Costco’s $5 Chicken Secrets Revealed

Everyone loves Costco. What’s not to love? Costco is a place full of possibility and good smells and endless amounts of food ready to taste. We can’t forget to mention that their prices are unbeatable. Let’s focus in on Costco’s five dollar rotisserie chicken because it definitely stands for everything we love about Costco. It’s super cheap and delicious and ready to eat.


Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, our dear friend Dr. Oz is always ready to expose the truth behind some our most favorite dishes. Recently, he spilled the beans about our beloved Costco’s five dollar rotisserie chicken and we can’t forget it.

On a recent episode of Dr. Oz, the famous physician revealed the real ingredients in the chicken and it is pretty clear why it is so addictive. Dr. Oz worked with the famous author of The Dorito Effect, Mark Shatzker.

In the episode, we were able to find out that rotisserie chicken is often a processed food. Pop Sugar revealed that many times the chicken is “pre-seasoned in factories and then shipped to the supermarkets, where “an employee can put it on the skewer and cook it.”

Rotisserie chicken is often very tasty because it is saturated with salt. You probably already know about the overload of sodium, but there is something else that is added to these delicious, store-bought, ready-made chickens. Often the chicken is flavored with lots of sugar and MSG and many other additives.


Despite the unhealthy additions, Dr. Oz had some good news. Still, even with the sodium and MSG, Dr. Oz reassured his viewers that of all the processed foods out there, rotisserie chicken is one of the best. The famous doctor told his audience, it may be “one of the healthiest processed foods out there.” If you are truly determined to make your rotisserie chicken healthier, Dr. Ox suggest to simply take off the chicken skin.