Popeyes Viral Cajun-Style Turkey Is Back for a Limited Time

Popeyes Viral Cajun-Style Turkey Is Back for a Limited Time

Most people look forward to Thanksgiving for the food, but no one can deny that a ton of time and preparation goes into the holiday, especially when it comes to the turkey. If you’re looking to have this traditional meat on the table fast without spending hours slaving away over the oven, Popeyes has come to the rescue. For the past couple of years, the fast-food chain has had the brilliant idea of offering its customers a fully cooked turkey that’s ready with just some thawing and reheating!

The Thanksgiving Turkey Delight

For the third year in a row, Popeyes is all set to make people’s lives easier with their tasty Thanksgiving turkeys! The scrumptious turkey is infused with the restaurant’s signature Louisiana-style seasoning.

The bird arrives frozen and thaws out in the fridge in three days, and it takes about two hours to cook it, so it’s a simple and easy alternative to preparing your own turkey.

Ordering the Turkey

The good news is that Popeyes makes it super easy for you to get ahold of one of these special turkeys. You can order it in-store or get it delivered from their online shop, and they’ve been on sale since October 9. If you place your order online, it takes up to one to three days for it to reach you, frozen and ready to be put in the fridge. It’s important to note that not every store is offering turkeys, so make sure to call ahead and check whether your local store is participating!

Ordering the Turkey

As for the pricing, the bird can be ordered online at $99, which also includes shipping. However, tax may be applicable according to the situation. For a cheaper option, check out the in-store prices as they’re usually cheaper. One turkey is enough to feed approximately 8-12 people comfortably!

Sides From Popeyes

While the turkey itself is the biggest undertaking of a Thanksgiving meal, the sides can also be quite a handful. For a completely outsourced Thanksgiving, pick up your favorite sides from Popeyes itself.

The restaurant serves some delectable mac n’ cheese and mashed potatoes that you can add to your meal. You can also opt to get dessert, too. Unfortunately for Thanksgiving lovers outside of the United States, their Popeyes stores won’t be selling turkeys. This feature also isn’t available in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Seoul’s Best Bakery Delicacies Will Make You Fall in Love

Heading out to Seoul to taste its heavenly desserts and soft-crusted bread, but baffled about which bakery to start with? Check out these fine places in Seoul for the freshest and most-filling baked products in town. From decades-old institutions to trendy newer spots, here’s a list of the places with the best treats:

Taegeuk Dang Bakery

It might surprise travelers to learn that independently owned bakeries have been a centerpiece of Seoul’s culinary map for decades. Having said that, Taegeukdang is Seoul’s most iconic and oldest bakery, which opened in 1946 in Myeong-dong, and is known for its signature ice cream-filled Monaka and red bean-filled buns.

Chef CHO

While exploring Seoul, a quick stop at Chef CHO, in Mullae-dong, is highly recommended. The bakery is recognized for its ever-so-tasty cakes, marking ganache earl grey, pumpkin cream, and strawberry shortcake as the most-loved cakes by the locals. Chef CHO also offers pies, cupcakes, and pastries, and their freshly baked bread is a must-try.


Head over to Seoul’s minimalist hipster haven, FourB, for a variety of bagels and coffee to choose from. Apart from the cream cheese bagels, the bakery also offers their popular onion bagels and walnut cream cheese to try. The FourB, with three outlets in the city, stands for Best, Basic, Bright, and Brilliant, and the quality of these desserts definitely shows that.

Fluffy Donut

As the name suggests, Fluffy Donut in Yeonnam-dong is an ideal place to enjoy a weekend brunch, with leisure walks and shopping in town. The bakery’s most sold donut is a raspberry glazed flavored donut which you can order with their must-haves, maple bacon, meringue lemon custard, and caramel crunch.

Tartine Bakery

Tartine Bakery hailing from San Francisco, in Hannam-dong, the brand’s first-ever overseas location, features the good ol’ Tartine classics like their banana cream tart, croissants, cheesecakes, cookies, and sourdough sandwiches. The bakery also proposes Korean twist options like Jeju green tea cake, frangipane cream tart, and lemon teacake.

On Ne Sait Jamais

With a name that translates to “you never know,” this bakery is indeed full of surprises. Situated in Itaewon, One Ne Sait Jamais is one of the prettiest cafes, providing the most scrumptious baked goodies in town. Their most treasured sweet is Italian tiramisu, which comes in three flavors: original, strawberry, and Nutella with banana. Another crowd’s choice would be their Mont Blanc, a teardrop-shaped cake with chestnut puree coated in meringue.