These Caramel Apple S’Mores Are Fall All Over

Caramel apple? S’mores? Can life get any more fall-themed? It turns out that we can combine all of our favorite flavors and feel nice and cozy as the nights start to get darker and the evenings start to get colder. These caramel apple s’mores are fall all over, and we love it.

Prepare Your Ingredients

To start, you want to prepare your ingredients. Where else is any great chef supposed to start? You’ll need to grab two Granny Smith apples and make sure they are cored and thinly sliced. Then, ensure you have four squares of chocolate and eight marshmallows. Don’t forget that warm caramel, too.

Toast Your Marshmallows

Now comes the fun bit: toasting your marshmallows. Having a cookout with your friends is one of the best ways to enjoy the cooling fall weather. Why not combine some fun with a delicious new meal? Grab some skewers and hold two marshmallows over the flames at a time until they are nice and toasted.

Build Your S’Mores

Building your caramel apple s’mores is nice and easy. Start by grabbing one slice of apple. Top this with your two toasted marshmallows before adding in a square of melted Hershey’s chocolate. Of course, you don’t want to forget the caramel sauce, so be sure to drizzle that over the top of the sweet stuff. Then, you guessed it, add another apple slice to create your s’more.

Repeat And Enjoy

You can enjoy your caramel apple s’more all while creating the next few for your friends – or you can leave them to it and let them create their own. There should be enough ingredients to make four s’mores, so be sure you have plenty to go around.

Caramel apple s’mores certainly do sound like a great way to welcome fall and the new season. Why not say “goodbye” to summer with one last cookout?