Five Guys Employee Spills Juicy Secrets

With its grease-covered bags of fries, free peanuts, and deliciously juicy burgers, it is no wonder Five Guys reached the top.

As the number one burger chain in America, you would think that everyone knows everything they need to about Five Guys.

During a recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit, a former employee unveiled a few secrets about the burger joint.


“Small” Fries

One Reddit user wondered why a small fry includes a tiny cup and what seems like an excessive scoop of fries into the bag.

The employee explained that this was a ploy to make customers believe that they are getting an incredible bargain.

He said that you are still paying for the whole bag, even if it feels like the last scoop was extra.

Juicy Patties

Five Guys burgers tend to be much juicier than their competitors in the fast food industry.

The reason is quite simple according to the former employee. “We’re not supposed to press down it, that removes the juices,” he replied.

Free Peanuts

In a quick quip, the former employee explained what’s up with all of those free peanuts. “The peanuts are to distract the customers so that they won’t stare at us,” he said.


Quality of Meat

Although Five Guys is the number one burger chain in America, it does not mean that it has the best ingredients.

According to the whistleblower, he claims that the quality of the meat is not always great.

On occasion, employees will be forced to serve unseasoned, gray, and slimy meat. Even worse, sometimes they will serve meat that fell on the floor.

Choosing Your Grilled Cheese

Did you know that you can add anything you want to the grilled cheese? This even includes adding a patty if you want.

The employee mentioned the grilled cheese as the safest choice on the menu.