Two Brothers From Abington Set World Record For Longest Hot Dog Catch

The two brothers dressed in hot dog costumes

Two brothers from Abington unofficially set one of the weirdest world records you would hear about. One of them, Matt MacMillan has always had an appetite for competition. He says that nine years ago, he wanted to break a Guinness World Record for throwing a grape in the air, running as far as he can, and catching it with his mouth. He then added that someone else broke the record and now that he’s nine years older, he’s much slower.

In the meantime, he kept his focus on his hobby of entering radio contests and making videos. However, with the current world events, he feasted his eyes on a new goal.

The brothers made a formal request to Guinness, which resulted in a lengthy process to set all the right conditions. The brothers hired a land surveyor to measure the distance while calling on their family and friends for extra support and manpower. With two witnesses, six cameras, and about twenty hot dogs, they surely locked eyes on the prize.

A Flying Hot Dog

Birdseye view of where the brothers tossed the hot dogs It took the brothers five tries for the duo to successfully throw and catch a hot dog for a distance of 143. Their attempt breaks the former record of 120 feet. The catch was legally deemed by several witnesses but it waits for official confirmation from Guinness.

Tossing a Hot Dog

The brothers’ parents were there to cheer on their children. They say that it warms their heart when they see them together and having fun. The brothers will put together their official video and witness evidence and formally submit them to the Guinness organization. It will take up to 12 weeks to review. Upon official confirmation, they will receive a certificate about their ‘hot dog’ world record.

Matt joked that it’s all about glory and a little certificate that says that the brothers have a world record.

The Best Hot Dog Recipes For Every Cookout

The sun is shining, and that can only mean one thing, right? Cookout! Some things are a staple at all the best summer hangouts, just like hot dogs. These are the best hot dog recipes for every cookout with your friends and family.

Jalapeño Popper Dogs

If you want to add a little spice to your hot dog, this could be the answer. Wrap a jalapeño around each hot dog before topping each one with cheese and mustard. Cookouts don’t get much better.

Mac and Cheese Dogs

The ultimate comfort food: a mac and cheese hot dog. Top off your hot dog with a spoon (or five) of mac and cheese for a new flavor explosion.


It’s the Tex-Mex mash-up of our dreams. Replace the buns with tortillas and add in some jalapeños, cheese, and chili powder for a flavor mash-up. Don’t forget the nacho cheese for dipping!

Pizza Dogs

Pizza and a hot dog combined? Yes, please! All you need to do is rub some garlic and butter into the buns, toast them up, and sprinkle your dog with cheese and anything you love on your pizza. Pepperoni anyone?

BLT Dogs

BLTs have a new twist, thanks to BLT dogs. Wrap the bacon around your hot dogs before filling the bun with all the lettuce and tomato your heart desires.

Garlic Bread Dogs

A hot dog doesn’t get much simpler than garlic bread hot dogs. Simply hollow out your garlic bread and slide the dog through the middle! Crispy and delicious. You can thank us later.

Hot dogs might be a staple at cookouts, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. The best hot dog recipes for every cookout are all the inspiration we need to put a twist on an old classic the next time we see our friends.