That’s right. The itchy feeling whenever you eat a piece of the juicy fruit is 1000s of pineapple needles, also known as raphides.

Pineapple Needles and People’s Thoughts on Them

Pineapple Needles and People’s Thoughts on Them

Pineapple Needles, or raphides, are pointy crystals of calcium oxalate. When you eat pineapple, these needles poke holes in your cell membrane, and as a result, you feel itchy or irritated. When the video went viral and got over 36 million views, people went crazy in the comment section. While some said that they would never ever eat pineapple in their lives, some joked around. In fact, one of the viewers even commented, “You know the fruit is good when it starts fighting back.” Well, now you know the daunting secret behind the weird feeling in your mouth, so beware the next time you decide to grab a slice of the tropical fruit.

Chef Massimo Bottura Is All Set to Open a New Restaurant in the US

Are all the food lovers ready? Here is some good news for you. The chef and owner of the acclaimed Osteria Francescana, Massimo Bottura, is bringing his Torno Subito concept to Miami very soon. The restaurant will open in the Arts District as part of a new development by Gables Capital Partners that also includes a hotel, residences, and public space.

The New Restaurant

The restaurant will be on the rooftop of a seven-story culinary and entertainment building, Julia and Henry. The team for this new restaurant will have members from Bottura’s Italian and Dubai teams. The chef has already confirmed that he wants to create a space for his customers that is full of light and space. Bottura also said that he wants to make sure that the menu is very different from what people have seen before.

The Reactions

Bernardo Paladini, Torno Subito’s current chef de cuisine in Dubai, is excited to move to Miami to oversee Massimo’s new restaurant. The chef stated that he feels blessed to move forward with his journey in a new place and is happy about the bright future and seeing the family grow. According to him, it will be great for him to work with Massimo again because of how clear Massimo is with his vision for the brand-new restaurant. He further added that he thinks it’s going to be a great opportunity for him and for all the other members of the team there at Torno Subito because they are going to be able to work with Bottura on some really good ideas that they have been thinking about for some time now. Also, it’s going to be fun for them to be back in the US where they already have their roots, added Bernardo Paladini.

The Other US Restaurants

We all know this won’t be Massimo’s first restaurant in the US and that Bottura is quite familiar with the American culinary world. His other rooftop restaurant, Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura in Beverly Hills, which he opened in 2020, offers a taste of both Los Angeles and Italian food culture. And even though it has a delicious menu with dishes like grilled artichokes with quail egg and almond cream, there are no details on what customers can expect at the Miami outlet. But in an interview, Bottura said he plans to use fresh ingredients from local farms and have an open kitchen that will allow diners to watch their food being made.