Celeb Chefs Reveal Their Secrets For Spicing Up Salmon

We all know that super foods are a trend now, but salmon is truly the ultimate power food. The nutritious fish is chock full of so many vitamins and nutrients that you’ll be shocked! Salmon has tons of the good kind of fat, and is rich in Omega 3 acids.

It’s also super protein dense, meaning that you’ll feel energized and full after eating it. If that wasn’t enough, eating salmon means that you’ll get all your B vitamins covered (B12, B3, B9, etc.) The tasty fish also has a ton of potassium and selenium. Finally, multiple studies have shown that people who regularly consume salmon are at less risk for obesity and heart disease. So why aren’t you eating salmon literally right now?

We’re guessing it’s because salmon can sometimes be…well…boring. To help encourage you to eat your salmon, we’ve compiled hacks that your favorite celebrity chefs use to spice up their salmon and take it from routine to wow!

Ina Garten: Asian Style Ina Garten’s recipe for salmon takes us to the land of the rising sun. She recommends going a bit exotic and exploring the flavors of the East by creating an adventurous marinade comprised of dijon mustard, olive oil, garlic, and soy sauce! For those who are less brave, you can always leave the soy sauce out of the marinade.

Chrissy Teigen: Thai Secret

Chrissy Teigen definitley understands the struggle of transforming salmon from basic and boring to out of this world flavorful. Of her recipe, she says, ” “There is nothing that compares to this saucy little guy. Sweet chili that caramelizes and bubbles and drenches your fillet in goodness?? Have fun with your lemon and one sprig of dill. I’ll be over here.” You can find her recipe on page 189 of her bestselling cookbook Cravings.