Five Reasons to Eat Potatoes More Often

When it comes to versatility, there aren’t many foods that can stack up against potatoes. Not only can you serve this vegetable in a wide variety of ways – boiled, mashed, fried, etc. – but it’s also packed with a plethora of health benefits.

Better Digestive Health

It’s never pleasant when you have issues with your digestive health. Things like indigestion and constipation can really throw you off your game. Fortunately, potatoes can help you out here because they’re an excellent source of fiber. Add more of these to your diet, and food should go in and come out of your body without any problems.

Helps With Weight Loss

The fiber content in potatoes isn’t only good for aiding with your digestive health. It can also help you lose weight because you tend to feel full after eating in. That’s a great way to stop yourself from snacking and shed those pesky pounds.

Boosts The Immune System

Protein, potassium, vitamin C, and antioxidants are just some of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals contained in potatoes. Collectively, these can work wonders for your body, including boosting your immune system. If you’re someone who regularly suffers from ill health, a diet involving more potatoes might make you feel a whole lot better.

Takes Care Of Your Skin

Consuming plenty of vitamin C – which is in potatoes – is always good because this can help with things like skin protection. Not only does it protect you against UV rays from the sun, but it also increases collagen production. This delays the onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

Good For Your Brain

You might not think that food can make you smarter, but potatoes have been known to boost cognitive performance. The presence of pyridoxine helps improve brain health and potentially stop the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

While you might be wary of potatoes because of their carbohydrate content, these health benefits are too good to ignore.

Decoding Tomorrow’s Hot Restraurt Concepts

There are two roads that lead to concept innovation – the first one is to remarkably improve the pre-existing options think drive-thru coffee and the second one is to come up with a completely different mechanism to attract customers – think Starbucks when it was newly launched. This year’s emerging trends have been heavily shaped by the pandemic. Anytype of to-go feature showed increasing popularity. From drive-through salads to pre-portioned single-serving meal packs, to boxed lunches for delivery – one common factor for all the up-and-coming food brands is that they are easy to scale. Location expansion over same-store growth proved to be a bigger driver for growth.

Here’s a list of three buzz-making items and the twist they have taken over brands that came before.


Bowls are a very popular concept amongst food lovers today. Firstly, they are photogenic which makes them popular amongst the Instgram-Twitter generation, secondly, they are healthy and come in exciting new flavors. From healthy options like grain bowls, harvest bowls, buddha bowls, and smoothie bowls to tongue-tingling options like burrito bowls or poke bowls or KFC’s famous mashed potato bowls. This concept also makes it easy for takeout and delivery adding another advantage to the list. They are one of the top-ranking features in almost every list.

Bubble Tea

Although bubble tea has been around for a while now ( say decades) but it’s getting rediscovered. Tea enriched with boba (tapioca pearls) is gaining increasing popularity – with a lot of emerging providers topping this year’s list. The key focus is on authenticity and heritage. The drink is originally from Taiwan – and there are two main authentic Taiwan players on the market. Sharetea and Gong Cha. What are they doing differently you wonder? Well, the focus is on freshness. The ingredients and elements that go in the drink are freshly prepared every day.


While healthy eating/ conscious eating is slowly gaining mainstream popularity – Salads have been around for a long time now. A concept that has been popular across generations and nations. While the ingredients and prep methods are constantly witnessing changes – for example for this year adding vitamins in the greens are turning out to be a popular trend.

It basically looks like one Greek salad bowl with boba tea to go kinda future!