Experience Your Afternoon Tea — Bridgerton Style!

Have a Sip of Afternoon Tea

Yes, you heard it right! You can now relish a cup of tea brought straight out of your favorite Netflix show, Bridgerton, in one of the most regal hotels in London. The Lanesborough Hotel has started a limited-edition Bridgerton tea service from the fourth of May. Imagine experiencing the royal setting with mesmerizing natural lights from the big glass windows with glamorous chandeliers hanging from the roof. Now, think of actually encountering the dream in real life. All you need is to book the service taking place in the hotel’s lavish dining room.

Queen Charlotte Tea

Queen Charlotte Tea

Guests will be offered a variety of Bridgerton-inspired teas, including the remarkable Queen Charlotte blend. It will be made from flowers and black tea blended together, served with sweet fruits and rose petals alongside, making it a wonderful afternoon treat. The special Bridgerton afternoon tea starts at $94 per person. The guests can also enjoy the additional Lanesborough’s Breakfast Tea. Or, they can simply order the regular black, green, or herbal teas available, while appreciating London’s luxurious atmosphere. Apart from the extravaganza dining experience, the 5-star hotel’s head pastry chef, Salvatore Mungiovino, has curated a menu of four delicious treats from the show.

Bridgerton-Infused Treats

Bridgerton-Infused Treats

Among sandwiches, cream, jam, and homemade scones, you can have a bite of ‘Your Majesty’ cake. It is a strawberry-scented crème bavaroise with an orange gel, red chocolate sprayed on top, and an almond base. Having the ‘King George Dreams of Venus’ sweet, made of 54% chocolate mousse, coca sable, and jasmine-infused dark chocolate ganache, varnished with stars, would certainly make up for a lifetime event. Another item on the menu entails the ‘Lady Violet’ chocolate bavaroise with mango compote and lime whipped cream. Talking about the ‘Danbury Delight,’ a mouth-watering dessert made with berriolette pistachio gateaux and vanilla whipped ganache, would truly bring out the colors of the Bridergton show.

The Best Halloween Candies For Every Pantry In 2020

Fall is fast approaching, and the spooky season brings plenty of treats – including a ton of new candy. If your sweet tooth is aching and you need a treat, then it might be time to stock up on the best Halloween candies for every pantry in 2020.

Kit Kat Halloween Miniatures

What says Halloween more than monsters, skeletons, and ghosts? Kit Kat is back at it again with their Halloween candies thanks to their miniature treats for the spooky season. Thankfully, each creepy wrapper still contains our favorite candy.

Hershey’s Glow In The Dark Candy

Don’t worry; you won’t be glowing as you head trick or treating. Hershey’s glow in the dark Halloween candies come in glow in the dark wrappers – perfect for all great horror movie marathons.

Twix Cookies And Creme Candy

Ok, technically, Twix Cookies and Creme has been on the market since 2019, but there are plenty of reasons it should be in your pantry in 2020. The flavor is out of this world and gets us fully ready for Halloween.

Reese’s Halloween Variety Pack

If you want Reese’s, the chances are you want the full-size option, right? There are no half measures with their Halloween variety packs as each person gets 18 giant Reese’s candies, including five of their new Franken-Cups.

Trolli Sour Brite Candy Corn

If you don’t like candy corn, but want to join in the fun, why don’t you check out what Trolli has to offer? The Halloween candies come in the shape of the festive favorite while offering up the sour gummy taste that many of us know and love.

The spooky season is almost upon us, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait to get out hands on some of the best Halloween candies, does it? Of course not. Out pantry will soon be the place to be in 2020.