Take A Look At The World’s Smelliest Fruit

As anyone with a keen sense of smell will know, it’s easy to stumble across some pretty foul smelling things over the course of your lifetime. But there are some scents so foul and rancid that they become an unforgettable experience unto themselves. Enter the durian fruit, otherwise known only as the ‘stinky fruit.’ The fruit is native to the tropical climes of countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and most of South East Asia, and has acquired a reputation for having an absolutely dreadful odor!

In fact, the fruit is known to possess such a potent odor that it has been banned in a number of public places. Hong Kong, for instance, has banned the fruit entirely on their subways and many hotels in Thailand have prevented the fruit’s entry into their establishments at any time. In one recent case, an entire airplane was grounded before takeoff from Jakarta as passengers complained of a horrible stench onboard the aircraft.

It turned out that the plane was being used to carry two tons worth of the stinky fruit in their cargo hold, causing the smell to permeate the entire aircraft. After many vehement threats (and a few desperate pleas), the flight was delayed as the pilots unloaded their smelly cargo before embarking.

It’s easy to see why people would fear the very mention of the word ‘durian’ in these parts. The scent has been described by food critic Richard Sterling as smelling like “…turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock.” How utterly revolting!

However, that doesn’t mean that the smelly fruit isn’t without its fans. While people native to parts of South East Asia are said to avoid the fruit for its stench, the health benefits often make it worth the odor. One famous lover of the fruit was the food writer and traveler Anthony Bourdain, who claimed that the durian was “…indescribable, something you will either love or despise…Your breath will smell as if you’d been French-kissing your dead grandmother.”

Hilarious Selfies That Didn’t Go Quite To Plan

Selfies are arguably the worst thing that ever happened to photography. When people push that selfie button on their camera phone, a funny thing happens. Selfie mode seems to activate the douchebag portion of the human brain, which often leads to unsightly things like duckface, derp face, and kissy lips. By the way, pro tip: always know where your pet is when you finally take the shot!


Excuse me miss, but there is a man creeping up behind you in your photo. What happens when you’re paying too much attention on yourself and not your surroundings? Crazy stuff like this.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

This red-headed girl may have not even been aware that there was another person lurking in her photo, seeing as though she was too focused on getting her perfect selfie.

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

It’s not every photo opportunity that your baby is willing to cooperate, so it is time for plan B! If you cannot get your baby to look in the same direction as you, then stand in front of a mirror and capture the two of you in the same shot.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Meanwhile, this baby does not look comfortable at all and seriously did not want this photo in any way. Mom, on the other hand, is very proud of her decision.

That’s Not A Dog Bowl

She may have thought she was having a good hair day, but all that time taken on getting herself glammed up seems as though she forgot to fill her dog’s water bowl!

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

In his time of need, he took to the bathroom toilet to get a little drink, and with a huge mirror in this girl’s selfie, the dog was caught in the act! All focus is now on the pet pooch rather than the girl in this one.

Bottoms Up

When the dog realized there was more attention on getting the perfect selfie than there was on him, he wanted to seek revenge.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

He sure managed to make himself seen too because rather than forcing himself in on the action, he decided just to show off his backside to the camera. We sure hope that the dog knew exactly what he was doing when it came to hilariously ruining these besties’ photo, and they know to never leave the poor pup out of a photo again

Flex For Grandma

‘Grandma, will you take a picture of me while I flex?’ must have been the question asked when this guy needed progress shots after a good gym session.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

After all, it’s hard to flex and take a selfie at the time, we can fully appreciate this. Enlisting his grandma to do it instead, while capturing herself in the mirror behind, makes this picture totally worth it. It may not have been the intention that was as first anticipated, but this has made for a great selfie fail.

Do You Mind?

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to take a selfie. Perhaps not the most elegant place to capture yourself on camera, especially when an anonymous pensioner is standing beside him and getting in the shot too.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Understandably, bathrooms are the common place for a selfie, with the large mirrors and bright lighting. However, there is always a time and not just a place for a selfie. The time is when there is not some random person looking less than impressed with your decision.

Hit And Run

She’s camera ready, with a large mirror in front of her to capture her whole body in the selfie. Meanwhile, she had no idea that just as she got ready to hit the camera button, a mother and child were having a bit of a commotion in the background.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

It’s good that the girl was ready to take a photo, however, because it has made for an unintentional hilarious photo. Meanwhile, the girl looks less than impressed with her photo bombers.

Angles Are Everything

When you only have a small mirror to play with, it can be hard to get in a full outfit in when trying to take a selfie.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

This girl took action by standing in the family’s bidet to make sure she captured herself properly, but her decision making has made for a hilarious outcome. We understand it may be difficult when you’re not tall enough and need to find other alternatives, but this decision of hers makes for something new.

Selfie Fit For A Queen

Sometimes you’ve just got to break the rules to get that epic selfie, and this kid sure did just that! For his one-of-a-kind selfie, he managed to get the Queen of England captured in the same shot.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Now, this guy really does deserve a round of applause, since this is not an everyday occurrence. Although capturing the famous monarch goes against royal protocol, he has this selfie for the rest of his life and doesn’t need to attempt doing it again.

Work With What You’ve Got

This is pure selfie dedication. This kid wanted a selfie, and a selfie he was going to get. Unsure of his phones whereabouts, he took to taking his iMac computer screen to get that front screen camera and capture the moment in a mirror.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

What’s best? His eventual outcome was getting a selfie of his selfie, so a double win! That must have been his intention, otherwise he could have just taken the selfie by facing the screen to get that picture of himself.

Food Envy

Nothing beats an ice cream on a hot summers day, and this girl knows it. While trying to make her social media followers jealous, she seems to have achieved the same goal with her own dog! His face says it all.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

That glare into the perfectly whipped soft serve shows he is ready to pounce. Fortunately, he is too well-trained to know that he can’t just go for his owner’s food, but this would have been the time he would have broken a few dog rules!

Single Selfie

It’s their weekly Sunday walk, and the couple and their dog have reached a pitstop, a perfect place to capture a group selfie. However, the woman in the background seems to be thinking otherwise.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

She is totally all for a picture of just herself, ignoring the others and selfishly going in for her own selfie. Her partner was making sure he caught this moment on camera either way so he could bring it up to her whenever he was in the doghouse – “Remember that time you didn’t care about us?”

Traffic Lies

With selfies being so common these days, you’re not required to give any reasoning behind taking one. This girl decided that she just had to caption her selfie shot in the car while drinking her coffee.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Meanwhile, her caption “this traffic ugh” did not go down too well when her followers could see the reflection in her mirrored glasses showing no other cars on the road. She just needed a reason for a little pose and pout for the camera.

A Little To The Left

Not sure exactly whose fault this is, either the guy in the photograph or the friend taking the photo for him. Perspective selfies are common at the Washington Monument, but sometimes it requires assistance to get it completely right.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Meanwhile, this one is just completely wrong, and it was probably the photographer’s duty to guide his friend in helping get his angles right. “A little bit to the left” would have gone a very long way, especially for the sake of the photo.


This man seems to have become all in awe of what he is seeing. In this instance, this man has seen into his future and cannot believe his luck.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

For the man in the background shares a similar resemblance to the man in the selfie, and they seem to be donning the same color shirt. It’s not every day that everyone gets to see what is going to come in 30 years, but it was this guy’s lucky day – he didn’t even need psychic Sally for some help!

Wait For Me!

The Oscar selfie is a memorable one, to say the least. It was the most retweeted tweet in 2014, to a staggering amount of 3,431,000 retweets.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

With some of Hollywood’s biggest names getting in on the action, there is no surprise it was such a viral hit. However, this post was followed by a hilarious shot from the back which showed Liza Minelli trying to get involved but having little luck with all the taller men in front of her!

Embarrassing Dad

Privacy in your own bedroom doesn’t seem to be the case anymore because this girl couldn’t even take a selfie without her embarrassing father getting in on the photo behind her.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Probably not the kind of photo you want to be sharing with your friends online, considering the father is completely topless and attempting to strike the same pose. The chosen pose doesn’t bode too well when it comes from a middle-aged man as it does from a teenage daughter.

Faking A Prank

Trying to fool your online followers is all well and good when you don’t have a huge mirror behind you highlighting your error.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Whether this girl wanted it to look like she was pictured falling asleep, or as if someone had pulled a prank on her and taken a picture for some comedy gold, is unknown. Rather, what can be known is that this girl took the photo of herself, as her iPad can clearly be seen in the mirror behind.

Pushing Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a historical monument, but also the perfect place to capture yourself taking a photo acting as if you are pushing the tower yourself.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Many get their angles for the picture so right that they can make it look believable, while others get it so wrong. Meanwhile, this person took a hilarious photo from the background watching everyone and their attempts. While you only see the final result, this photo shows how this has become a hugely popular tourist destination.

Cat Lady

When one out of the two cats got to the front of the picture, the other furry pal thought they had to get one better, and that meant standing on their owner’s head.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

He sure got himself noticed this time around, with his brother just wondering why he didn’t think of that first. This cat selfie became such a favorable one amongst cat lovers that the photo went viral. She sure does take the number one fan with the cat phone case along with her feline friends.

Who Cares About School?

There is a time and a place for everything. A lecture room is a time to be learning something substantial for your studies, not the place where you take selfies of yourself.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

One could argue that many people don’t even listen during their lectures, but when you get busted taking a selfie of yourself, you really should start thinking twice about where capturing yourself on camera would be best. Let’s hope she learned her lesson and got back to her studies – degrees don’t come from selfies after all.

Photoshop Fail

If this guy thought he had figured out a way to claim this was his car, he sure went the wrong way about it. Going the lengths to get a life-size cardboard cut-out of himself is quite the drastic measure to go through to try and show that he owned this car.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

You would think he would just get someone to take a picture of him actually standing next to it. For some reason, that idea didn’t seem to cross his mind.

Don’t Look At Me

A lot of people will keep their camera quite close to their face when taking a selfie, after all, it is to capture their faces. This man, however, wanted to get the best angle, lighting, and it seems other people involved in his selfie.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

There was definitely no subtlety included in this taking this photograph, and he showed absolutely no shame, even if other people were capturing him in on the act when noticing his absurd lengths he was going to.

Hump Day

Keeping animals behind barriers means that you never know how they are going to react when in the company of people. There is a reason zoos have signs which ask you to not disrupt the animals by touching or feeding them, but they should perhaps include not getting too close for a selfie.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

This is the prime example as to why, when this camel got into a hump and decided to go straight for this lady’s head when she tried to capture the animal in her selfie shot.


They say that pets begin to look like their owners after some time, and this seems to be the case here. Sharing the same colored eyes is not all they have in common, but they also go for the same pose when it comes to a selfie!

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

While the owner seems to be going along with the look of her cat, the feline looks to be genuinely shocked and has their eye on something more important than a selfie – most likely food.

Too Good To Not Selfie

This has us asking all sorts of questions. Starting with is everyone ok after this plane crash? This guy seems to be, and good enough that he even has time to capture a selfie… in the water… amongst all the commotion… there really are no words.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

How did he manage to escape the crash with his phone still in tow? Or, we see the plane but where is everyone else? This is one crazy selfie for the books that is for sure.


No one wants to be caught in the action of taking a selfie, no matter how socially acceptable it seems to be coming. This guy’s face proves that when he attempts to take a bathroom selfie and is walked on at that exact moment.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

The most unusual, however, is that he is taking a backward mirror selfie, so if he were trying to get his hat involved, it still wouldn’t have worked since the reflection swaps! Maybe he needs to rethink his selfie tactics.

Who’s Driving?!

As far as this girl is concerned, “don’t drink and drive” does not bother her when it comes to her morning Starbucks coffee. With one hand on the camera and another on the drink, we cannot help but think – who is handling the wheel?

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

These safety precautions are not put in place for no reason, after all, your coffee may be important, but we’re more concerned for the other cars on the road. We hope that selfie was worth all this!

Put Your Phone Meow!

Pets may not be able to speak, but they sure can use other means to express their thoughts on their owner. As a pet owner, you may be so proud of your furry friend that your whole photo roll is filled with pictures of them.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Meanwhile, how do you think your pet feels constantly having to be photo ready? This cat has undoubtedly had enough, and she is letting her owner know. Even the girl is now sad with her cat’s honesty.

Watch Out For The Reflection

This was all beauty in mind and no brain for this selfie decision. While taking a photo in a bathroom mirror is common, this cannot be said for using a mirror in the bathroom stall.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

This lady seems to have not realized that she has captured herself while her pants are still down. Many people may be focusing on her face for the photograph, but that is no excuse not to notice the selfie error and still post the photo online!

Cake Queen

You’d think this girl has got her hands full right now, but taking a selfie seems to be her biggest priority at the moment! However, our biggest concern is as to why this girl has taken her baking equipment to the bathroom?

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

No one would be expecting to get any baking goods made from beside a toilet when there is most likely a kitchen nearby. She doesn’t even want to put the wooden spoon down because it is clearly unhygienic!

Don’t Miss The Shoes

When you’ve got an outfit you’re proud of, you will go the extra lengths to make sure you get your on point style captured, whatever the means of doing so.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

While this guy didn’t have a full-length mirror to help him with his selfie, that was not going to stop him. He decided to go all Spiderman on us and climb up the door so that he could get a head-to-toe image, and he sure achieved his goal.

Two Jackets Don’t Care

This girl just could not choose between her Guess denim shirt and her camouflage shirt that she simply had to wear both! Why, do you wonder? We’re not entirely sure since it looks like the window is open in the car, and it cannot be that cold outside.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Unless we’ve missed some new fashion trend where wearing two shirts together is all the rage, we’re going to guess that this girl just has too many clothes to choose from and is a terrible decision maker.

Hey, Let Me In!

Before any night out, when your hair and make-up is still on point, it would seem right to take a selfie. This important element of the night comes before anything else, including the whereabouts of your dog.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Whether the pet pup wanted to get in on the photo, or just get in the house, he seems to be wanting to get noticed. We see where the priorities lie in this household and hope she saw the dog when checking for the perfect selfie shot.

Return Of The Dark Lord

These two friends may have been enjoying a day at the park and wanted to capture the moment with a cute selfie. Meanwhile, little did they know that the Dark Lord had made his return after Harry Potter successfully vanquished him.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Rather, Lord Voldemort has made his return during broad daylight and looks to be enjoying himself on this sunny day. If this is the man himself then we for sure are not the only ones to have got a fright.

Just Brushing My Pearly Whites

Now, this is one impressive selfie. Not only is this girl showing off some extreme flexibility, but she is also taking the shot with her foot!

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

This is a different take to brushing her teeth as well, since this is not the usual pose we find ourselves doing either morning or night, nor managing to multitask so effortlessly. Perhaps she should take her talents somewhere else that isn’t the bathroom, but if this is how she likes to get her daily stretch in, then who are we to judge?

That Is Not Ladylike!

To add to the list of things mothers disapprove of from their teenage daughters – selfies! What does this daughter then go and do? Take a selfie of course, with her mother looking very displeased in the background.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Perhaps it’s a combination of her style and behavior that the mother cannot make complete sense of, but that is no stopping this young lady from getting her picture-perfect shot. Perhaps next time she should make sure her mother is not too close by when she takes a selfie.

Three’s A Crowd

Just when this couple was ready to capture a shot of their loved-up selves, another companion decided they wanted to get involved in all of the action.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

A third person chooses to hide behind the couple, and it is unclear if they were aware of him or not, but he added a creepy element to what could have been a romantic photograph. To be fair, the couple themselves have their own funny faces going on, and it could have all been for the fun of a good selfie!

Do It For The Snap

Millennials these days! There is a tornado going on, and all she can think about is getting some crazy selfie. Understandably, it was also Prom night, so she was certainly photo ready.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

Any photo opportunity that arose, she was sure not going to miss, even when there is a tornado going on just behind her. Perhaps her safety should have been more of a concern, but her facial expression even shows that she was not going to let any natural disasters get in the way!

Ke$ha Of Nightmares

If this was not an outfit for Halloween, then there really is no explanation for this father’s attire. No doubt, fathers do like to go the extra mile to embarrass their kids, but this father’s daughter looks absolutely horrified with her dad’s new look.

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

It is her reaction that makes this selfie so great, but we sure hope this Ke$ha look did not last much longer because it seems she would like her dad back – the one she recognizes.

Police Pose

If you’re going to get a ticket for your poor driving skills, then you may as well get a photo with the cop handing you the dreaded piece of paper… right?

Hilarious Selfies That Went Extremely Wrong

It would seem that a sense of hatred towards the cop would be more appropriate right now, but this guy seems to be taking it all his stride and appreciating the work of the officer. On the other hand, the young driver may have wanted to share with his friends that he had just been pulled over.