How To Stay Healthy With Every Meal This Year

Celebrity nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert, is revealing her secret formula for making every meal healthy. Having worked with footballers and Olympians, Lambert encourages those looking to lose weight in the New Year to ditch fad diets, and opt for focusing on eating the right foods instead.


She reveals in her new book, Re-Nourish: A Simple Way To Eat Well, that a healthy meal is made up of just four key components. If you are able to stick to what Lambert reveals as the rules for healthy eating, then she also claims it will help beat cravings and keep you healthy all year around.

The formula in which she swears by – which has helped clients such as Ronnie Sulivan and Will Bayley – is called the ‘balanced plate,’ which does not need for any calorie counting like many other diets. This secret formula consists of: One portion of protein One handful of carbohydrates Two handfuls of non-starchy vegetables One thumb-sized portion of healthy fats


Lambert also recommends using your hand to weigh the right portion, measuring out the protein using your palm, using your whole hand for carbohydrates and vegetables, and your thumb for the fats. The qualified nutritionist states that her ideal carbohydrates are oats and rice, and a portion of protein may be chicken, eggs, or fish. Stating ‘I refer to the balanced plate every single day,’ Lambert also suggests broccoli, spinach and peppers for vegetables, and olive oil, butter and coconut oil for healthy fats.


As she asserts, ‘Life is too short to be counting calories, but we do need to be aware of how to eat healthily – for life not just for weight loss.’ She continues, ‘My balanced plate, which is based on the Mediterranean diet and the use of fat-soluble vitamins, will help you achieve optimum nutrition, be free from cravings and will satisfy your body’s every need without using numbers to guide you.’