This Instagram-Worthy Peeps Cake Is Just In Time For Easter

Easter is finally here, and everyone knows what Easter means: Peeps! The classic yellow marshmallow treat has been a staple of Easter since its inception in 1953. In 2013, Fox News Magazine published an article with all the ways that people have incorporated the yellow chick shaped treats into culinary creations in unexpected ways – Peeps Krispie treats, home-made chocolate covered Peeps, Peeps popcorn, Peeps pancakes, Peeps smores, Peeps frosting, and even Peeps brownies.

More controversially, there’s a recipe floating around on the Internet which tells curious potential tasters how to make their own Peepshi– a sushi roll style treat which involves placing a Peep on a Rice Krispie Treat, then wrapping it in Fruit By The Foot.

This recipe is definitely not for the health conscious or the faint of heart: this is made for those who aren’t going to be counting calories while enjoying this delicious treat. Good thing that you’re only going to have it for special occasions, at most once or twice a year.

It’s also a cake that you absolutely should not, under any circumstances, attempt to scarf down by yourself, no matter how tempting it may be. You for sure need to share this with your neighbor who’s having a bad day or your best friend – your waistline (and teeth) will thank you later.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Beat the eggs in a mixing bowl using a whisk, then add oil and water as the eggs become runnier.
Add the cake mix to the bowl, then mix them together until they are even.
Divide the batter in between cake pans.
Bake for around 40 minutes, give or take depending on the strength of your oven, until they’re that perfect golden brown color on top. (You know what we’re talking about.)
Peep Put the Peeps on the cake for decoration, and serve!