Confused About How Much to Tip Abroad? Here Are Top Tips About Tipping Around the World

Confused About How Much to Tip Abroad? Here Are Top Tips About Tipping Around the World

Tipping practices can vary significantly from one country to another, leaving many travelers uncertain about how much to tip. Here’s a comprehensive guide to tipping around the world.

Argentina and Chile

In Argentina, people tip 10% when eating out at restaurants, and taxi drivers don’t expect to be tips, but it’s nice to throw some coins their way. Hotels will charge around 10%, but if they don’t, you should leave 1-2 pesos for porters helping carry your bags and for housekeeping.

10% is also the norm in Chile, regardless of the situation. No one tips more than that or less than that, unless the service was really bad, in which case it’s okay to not tip anything at all.


Tipping is expected in Canada, and it can vary between 10% and 20% depending on if it’s English or French Canada. It also depends on the service; you can leave a low tip for bad service, although it’s pretty rude.


Tipping extends to restaurants, valets, maids at hotels, and even porters, as well as 10% for taxi rivers.

Denmark and France

In Denmark, people don’t typically tip due to workers making good money. Nobody would turn down a 10% tip if you wish to offer it, but it definitely isn’t expected.

In France, service charges are already included in your restaurant bill, which means tipping is not obligatory. However, it’s customary to express your appreciation by rounding up the bill or adding a little extra as a token of goodwill. When you stay at hotels, consider leaving a gratuity of 1-2€ for the housekeeping staff and porters. For taxi drivers, a standard practice is to provide a 10% tip.

Germany and Hungary

In Germany, tipping is not as prevalent as in some other countries. Typically, restaurants do not include service charges in the bill, so it’s customary to offer a discretionary tip of 5-10%. When it comes to hotels, it’s appreciated to leave a gratuity of 2-3€ for the housekeeping and porters. Taxi drivers in Germany usually expect tips in the range of 10-15%.

In Hungary, tipping is a well-established practice, and it’s customary to tip in various situations. In restaurants, it’s typical to offer tips ranging from 8% to 15% of the bill, whereas taxi drivers commonly receive a 10% tip for their services.