Have An Authentic Mexican Dining Experience In A Colorful Cave

If you’re looking for a restaurant experience like no other, it’s time to take a look at the underground restaurant in Mexico. In the abandoned city of Teotihuacán, discover the volcanic cave which is serving up a traditional Mexican cuisine at a restaurant named La Gruta.


The cave, illuminated by multicolored lights, and filled with white tables and colorful chairs, hides this authentic restaurant. With the sun also shining light through the hole in the ceiling, this is a dining experience which differs from the rest. What’s more? You may even have the pleasure of going during a mariachi or Ballet Folklórico set, when they come and perform especially for diners.


As for the menu, made up of entirely traditional Mexican dishes, you are sure to find the likes of tacos and barbacoa. There is even the option of escamoles al epazote, ant larvae sauteed with wormseed herb and green chili.

And what is a Mexican restaurant without a plethora of tequila and mezcal options for guests who may need some liquid courage? The rare restaurant experience does not hinder you from your usual Mexican dining experience, with plenty of drink options available.


Where can you find this must-see hidden gem? The cave restaurant is found about 650 feet behind the 246-foot-tall pyramid that was built 2000 years ago by the Aztecs. Located in the city of Teotihuacán, the restaurant is a great final stop to your day after climbing up and down the obstacle course of the pyramid.

But be sure to book a reservation in advance, especially on a weekend or when visiting with a large group. And a tip for those hoping to dine here, the restaurant is strict with their reservation times, so make sure you get there slightly early to ensure you don’t lose your table slot.