Eastern Greenland’s Cozy Burger Haven

Burgers at the Edge of the Earth

The East Coast of Greenland, a land of breathtaking natural beauty, is a place where immense fjords carve through ancient landscapes, and colossal icebergs dot the seascape. But this remote wilderness is also home to something unexpected – a burger joint that defies the odds.

The Remotest of Communities

Nestled in this icy expanse is Ittoqqortoormiit, a tiny settlement often considered the most remote inhabited community in the Western Hemisphere. Here, amid this stark isolation, you’ll find a burger joint that’s not just good; it’s surprisingly delicious. The restaurant’s name, Orormersiardarpi, meaning ‘the place to get a bite’ in the Eastern Greenlandic dialect, is as unpretentious as its exterior. Despite its humble appearance, this eatery has become a beloved addition to the town, earning five-star ratings across the board on Google, including praise for “the best ice water in the world.”

Gourmet Simplicity

Gourmet Simplicity

In a community where fast food once meant whatever could be hunted, this burger joint’s menu might seem straightforward, but here, simplicity is a virtue. The patties, served with a smile, are made from meats that burst with flavor. While polar bear burgers aren’t on the menu, dishes like muskox burgers showcase the rich tastes of the Arctic.

A Warm Welcome in the Arctic Cold

Ittoqqortoormiit, with its modest population of around 450 residents, might be small in numbers, but it’s grand in the warmth of its community. Here, in this remote corner of the world, people have formed not just a town but a close-knit family. In Ittoqqortoormiit, the local restaurant, Orormersiardarpi, isn’t just a place to grab a burger; it’s a hub of social interaction. When visitors arrive here, they are immediately enveloped in the warmth of this close-knit society. It’s a place where outsiders are treated not as strangers but as guests in an extended family. The brightly painted houses, traditional in Greenlandic colors of blue, purple, green, and orange, welcome you with their cheerful facades.

A Taste of the Ends of the Earth

A Taste of the Ends of the Earth

Visiting Ittoqqortoormiit might require a journey through the stunning Eastern Greenland fjords aboard a Hurtigruten cruise. While it’s a cruise that comes with a price tag, savoring a burger at the edge of the Earth is an experience worth the adventure. So, set sail, explore the remote beauty, and indulge in a surprisingly tasty burger that defies the expectations of this far-flung corner of the world.

Become a Better Pasta Cook With These 5 Tips From Bobby Flay

Make a Restaurant-Type Pasta at Home With Bobby Flay’s Tips and Tricks

Bobby Flay is a fantastic restaurateur and a renowned TV personality from the series Beat Bobby Flay. He is a big fan of Italian food and its cooking traditions. Here are five cooking tips from the chef that can help you turn any pasta into a delicious, mouth-watering one.

Food Process the Dough

Instead of kneading with hands, Bobby Flay prefers a food processor to quickly mix eggs, flour, and squid ink. Adding squid ink is optional as Flay likes the saline quality it gives the pasta, but you can skip it if you’d like. Keep the processor on until the pasta dough forms correctly, then transfer it to the board. Wrap it in plastic wrap, and place it aside for 30 minutes to 24 hours before rolling it. Bobby Flay prefers to form the fettuccine into loose nests and put them on the floured sheet pan.

Use Extra Virgin or Avocado Oil

Using extra virgin oil is alright, but Flay favors avocado oil because it provides a higher smoke point and neutral taste. So, he sautés the ingredients like garlic and onions for the pasta in avocado oil, but he garnishes the pasta with extra virgin oil for an enhanced flavor.

Keep the Sauce Fresh

Keep the Sauce Fresh

Bobby Flay starts by adding a 28-ounce of whole peeled canned San Marzano tomatoes to the pot and sauté with garlic, onions, and a pinch of salt. To balance out the taste of tomatoes, he prefers adding some sugar and letting the sauce cook for about 30 minutes. Many chefs prefer a food mill to smoothen the sauce, but Flay uses a potato masher to crush out the leftover chunky bits of tomato.

Save Money on Shrimp and Shells

Flay believes in peeling the shrimp himself as it helps save you some money, and you also get shells for making the flavored stocks. Simply put the shrimp shells in a pot, fill them with water, add tomato paste, bay leaf, and onions to make shrimp stock, and let the blend boil for 30 minutes. Strain the mixture and add half a cup of tomato paste to give it more flavor.

Use Butter and Cheese to Boost Flavor

Use Butter and Cheese to Boost Flavor

Unlike other Italian chefs, Bobby Flay loves to add finely grated Parmesan cheese to food to boost the flavor and help the sauce stay consistent. When you plate the pasta, sprinkle some cheese over the pasta, and you can also add some butter to provide a rich flavor and a great texture.