Gordon Ramsay’s Method For Scrambled Eggs Is Impeccable

Each time you ask a chef about the best way to make scrambled eggs, you are likely to hear a new answer; some add milk, others barely beat the eggs, or use mostly egg yolks. Forget everything you have ever learned about scrambled eggs and let chef Gordon Ramsey treat you to the best and most mind-boggling method out there.

To start, Ramsey stresses the importance of not beating the eggs before adding them to the pan and not seasoning the eggs until the end. By beating the eggs and seasoning them at the beginning, the eggs begin to break down too early in the process. Another major departure in Ramsey’s method is his use of a pot and not a pan to cook the eggs.

To begin cooking, take three eggs and crack them into the pot. Add a bit of butter so that the eggs have a nice velvety finish to them. Place the pot on the stove with “generous” heat, but do not leave the eggs on the heat for too long. Continue taking the pot off the heat and putting it back on as you beat the eggs inside the pot. As Ramsey said, “Treat it like a risotto. You can’t stop stirring. It’s live.”

As the eggs start coming together and thickening, still resist the urge to add seasoning. If you add them too early, the eggs will become watery. After four or five times on and off the stove, take the pot off the stove. The pot itself should contain enough heat to cook the rest of the eggs. Now we get to the interesting part.

Gordon tells a heartwarming story about how he first discovered his scrambled style. He tells of seeing scrambled eggs made with sea urchin as he was studying French cuisine. Of course, sea urchin is not the most accessible ingredient for the average person, so he replaced its creaminess with half a tablespoon of creme fraiche. Following the addition of creme fraiche, add a little salt and pepper and perhaps a few chives if you’d like. Once the eggs seem cooked enough, go ahead and enjoy your perfect eggs.