The Jonas Brothers Open Their Family Restaurant in Las Vegas

The famed Jonas family is about to open the second location of their family restaurant, Nellie’s Southern Kitchen. They’re bringing their family’s signature comfort food, hospitality, and Southern charm to Las Vegas in spring this year. This new venture is no doubt going to be another crowning moment for the Jonas Brothers and their family.

The Location

The location of the restaurant will be at the famous MGM Grand, from where the Jonas Brothers started their famed “Remember Me” tour. Father of the Camp Rock actors, Kevin Jonas Sr. told the reporters that they have specifically chosen this location for its nostalgic connection to the Jonas family. Truly, there’s no better spot than Las Vegas amid all the glitz and glamor of the famous brothers’ international fan base.

The Restaurant

Named after the family matriarch and the grandmother of the Jonas Brothers, the original Nellie’s Southern Kitchen stands in Belmont, N.C. Expanding the venture from one rooted in humble southern legacy to the flashy and dynamic destination of Las Vegas is quite a contrasting and challenging effort. But the restaurant will retain its signature style by bringing over the entire menu from its N.C. location while adding a few Vegas-special surprises! This strategy will make the joint a perfect destination restaurant.

The Offerings

In Nellie’s Southern Kitchen at Las Vegas, the guests can savor delicious southern treats like warm Biscuits and homemade Sausages, Hawg Hill Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich, Chicken & Dumplings, Southern Meatloaf, Chicken and Gravy, Chicken and Waffles with Cinnamon-Honey Butter, Carolina BBQ Sauces, and many more. There will be an extensive cocktail menu too. Also, no Jonas family endeavor can be completed without music! So, there will be a grand stage for live music performances in the restaurant, entertaining the guests with country, sing-along classics, and many other tunes that will touch the hearts of the listeners.

Here’s a Guide to Explore Barranco – A Must Visit in Lima

Visiting Barranco in Lima is much like visiting a magical place from a fairytale – from mural-drawn buildings to amazing food treats and a very vibrant and rich culture – visiting Barranco is a must for anyone visiting Lima. It is said to be the most happening and lively place in Lima. You can expect colorful street arts, rustic and cute little coffee shops and bars, summer houses, and beautiful museums.

Here’s a guide to exploring cities gems to make sure your trip to Barranco covers all the must-see places.

Explore the Culture in Barranco Here

Start your trip by embracing the city’s vibrant culture. The first spot on the list to visit Bridge of Sighs – one of the most famous landmarks of the neighborhood – also do not forget to make a wish and then hold your breath to cross this 100-foot bridge -because legend has it that your wish will come true. To experience the street art – just take a walk down the neighborhood. To immerse yourself a little deeper in the culture, visit the MATE museum housed in a 19th-century mansion. To carry some souvenirs with you, visit Dédalo Arte y Artesanías – and explore their amazing collection of Peruvian crafts, jewelry, decor, furniture, and more.

Where and What to Eat in Barranco

Start your gastronomic journey by visiting El Muelle to eat some lip-smacking ceviche, a local dish, and they also offer ceviche-making lessons. Also, try out some local cuisines here like causa – a local cold dish of yellow mashed potatoes with fillings inside. Don’t miss out on chicha morada while you are there – a traditional nonalcoholic drink made out of purple corn and pineapple with added species like cinnamon and clove. Also, pay Juanito de Barranco a visit to try out drinks like pisco sour. Make sure you don’t skip Isolina, an eatery keeping the forgotten recipes from past generations alive.

Where to Stay Near Barranco

The AC Hotel Lima Miraflores offers ocean views and dining on the rooftop – making it one of the best places to stay during your visit. It is also located at a walkable distance from all the famous eateries and retail shops. If you want to enjoy the city view and twinkling lights at night – then Westin Lima Hotel is also a very good option.