Restaurant Charges Extra for Bad Parenting

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Dining out is a cherished escape from the kitchen, offering a reprieve for parents seeking a peaceful meal. Yet we’ve all encountered that moment when a child at a nearby table turns a pleasant evening into a noisy one. After all, it’s hard to enjoy a meal when a kid starts crying loudly right beside you or maybe even tries to throw food. As a parent, navigating such situations requires a delicate balance of patience and grace. Most establishments understand the occasional disruptions, but one rural Georgia restaurant, Toccoa Riverside, takes a unique approach, introducing an “adult surcharge” for what the owner deems “bad parenting.”

Unpleasant Surprise at Toccoa Riverside

The Landmann family, visiting with four other families and a total of 11 kids, found themselves facing an unexpected fee. Warned about the “adult surcharge” on the menu, they assumed it was a jest. Despite their children’s commendable behavior during the meal, the owner, Tim Richter, wasn’t impressed. After dessert, he presented them with an additional $50 charge per bill, citing the kids as “too loud” and running around.

This incident at Toccoa Riverside isn’t isolated. On Reddit, a former diner shares a similar experience, warning others away from the not-so-family-friendly establishment. Complaints range from managers deeming rocking an infant inappropriate to staff rudely moving baby strollers. The restaurant’s policies, including those for ordering off the kids’ menu, draw criticism, prompting potential patrons to reconsider.

Should Kids Be Discriminated Against?

The question that arises is why single out children for penalties? Parents argue that kids, like anyone else, have the right to dine out. Learning proper behavior in restaurants is a vital part of their development, and occasional hiccups should be expected. Some question whether poorly behaved adults face similar fines, highlighting a potential double standard in the restaurant’s approach.

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In the ongoing debate over whether children should face penalties for behavior deemed disruptive, Toccoa Riverside Restaurant stands as a controversial example. While opinions vary on Toccoa Riverside’s approach, it’s crucial to acknowledge a business owner’s right to run their establishment as they see fit. The upfront advertisement of the surcharge provides transparency, allowing patrons to make informed choices. Whether a justified policy or an unwarranted measure, it prompts reflection on the dynamics of family dining and the balance between maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and enforcing discipline.